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Published March 9, 2019

Your beloved is talking or talking on the phone, watching something on their device, company coming from the outside and making their respective noises along with loud talking. You struggle to hear what’s going on in the game and you can’t; has this happened to you, I’m willing to bet that it has.

The number one irritation that most gamers face is not being able to hear what is going on in their game, but hearing becomes a struggle as you well know and the reason is obvious; you have to compete with the environment for loud sound which becomes more of a headache that one can bear.

The headsets go hand in hand with this!

Ultimately, you search for that perfect headset that can block out the noises in your environment and you can be left alone to the sounds of your game. Well, the perfect headset, it exists and it comes in the form of the Playstation Gold Wireless Headset.

This item is the missing “ingredient” in your video gaming and it is one you’ll definitely be happy to have when you game on your PS4, I’ve had mine for about a couple of weeks now and I love it. I’ll discuss this fine product, and its aspects like sound control, time element and how its so easily stored in my Playstation Gold Wireless Headset Review.

The item 10/10

The item, the Playstation Gold Wireless Headset, is a true masterpiece of the gaming realm; it fits snugly over your ears and doesn’t irritate them in the least bit. Normally, you can only wear some headsets for so long until you can’t anymore then you start feeling scratches on your ears but you won’t find that with these.

Personally, I love how Playstation stands by their product by putting their logo on the item; that made these a must-buy for me because I’ve love Playstation products and that’s how you can tell their products are top of the line, that seal.

Ultimately, it is an item that you should definitely buy even if you’re a gamer that plays or lives alone because it makes getting into your games all the more worth it; it definitely comes in handy when you’re married with children or even just a single parent but it is an item that’s good for everyone who games.

Wearing these make you aware of your game but you also have a “concept” of your surrounding, it is an item that is easily worth the money you pay for it. Trust me, you’ll want to buy this; best gaming decision I ever made next to my PS4.

Sound Control 10/10

The next thing that I want to cover in my Playstation Gold Wireless Headset Review is the sound control of the product. I love that you have control over how much sound comes in through the headset, it’s like its not loud but its not quiet but it is a happy medium where you’re able to control the sound and not have to worry about going deaf.

Plus, if you’re an avid gamer who loves to listen to all the game music then you’ll appreciate that the headset gives you the ability to make the choice to turn the sound on and off. This is my favorite feature because when I don’t want to hear background noise, it’s eliminated almost immediately which is good.

A thing of beauty this headset, you’ll be able to change the volume and even mute the sound of the headsets if you’re just interested in hearing the surrounding sound. The best thing of all is that you can get them in two different colors, I got the white; what color did you get or what color do you have?

The time element 9/10

The Playstation Wireless Gold Headset is a great product and a must have tool for your every gaming venture. The only thing that I’ve grown to not like about it is the amount of time in which you can have the headsets on, I believe the current amount of time is 30 minute intervals so as to not to cause any damage to your ears which I can definitely say that I respect.

30 minute intervals so as to avoid ear problems or possible pain

I didn’t see the point in the time element in which to use them but there is a reason and it is something that gamers should definitely adhere to because their comfort is at stake which could cause problems if the time element is ignored.

Despite the fact that these are headsets that are used for special reasons i.e. gaming and listening in on gaming action, it is still good that Playstation is looking out for its consumers especially those who buy these. I can’t think of a time when you could wear headsets for longer than a few hours without any kind of ear pain or discomfort but the time element is there for a reason.

Easy Storage 10/10

The best part about the Playstation Wireless Gold Headset is that you can easily store it anywhere you find that won’t get broken, I usually put my back in the box after I’m done with it. I can easily put it back along with the adapter that activates the headset. The headset looks as if it can take a great fall but I wouldn’t advise putting it up on a high shelf only because of fear of them breaking.

If you have a gaming desk or a gaming station that you play all of your games then you can easily sit it on the couch or even near the PS4 whereever you have it sitting; these don’t take up a lot of room anywhere you place them so rather you leave them on the kitchen table (which you shouldn’t), in the backseat of your car or even on top of your PS4, you’ll never have to worry about them being too far away.

You could just put it back in the box when you’re done, I do.

Also and if we’re being completely honest, they’re not that big to the point of them getting misplaced somewhere you’ll never find them so they can easily be stored just about anywhere as long as they’re not out of your direct line of sight.


The Playstation Wireless Gold Headset Review covered everything that I felt made the product a great choice for gamers who were looking for the ideal headset for noise-cancelling gaming fun. For one, its a great item with great noise-cancelling ability, great sound control but the time element can be a little daunting but the fact that they can be easily stored is also great.

What questions do you have for me regarding the headset, do you want a pair, are interested in its noise-cancelling abilities; if you have any questions regarding the Playstation Wireless Gold Headset then leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. Henry Henry

    Hi! Thank you very much for this review! I really liked the noise-cancelling feature! I have read heard good reviews about this headset, but yet decided to go online and do a bit of research myself. I have found out that this is a great choice for a gamer like me! I’ll be careful with the time element, obeying the 30 minute intervals. Thank you very much!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      No problem, you should definitely get a pair of these, I love mine.

  2. Harber Harber

    Hi there!

    Playing game is so much fun soecially with the game sound. But really as you said it is so disturbing when someone is talking loudly or talking on phone. It becines hard to enjoy the sound on the game. A playstation is really helpful in this case. The playstation you have reviewed is so cool I think. As you gave it10 on 10 in sound control, easy storage, it will really so cool I think. Butvwhat about the price? And where I can get it??

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      When you click on the link, it’ll take you to the product and you’ll be able to see the price.

  3. akborm akborm

    Hi there!
    I love to Play game is specially with the sound. But really it disturbs when someone is talking loudly or talking on phone. It becomes hard to enjoy the game then. A playstation can solve this. As you shown your reviewed playstation seems very good for this. You have given 10 on 10 for the sound control and storage. So it is cool. I would like to know about the price. I think I will buy it.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      The price is on the website, you can click on the link and you’ll be able to get some for a good price. They’re worth it.

  4. Jefreym85 Jefreym85

    Hey Rodney, 

    Great Article I like the into and the question to get readers engaged and thinking about the subject. I sure have had that exact experience and I wish I had a pair of noise cancellation headphones. I like the way the article was put together, and I feel like you covered the information readers are looking for about the product. I just didn’t see the price of the headphones anywhere in the article though, was that done by design? When I found the link at the bottom of the page it was out of stock, if I wanted to make a purchase that would benefit you what happens?

    Best regards, 


    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      I’ll still get the commission, even though the product was no longer in stock, if you got onto the site and go another pair then I’ll still get the commission. Are you still interested in making a purchase?

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