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Published June 26, 2018

There has been a lot of retro game consoles that have caught the attention of the people, but there has been one that is making a comeback; the Polymega, once known as the Retro Blox. While there were a lot of retro gaming consoles that could play games already downloaded, this console is simply setup to do what retro gamers have come to expect which is to play their old cartridge and disks.

Unarguably, retro games, as opposed to the new generation consoles of games, never left the “building” in the first place which caused a lot of game creators to invent retro gaming devices so gamers can continue to play retro games. The great thing about the Polymega is that it is a system within a system; simply, it is a game system that will operate on a level greater than the FC Twin retro game systems.

Seemingly, the history of the Retro Blox is shrouded in mystery but the Polymega is coming to the people as a new innovation in retro gaming. I can say that I have high hopes and expectations for this because it is possibly on a whole other different playing field than its predecessors. Without further ado, here’s the what-what on the Polymega.

What it Plays

The Polymega, in all of its glory and ingenuity, will be able to play every single console of game. Everything from the Nintendo cartridges to the Super Nintendo cartridges to Sega CD to Playstation disks. One could ask, will it be able to play PS2 game disks if it plays PS1 and Sega CD or Sega Saturn for that matter.

The answer, possibly; it would make the selling point of the Polymega a slam dunk. Furthermore, it would be the first retro gaming console to ever play PS2 games. Ultimately, it would work more to the system’s favor to have this feature. I’ve owned dozens of retro gaming consoles and I can say that the common denominator with them all is that PS1 is all they go up to when it comes to games so having the PS2 feature on it will be a welcome addition.

Playing retro games is the whole point behind getting a retro gaming console; imagine playing Todd McFarlane’s, Spawn for Super Nintendo and using Spawn’s Full Force Blast to put Redeemer in the ground or using Sparkster’s sword to put a hole in the underbelly of their Pork Lord’s ship. The memories of retro gaming past is overwhelming and worth exploring.

I miss playing this game

Controllers, possibly different kinds

Now, the Polymega is its own gaming console built to play games of different kinds for different consoles. However, that makes one wonder what kind of controller it will come with or that’ll be in the hands of gamers. For one and from what I’ve seen, it’ll be your standard A, B, X, Y controller which makes it still a good controller because it’ll still work across all the retro games to which it’ll be used and gamers will not have trouble trying to use it.

Theoretically speaking, there is the possibility that it could have several controllers for specific retro games. For example, there could be a controller for the Super Nintendo generation so you have the aforementioned A, B, X, and Y buttons not to mention the traditional L & R buttons.

There’s a chance of having a controller for the Playstation generation, it is hard to say either way which direction the company goes in when it comes to the controller but I do know that it will be used to play retro games across all platforms which is a definite plus.

Play Imported Games

As we gamers well know, retro gaming consoles have been modded by gamers to have and access games on their retro gaming console that originally did not come with it. I’ve seen this so many times on so many retro gaming consoles like the SNES classic mini as well as the NES classic edition mini. I can say that there is a strong possibility that gamers are going to take it down this winding road.

Personally, its safe to assume that the Polymega will be able to play and allow gamers to access imported games. I’m not against imported games, but I do feel that it can crash a game console if the console’s power can’t stand up to the might of the configuration algorithm of the game. For example, importing Double Dragon 4 to the Super Nintendo so it is a playable game.

Being a gamer, I can’t say I’m for or against imported games, but if the Polymega can play them without any problems then it will be a definite plus for the gamer who attempts to download imported games to the Polymega; there’s no reason to assume that the Polymega won’t be able to play imported games.

Is the price worth it?

In theory, most retro gaming consoles that come out usually cost anywhere from 59.99 to 99.99 which is, to some extent, a good price for a retro gaming console based on what kind it is. However, there are some retro gaming consoles with games on it that are worth a heck of a lot more. Despite that, the prices on them are made by corporate which leaves a lot of gamers emptying their piggy banks for the change to buy said retro console.

Based on everything that the Polymega can do and will be able to do not to mention the entertainment that it’ll provide gamers is the possible 250.00 price tag worth it; in my opinion, an emphatic yes.

Simply, a retro gaming console that can play every retro game and be able to play even PS2 games is well worth the price. Personally, it is a little more than most can afford but it is definitely worth the buy because of its unique and flawless design and everything that it can do. As a longtime gamer, it is important to get your money’s worth on whatever you buy be it a game or a gaming system.


The Polymega makes a return to the gaming scene but with it comes unique features not seen before in its retro gaming cousins such as different controllers for the various retro games that it can play along with the chance that it’ll play imported games which gamers seem to love these days.

The price seems ideal for this great piece of gaming hardware, so buying it would not be completely out of the question to many gamers who are looking for this historical piece of gaming tech. I’d love to hear your opinion on this topic or what you feel about what I said in this post, leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and happy gaming.



  1. AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

    Ermahgerd!! I am so excited to read about this console! 

    It is the console of my dreams! I love retro games! And, YES, it sounds like it is DEFINITELY worth the price! I love the fact that it is an all-in-one that can play anything from cartridges to PS1 and 2 disks x) 

    Where can one purchase one of these?

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Right Panda, it is still in production; I’ve been keeping up on it and I’ve been reading that it should be out in 2019. I’m still keeping up with the news on that front. I’ll get back to you if I should uncover anything else.

  2. Henry Henry

    This thing looks really cool!
    It instantly brings up so many childhood memories.. the sega, nintendo era
    Just chilling in your room with friends, playing tank, battletoads & lode runner.

    How easy or complicated it is to install Polymega before you can start playing?
    Do you just plug in the wire & you’re good to go?

    How much configuring it involves?
    As I understand there’s going to be whole bunch of different controllers involved that we can use.
    Different games, from very different eras.
    Versatility seems to be the name of the game here.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      From what I can tell, the Polymega seems like your typical gaming console where you plug it up and start playing; it doesn’t look like a hard sell when it comes to getting it to work. I would also imagine that the configuration is already done beforehand. Versatility is the name of the game and you’ll have lots of it when you’re picking and choosing what game to play.

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