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Published November 9, 2017

Shining Force 2 is one of the most versatile RPGs to ever come out on Sega Genesis, and it gives new meaning to the term metamorphosis because of the different changes the characters can experience outside of the norm. I remember when I first played Shining Force 2, I was 16 years old and this was back in ’96; I’ve learned a lot about the game not to mention developed my own tips for playing the game. I can say beyond reasonable doubt that I’m still as happy playing the game now as I was 21 years ago.

Healers, divide and distract, keeping your characters’ levels even is only a few things that can make playing the game a cakewalk but the game is not easy by any means. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to survive that battle and work to stay alive in subsequent battles, it can get to be trying at times.

However, a little strategy and hard work can go a long way in this game and I’m saying that from experience; so having said all that, here’s R.J’s Tips for Playing Shining Force 2.

Give all Healing Items to your Healer(s)

Shining Force 2     Shining Force 2

One of the most important of r.j’s tips for playing shining force 2 is that giving your healer(s) all healing items serves three purposes. One, doing this will ensure that the healer will be able to perform their healing duties even after they run out of Magic Points during a battle which they can and do.

Second, if a character is on the brink of death then gamers will not have to worry about that character dying with that healing item(s) in their possession especially since it is so easy to forget that a character has a healing item to begin with. For example, if Kazin is on the brink of death and has a Healing Drop, if I don’t remember that he has that before he’s attacked again then he dies which brings me back to my point of giving it to the healer.

Third, the healer will be able to still gain experience points using those healing items which will increase their attack power stat which is weak anyway, but doing this will also help them jump to higher levels much easier and much faster. Plus, other characters can have their equipment slots free so they can obtain other items.

Promote at Lv. 23 – 24

Shining Force 2

Okay as an expert gamer, I don’t like for a game to be too easy or make it too easy to beat. Shining Force 2 becomes so easy that my 3 year old can beat with minimal difficulty when you make the choice to promote your characters at Lv. 40. Another of r.j’s tips for playing shining force 2 is to promote your characters when they reach levels of 23-24.

In the past, I’ve promoted my characters at lv. 40 and I was one-shotting every enemy except for the prism flowers; those died in two hits. So, I’ve found that promoting your characters at levels 23-24 will make them stronger, but make it so they can still gain experience to learn skills that they need before the endgame.

Also, it is a great feeling knowing that you can still strategize to topple that greater devil as opposed to just running out into the open and using one or two characters to kill everything which makes the game boring after a while.

Plus, as crazy as this is going to sound, I don’t mind taking moderate damage from enemies as opposed to just taking 1 damage point per enemy because it gives my healers something to do i.e. heal and they get experience; if you promote at level 40, the game’s enemies are going to be like newborn babies hitting you, it won’t hurt.

Don’t be afraid to Divide to Distract

Shining Force 2

Coincidentally, enemies can surround you from all sides and can overwhelm your entourage quickly, swiftly and hard. Enemies sometimes do this and almost end up killing your characters and succeeding which is why you should never be afraid to divide your characters to distract your enemies.

Your “force” in battle consists of 12 people, having 6 go in one direction and having another 6 go in the other direction will distract your enemies and keep them focused on that group rather than the force as a whole which would make it easier for them to pick your characters off if they use magic spells that target more than one character.

This is the more critical of r.j’s tips for playing shining force 2 because it has gotten me out of more bad predicaments in battle than I can count especially in the battle with Sir Odd Eye and his cronies. Plus, doing this make your team harder to kill especially if you have a healer in a particular group which you always should.

An added word of advice, keep two healers in the party so you can have one for each group when you decide to divide your party so every character in their respective groups will survive.

Use your Powers

Shining Force 2   Shining Force 2

Bowie, the lead character, (or whatever you named him) will eventually learn the Bolt spell as he journeys and other characters will be learning their respective spells as they level up. The most important of r.j’s tips for playing shining force 2 is to always use your powers no matter what they are. For one, you’ll see what works and what doesn’t work.

Second, you’ll thin herds of enemies in minutes instead of hours because most times the strength of any spell is enough to weaken or kill enemies. I can remember a time when I had a Lv. 37 Bowie and I wanted to severely weaken the enemies surrounding me so I used Bolt 3 which weaken some enemies and kill a couple of them.

I can remember another time when I was fighting Zeon and my Slade (Ninja) had already learned Katon and used it on Zeon which took a big chunk of Zeon’s health. Don’t hesitate to use your powers ever because they can and will become your saving grace when your normal attacks are not getting the job done.

Keep your characters levels even

Shining Force 2           Shining Force 2

This is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Basically as you kill enemies, it is important to let everyone have a turn so they can get stronger too. For example, if Sarah is a level 4 while Bowie and Chester are level 3 then get Sarah away from the action so she can’t participate in battle with that enemy which destroys any chance of a counterattack on her part then let Bowie and Chester kill enemies until they catch up to Sarah.

The best part about leveling your characters up this way is that it eliminates ANY chance of grinding which I am definitely encouraging you to not do. If you don’t adhere to any of r.j’s tips for playing shining force 2 above then at least do this.


While Shining Force 2 is one of the best RPGs to ever grace a gaming console, it is still fraught with it is own dangers and dangerous enemies but as long as you keep your characters levels even, use your powers, divide your force to distract the enemy there won’t be anything you can’t handle.

Promoting your characters at lv. 23-24 will keep them on a positive path of growth and don’t forget to give all healing items to your healer(s) because they too need to be able to grow and gain experience. If you have any questions or want to leave a comment regarding r.j’s tips for playing shining force 2 then please feel free to leave them below.






  1. CircleUBCircleUB

    Interesting. I have been playing some games here and there. One of the games  I love though is the God of War. I am very fascinated with legendary stories that’s maybe why I like it. Aside from this particular game, I would play Batman and UFC. weird right. I am out numbered by my brothers so the dominate the fun stuff in the house. I just go along with it and I actually enjoy it.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      That’s cool Circle, I love God of War as well and I not too long ago beat the new one that came out on PS4; I’ve been a lover of Greek Mythology and the stories from that era myself; I’ve played a few Batman games and they’re alright. Have you played the new God of War on PS4?

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