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Published October 11, 2017

The ps2 game controllers are the most widely known tools of the Playstation 2-verse and it has been used by gamers the world over. While the ps2 dual shock controller is the most versatile tool of its kind; it has allowed gamers to take their gaming to the next level, it cannot be argued that it has made gaming gods of not only adults but children as well.

PS2 controller

One of the greatest features of ps2 game controllers is that it comes in more than one color, it gives gamers an option on what color controller that they want to personally collect and use. Although the ps2 game controllers inherited this from their PS1 predecessors, it has no doubt given gamers a choice regarding their controller preferences.

PS2 controller

The sony brand PS2 controllers are my favorite to use when I play my Playstation 2, I stand by it with my whole heart as I have for the last 17 years. The PS2 controller, like everything else, has good things that make it good and bad things about it that make it bad or fail to meet certain standards. Here is my review.

Pros, the good; obviously.

There are many great things to love and adore about the Playstation 2 controller and from experience, it is a gaming item that I would use until the end of time just because I love the many things about it that make it great not to mention a household name.

PS2 controller

One of the general pros of this gaming item is that it can withstand the test of time which is something I value in all gaming tech especially this one; the durability of the item is second to none, I’ve had it fall on my hardwood floor without so much as a malfunction or short out.

Dual Shock, enhances gaming experience and comfort

The vibration from the Dual Shock aspect of the controller makes gamers a part of the action whether it is feeling that in game shockwave from a special attack or an earthquake from an in game cutscene; the controller sees to it that you’re as much a part of the action as the in game characters.

PS2 controller

This controller is comfortable to hold to the touch. I’ve held controllers in the past and none of them are as comfortable to grip than this one; it makes gaming more enjoyable so gamers can work on their gaming and while not trying to get their hands around the controller.

Analog Stick, on and off

PS2 controller

The Analog Stick function on the controller is absolute and it can be controlled giving gamers the ability to choose when and when not to use the analog stick function. The Analog Stick function button in the bottom center of the controller can be activated and deactivated at will in accordance to the game they are playing. For example, activating the Analog Stick function to play Akuji: The Heartless makes the gamer easier to play vs. playing it using the directional pad.

Can be used on the PS1

The versatility of these controllers makes them cool gaming items solely for the simple fact that they, much like the Playstation 2, backward compatible which allows gamers to be able to use it to play Playstation 1 games on the Playstation 1.

PS2 controller

While many controllers for many consoles are only programmed for a certain game system, it is great that this controller can be used across two game systems which means that if a gamer couldn’t afford a PS2 but have the controller then they can use it on their ps1.

Cons, the bad and unfair

One of the most unfortunate facts of life is that for every good, there is something bad; the sony brand ps2 controller has cons that can and have upset many a gamer myself included.

Although the valuable piece of video gaming tech is 17 years old and works like the day it was created, it does age to the point where it is not as “obedient” when it comes to the button presses which can cause a problem for gamers who use it on a regular basis. Sadly, this is the ultimate gaming toy’s fatal flaw.


I don’t advise doing this!

Unresponsive Analog Function

As previously mentioned, the PS2 controller does age as everything does, but it seems to age slower than most video gaming tech. One of the cons of this game controller is that the Analog function of the controller can deactivate at will which means that if you plug the controller in, you have to activate the analog function by pressing the Analog Stick button at the bottom center.


You don’t have to replace this to get your analog functions working; just move it around rapidly.

This has caused quite a problem for me because died have I many times in games because the analog stick function just turned off without warning, it doesn’t even blink to signify that there’s a problem. There’s a quick fix to handling the problem that this causes; gamers can restore functionality of the analog stick functions on the controller by slightly unplugging the PS2 controller which will fix the problem; so don’t unplug it completely just a little bit.

Naturally, the problem with this is that it can make it so gamers start questioning whether their controller is functioning properly which can lead to frustration and second guessing. Another bad thing about this is that the analog sticks can seem as if they have a mind of their own in which the in game characters will start moving by themselves which can be a headache to get under control unless the gamer wiggles the analog stick.


All in all, Playstation 2 controllers have their good and their bad, but no other controller on earth is as versatile as this one especially since it can be plugged to the PS1 and can be used to play the games on it. Also, being able to control the analog stick functions by turning them on and off is a big benefit to the gamer because some games do not require the analog sticks.

Despite the fact that this item has created many a gaming god/goddess, it is one of the most comfortable controllers to ever be used especially gripping it which can get gamers used to it rather quickly; if you’re looking for a versatile controller that will last then get a sony brand ps2 controller.







  1. Danny Danny

    The PS2 controllers are a classic icon, it’s great to see a post like this covering every aspect of them. It’s interesting how little the controllers have changed over the years, compared to the huge changes made to the actual gaming systems themselves. Why do you think this is? 

    I know what you mean about the analog stick function but it really has never bothered me much. It can be annoying though if the analog stick starts to spin as you push it; have you ever experienced this? It’s hard to describe, but it basically becomes loose and sort of spins beneath your finger as you apply pressure. 

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Danny, yes I have run across this and this is something that happens when the controller ages; it will start to do a spin or stick in the corner of the controller or plugging it up will cause any of your characters to run around by themselves and when that happens then just spin the analog stick that moves them really fast then that’ll stop that.

      In my opinion about the huge changes to the controllers Sony wants to get something new or bring something new to the next game bundle that comes out.

  2. Theresa Theresa

    I have a 14-year-old who plays his PS4 daily, and I have paid for way too many of these controllers! The problem is always with the buttons, so I’ve been wondering if he’s just too hard on them when playing. He does get excited and likes to jump up and down and shout as he plays with friends from his school. Either the little buttons get stuck and won’t press anymore, or the little joystick stops working properly. Do you know if there is a way to clean the buttons to get them unstuck? I haven’t been able to do that successfully yet.

    My advice to parents buying new PS4 systems for their kids: buy an extra remote or two when you catch them on sale. I have found some good deals during the holidays. I have also purchased them used from GameStop and another local gaming store.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Theresa, thanks for the feedback. The buttons are liable to get stuck when you’re doing something like eating something sticky or something that cause a slight malfunction with the buttons. I’ve come across this and the PS4 controller does not age or have malfunction problems like PS2 controllers. 

      Yes, you’re right, it is always easy to buy more than one controller whether it is PS2 or PS4 because there is always going to be that one percent i.e. something happening to it, I’ve had to keep a few on hands as well way back when so it pays to be prepared. 

  3. Cris Cris

    I literally let out a large gasp looking at the internal guts of your controller lol. I’m so glad you recommended that we not try that at home. You know a bunch of people are gonna do it  anyway. And wow can’t believe this system is over 17 years old!

    Funny thing is I still play some of my PS2 games and still love this controller. I have a couple of blue and clear ones. My favorite game is Dynasty Warriors and I just still like how it plays on this system. 

    Great review on this product. I’m following to see updated reviews as well as sharing your page with my son who wants to design video games for a living. 

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Cris, thanks for the feedback. You know, I was just playing my PS2 not that long ago and I still love playing it even though I have a PS4. PS2 controllers are the best of their kind, but there is always that small system malfunction as the controller ages but I’d still use it over any other 3rd party controllers.

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