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Published June 8, 2019

The Playstation VR Headset PS4 has been out for a long while now and while there are tons of games that are out for the Playstation VR Headset, it goes without saying that virtual reality in video games is finally at the forefront of the future. Incidentally, this item was very hot starting out because everyone wanted a PS VR Headset just to get their hands on that little piece of another dimension inside of a Playstation product.

However, the headset in question has captured the minds and hearts of those who use it on a daily to play their games or the games that they have for it. Many games that are out for it make buying the item a steal only for the fact that certain games wouldn’t be as enjoyable without it.

As a video game lover and big fan of everything Playstation, I can say without a doubt that the Playstation VR Headset PS4 is definitely a worthwhile piece of gaming equipment for the PS4. Now that I think about it, the PS3 never got its own virtual reality visor or VR anything of any kind but that just goes to show how great the PS4 is.

In this post, I’ll discuss my personal thoughts along with whether or not the Playstation VR headset is worth the money, price drop and finally it being a collection piece. So without further ado, let’s start with………

My thoughts

My thoughts on the Playstation VR Headset is sort of individual but kind of not; simply, it is definitely a gaming item that should be in every PS4 owner home. While playing the PS4 games themselves is very immersive, the Playstation VR Headset is or can be seen as next level. I mean, if you were going to use a sword to chop your enemies to bits, would you want to do it in 3D; most would want to do it in 3D. I like the concept of the Playstation VR Headset PS4 but I usually like to play my games without VR.

At first, when the Playstation VR Headset came out, I was saying to myself “it’s too expensive” and I couldn’t be bothered; starting in at almost 500.00. The Playstation VR Headset is a great investment for anyone looking to experience the awesome gameplay from the perspective of the Playstation VR Headset.

However, if you’re still in a position trying to get one then by all means do, I mean I can’t think of a reason why you should not get one. If you’re just plain not interested in it then that’s okay too; gamers are individuals after all so waiting a little while is okay.

Do the games make it worth the money?

So for all you out there that might not have gotten your hands on this gaming tech probably might be wondering, do the games make it worth the money; the answer is an emphatic, yes. Most games are brought alive by PS4 and everything that it is but combine that with Playstation VR Headset and you got one hell of a gaming combo.

At present, the current game count that was made for the Playstation VR Headset is a little over two hundred and counting; there’s no doubt that there’s going to be more games made for it in the near future.

I want to go on record as saying that when I first seen Playstation VR for the first time, I was blown away; it seemed like there was more of a wide open world inside of the game than ever before. I remember saying, “holy shit” in astonishment. Make no mistake, the games definitely make buying the headset worth it because there’s so much to see and get absorbed into when you’re wearing the Playstation VR Headset PS4.

Overall, if you don’t have a Playstation VR Headset yet then what are you waiting for; you’re missing out, it’s worth the money.

Price Drop

From what I can see, the Playstation VR Headset PS4 has undergone a price drop and it cannot be argued that waiting until the price drop is a good idea especially if you don’t have another mortgage to take out on your house for it lol. I kid but seriously, if you’re considering buying this piece of gaming equipment then please wait until the price drops again which I predict will be around Black Friday. Some say that the price drop on it already but from what I can tell, it is still expensive; at 300.00 I believe.

I know it was a long while ago but my point remains valid

Which might be great for some if you can afford it but if you’re just getting your feet wet in the gaming world then you might want to let this little treasure wait until around Christmas time or even when the price has dropped further. The advantage of this is that you can save your money up for it and any other games that are coming out for it but the disadvantage of this is that you may feel left behind not having one if your friends or distant family do.

So, my advice is to weigh your options; if you plan to wait a little while before buying or waiting until the price drops further then you should.

Collection piece

The Playstation 4 is a gaming console ahead of its time and it cannot be argued that it has given us a lot of great gifts including but not limited to the Playstation VR Headset. Personally, if you’re really not that interested in the VR games and you just want the VR headset as a collection piece then that’s also fine as well; there’s nothing that says that you can’t just have to just have it but logically, if you are getting a VR Headset then you’re getting it for gaming purposes.

I wouldn’t even be opposed to the fact of getting the Playstation VR Headset then work toward getting the games, I mean just some food for thought because the headset alone is already expensive so if you were looking to save a little bit of money then you definitely could go about it that way.


The Playstation VR Headset PS4 is a great piece of gaming hardware that should be in every PS4 owners’ home, it’s a great item to have as per my thoughts, and waiting on the price drop could help you immensely if you’re looking to save money.

The game make it worth the money especially since you’re getting such a good value from the headset not to mention that it’s a good collection piece to have if you don’t have any of the games yet. If you have any questions about my post then please send me a message and I’ll respond. Thank you and Happy gaming.


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