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Published October 12, 2017

There are many video games that have powerful in game techniques that give the gamer the ability to lethally damage or one shot kill their enemies; using these tactics practically bind the gamer to the assignment of learning  techniques of such power. Games like Onimusha 3, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, Jak 3 are among many of the games where these techniques exist.

Gamers owe it to themselves to master many of the skills that they learn in games like these and use them to the best of their ability because many enemies can only be destroyed using the abilities they learn. For example, the dark spider ninjas in Onimusha 3 are among the toughest to deal with face to face but if you use Jacques’ ice magic ability from his Hyosai (press triangle) you’ll freeze them and destroy easily; they’re translucent and therefore hard to destroy physically.

Onimusha 3


Onimusha 3

Coincidentally, many powerful in game techniques are there to be abused by the gamer alone; it is the game’s way of saying “you have power, use it” I dare say that message comes to me clear as a bell when I play a game where a special power exists such as being able to control movement, enemies or the elements.

What are they?

Powerful in game techniques are often times lethally damaging or one shot kill moves that are used non-hesitantly to destroy a difficult or in many cases, a powerful enemy. For example, the Critical strike techniques in Onimusha 3. Incidentally, I abuse these when I play the game for two reasons. One, to keep the knowledge fresh and two, to see how many enemies I can pull them off on.

Onimusha 3

My favorite is the strafe critical strike, done by simply holding down the R1 button then move left or right as the enemy’s attack is about to hit you then press Square immediately; it’s not hard to do but does require practice. The deflect critical is done in a similar way, simply block your enemy’s attack just before it touches you then press Square when you see a “white ring”.

Another formidable technique is Gwendolyn’s Icicle Wave from Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, it freezes enemies to the left and right of Gwen; this is handy when she’s surrounded, the ideal place where this will come in handy is in Ringford Forest when dealing with Mercedes’ army. Cornelius’ Strike Ray is the ideal technique to use in the Volkenon Lava Pit because many of the enemies there aren’t known to dodge straight line attacks.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir                  Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

When they should be used

Many gamers, myself included, have often wondered as we’re using the aforementioned techniques and if there is a right time to use them and if we’re abusing these techniques on enemies that are easy to kill in dozens of other ways. To answer the question, anytime is a right time because using the aforementioned techniques and many like them will give gamers “additional rewards”.

Incidentally, one of the rewards is learning the when i.e. exploiting the vulnerabilities of your enemies as they show them to you. Onimusha 3 enemies the Dark Marionette and their variants, the Doldow and Doldekko enemies are easily destroyed using the Strafe Critical; their overhead Helm Breaker attack is the best time to pull off the Strafe Critical because that’s when they’re vulnerable.

Another powerful in game technique, and one of my favorites, is Jak 3’s own Dark Jak’s Dark Strike; a powerful dark ability that can be used to wipe out enemies in a straight line. Also, its ability to travel long distances only strengthens its lethality. Krimzon Guards, Metal Heads and Dark Makers are the perfect targets to use this on because they won’t dodge it.

Jak 3              Constantine

The Stormcrow spell in Constantine is a great power move to use when enemies are at a distance and are preparing to surround you; I’ve used this very same power to get out of situations where enemies did not die from normal blows. The cleavers, skeletal enemies with blades on their arms that charge, are the perfect targets for this spell because it slows them down to a crawl; use it when their closer in range so you don’t waste magic power.

Enemies in games

The enemies in games come in all shapes and sizes as many gamers are aware. However, there are certain types of enemies that make up the perfect quarry given their “structure” for lack of a better word. Take the Zmoh enemy in Onimusha 3; using the Strafe Critical on them is a good idea because they’re big and slow. Strafe Critical them after dodging their belly flop attack.

The Tetra Spirit spell, a powerful in game technique, that exists in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night that can be used to topple and badly damage enemies that are stationary. Beelzebub and Scylla respectively, they’re big and don’t really put up much of a fight so their size makes them vulnerable to the Tetra Spirit and Fireball spells.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night         Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Stormtroopers in all of the Star Wars games have one thing in common; they all stand together, clustered if you will, making them easy to destroy. Hurling a perfectly timed Sith Seeker at them in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PS2) can destroy them in one shot; ideally works better if its level 2 and above. Kashyyyk and Felucia is where you’ll be able to use this to your advantage; sometimes it isn’t the size of your enemies but your enemy groups.

Phantasy Star IV has some of the most deadliest and most powerful in game techniques that gamers will ever wield; the SaVol technique kills all enemies instantly, but the catch is that the enemy has to be lacking in power and defense for it to connect.

Phantasy Star IV

The Gra technique (Gravity) that is used by Rune and Kyra have their use when you use them on the Dimensionworms in the Air Castle; they’re impossible to land a hit on physically. Wren and Demi’s Spark attack is perfect for dealing with mechanical enemies as they are difficult to land a hit on too; Spark instantly destroy any mechanical enemy but it only be used on one mechanical enemy at a time.


Gamers often discover that powerful in game techniques that can lethally damage or kill their enemies can be abused, but doing so while taking into account certain vulnerabilities such as their size and their openness to being attacked is key. Gamers don’t need to establish a right time to use the power at their disposal especially if enemies are clustered together. Take heed and remember that the powerful in game techniques that you learn are meant to be abused and don’t you forget it.










  1. Arie Arie

    Interesting read!

    As someone who is also big into gaming, I found these strategies to be quite helpful, although I have not personally played most of the games you mentioned but I am always looking into more games to tryout.

    When it comes to fighting a hoard of enemies, it is always good to know when and how you should go about performing specific actions to ensure you get the best results.

    And out of all the games you mentioned, I only played the Jak & Daxter games but I can definitely see the Dark Strike move being useful in terms of taking out multiple enemies in front of you.

    My question is, are these games all available for the PS2 and if so, do you think they are worth playing today?

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      First, let me say thank you for your comment and compliment; I appreciate it and am always looking to help fellow gamers out. Second, Onimusha 3, Jak 3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Constantine are all for the PS2; Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is for the PS3. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is for the PS1. Phantasy Star IV is a game on the Sega Genesis Collection for the PS2. All of these games are worth playing and keeping because they are entertaining and will keep you coming back for more. Also here’s a fun fact about Phantasy Star IV, you can use your techniques and skills to create combination attacks; an example is using Tsu, Foi and Wat which creates the Triblaster combo. You should definitely try the games I mentioned, you’ll like them; I’ve been playing them for years and still have them today.

  2. Ben Ben

    Well laid out reading…

    I have been playing games for many years and these tips are fantastic. Please keep them coming – Now I am off to give them a go!

    Daxter has really only been my point of contact, but will certainly check out the Jak side of things too!


    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thanks for the compliment Ben, the point of these techniques is to make gameplay more fun and get you more into the game. I encourage you to play all the games in the post and more because as you’ll begin to see, techniques are not just a means to an end but more a way to make a possible obstacle easier to overcome.

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