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Published October 2, 2018

The Playstation Classic Mini Console is an idea that later became an item of obsession, it is without a doubt one of the most sought out game consoles in the gaming realm.

Many gamers have speculated that it, like its Super Nintendo ancestor, is going to have 20-21 games on it. Many of the games are from the Playstation generation, games that gamers enjoyed before all the DLC and extra stuff you had to buy.

The Playstation Classic Mini Console is small and compact enough to be carried anywhere, I can say that I still play many of my PS1 games on my PS2; many gamers don’t have that luxury especially since they no longer have a Playstation 1 or any of the games so one can see how this console is going to be welcomed.

So it is great to many gamers that the Playstation Classic Mini Console is coming out because it gives gamers a chance to get back what they lost or had to give up in the name of keeping up with the current gaming trends. My post will cover an in-depth look at the Playstation Classic Mini Console along with its other perks; a look at a great console that’s bringing back a lot of great games.

The theory behind the product

The theory behind the product, the Playstation Classic Mini Console, is solely based on its NES and SNES predecessors as many gamers well know. The word ‘Playstation 1’ hasn’t been discussed as much until the product bearing its name came into being. There’s already an NES and SNES mini classic edition so naturally there was going to be a Playstation Mini Classic console; its no surprise that this was going to go from theory to reality within a matter of months.

Ultimately, the Playstation Mini will be at the top of every gamers’ list especially those who’ve never had a Playstation 1 before and started with PS3 or PS4 as their first gaming console so the fact that this gaming product is coming out is going to bring a sense of retro gaming into the current generation consoles.

One could say that the theory behind the product lies in the fact that gamers wanted a collection of mini consoles for commemoration purposes but it can also be said that it was time for Playstation to get its own mini console; who can say?

Games, gotta love the games

My favorite part of any post I make, the games. The games coming out on the PS1 mini is among the best of the best and if we’re being honest, we know what’s at the top of that list, don’t we? Gamers will be happy to know that games such as Castlevania Symphony of the Night will be on there along with Wild Arms 1 and Final Fantasy VII to name a few.

My favorite game on PS1

I mean, think about it, all those times that you thought that the games that you used to play on PS1 gone forever because there were scratches on the back of the disc or the disc being too expensive to acquire on one’s means alone. Another thing about it too was that we all had that one friend we used to borrow games from but those days are gone forever with the PS1 mini.

Second favorite

I remember finally figuring out that any weapon or armor piece that has double or triple materia growth in Final Fantasy VII, you are to keep forever because you won’t have to level or materia level grind in order to be ready to get the Master Magic Materia on Disc 3; totally worth it by the way.

Why it’s better than the original

Most gamers will argue that some games are not as good as their original which might be true in a big way, but that logic hardly holds up when talking about a gaming console. Every gamer, myself included, can definitely agree that the PS1 mini is going to be better than the original on account of its size and overall handling.

Do you remember when you used to take the games out of the PS1 and got to a point where you did it so much that the laser head broke off; that’s what happened to me on that fateful day in March which drove me to get a PS2, but I digress. There will be no laser destruction to worry about because all the games are built in as were the games on their predecessors.

Plus, the console itself comes with two controllers which means that gamers and buyers will not have to spend another $20-40 dollars buying a second. Make no mistake, it is definitely going to be worth the money gamers will no doubt spend on it.

My Verdict

The Playstation Mini Classic Console is going to be worth the money that gamers will more than likely spend on it because of all the great features and I’m pretty sure that there are going to be games that will have their save feature brought on over which means that if you save your game in Final Fantasy VII after getting the Knights of the Round, it’ll be saved to the system as well.

This will be really handy when you’re looking to revisit a certain point in the game and if we’re being honest here, Castlevania Symphony of the Night and Final Fantasy VII made the PS1 so it stands to reason that the games make the system worth buying alone.

When this console comes out finally, I’m encouraging every gamer to get one especially those who never had a PS1 growing up or being born in the PS3/PS4 generation. Also, it cannot be argued that kids (ages 5 to 8) breaking into video games could really benefit from playing the PS1.

The reason, the kids, they’ll get a firsthand demonstration of just how hard gaming was before entering the age where games just handed you everything; so it’ll be a good lesson for them and they get to enjoy retro games from their parents’ youth. Win-win.


The PS1 Mini Classic is a much looked forward to gaming console that will take many a gamer back to the time of their youth with games like Final Fantasy VII and Castlevania Symphony of the Night; the theory behind the product is what gave birth to it. Well, that and gamers wanting a mini PS1 for their collection; theoretically.

Many gamers will agree that this mini marvel will be better than the original because the games are built in and there is no laser head to weaken and eventually break when removing the game discs, so it is something that most gamers can appreciate. Despite what’s going on at present, my verdict still stands; gamers should buy this if not for themselves then for their kids.

If you have any questions about my post or if you have any comments regarding it then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

If you’re looking for the precise location of where the Knights of the Round materia is in Final Fantasy VII, let me point you in the right direction




  1. Renton Renton

    Great Post. I myself am a PS man ( I mean I like the consoles not that I am made by Sony) I never actually had a PS! because it was a few years too early for me but I was right on target to enjoy the PS2 and upwards. Like you say the days of pre DLC were great because the game that you bought was the entire game.

    The graphics back then were pretty good for the time but because everyone compare them to newer console obviously they look outdated. The interesting thing is that games from those eras tend to be richer in term of the stroy telling as they couldn’t really release an update to expand the story and you could actually unlock stuff through hard work in the age rather 

    than having to spend more money to buy upgrades, to me that sort of cheapens the entire experience.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      You’re absolutely right Renton, and I’ll tell you something else, games back in those days knew what it meant to entertain and I did enjoy such classics as Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Anthology, Spyro the Dragon and others. 

      I was thinking about getting this but I won’t because I still have all of the classic games that its going to host on the machine. 

  2. Reyhana Reyhana

    I definitely think that you have pointed out good things about the Mini. I definitely agree that it would be easier to handle and the price point will also be very attractive to a lot of people. Having some games also included is also a plus. I would definitely consider it!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Awesome. Thank you Reyhana, I love that you’re my biggest supporter and I’m glad you like the post. While the PS1 Classic is going to come hard with a lot of classic games, I do think too that it’ll make a lot of PS4 gen babies want to take that jaunt back in time to when games were games and not all DLC. 

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