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Published October 21, 2017

The Playstation 2 Slim System is one of the most valuable video game systems to exist, it has more than shown that it is as good or better than its predecessor, the big PS2. The playstation 2 slim system has built quite a reputation and has lived up to the hype. I remember I was in GameStop one day 6 years ago, I was asking about the Playstation 2 Slim; the salesman says “keep your PS2 fat, you’ll be thankful you did”.

At the time, many gamers felt that the Playstation 2 Slim was not up to certain standards such as that of the big PS2. However, I’ve had 2 slim systems and they both lasted a very long time and I treated them like fine china. Ultimately, the Playstation 2 slim has shown to be able to outlast the big Playstation 2.

While the PS2 slim system has its flaws as well as aspects of it that make it a good buy, it is without question that it is a reliable game system. Here is my review of Playstation 2 Slim.

Different Colors

One of my favorite features of the playstation 2 slim system was that it came in more than one color, it gave gamers the option of choosing which color console they wanted as these were limited edition. Furthermore, consoles that came in a different color was part of a bundle pack such as the Singstar PS2 slim bundle pack in which the console was a ceramic white color.

PS2      PS2    PS2

Interestingly, the console being a different color did not affect its playability or its ability to play games; it was an added benefit of owning a PS2 slim. Coincidentally, a Playstation 2 Slim Silver also came onto the market which was as appealing as the white; it was good knowing that gamers did not have to just stick with a plain black console. The Playstation 2 was the first console to introduce the different color concept; it was big!

The PS2 slim also had a red version and it was unfortunately, beyond the reach of many gamers as was the pink version. Despite it all, a PS2 slim silver or white made the PS2 slim shine because gamers got to get their hands on a limited edition console which was everything.


The whole hook up!

Easy to clean

The playstation 2 slim system is and has always been easy to clean, it didn’t require completely dismantling it when trying to get to those hard to reach places within the system itself. A simple vacuum hose against the back vent and it was as clean as a whistle; given that the system itself was small enough, it was easy to clean no matter what.

PS2 slim  ⇐  Don’t do this!

To me, this was one of the best reasons of owning a PS2, it was always easy to clean not to mention store. Another aspect of this was that cleaning the space between the different levels on the outside of the PS2 was just as easy, it was as easy as finding something small enough to fit between those spaces and you were able to get most or all the dust on the outside of the console.

Also, cleaning the inside of the console was a cinch, it didn’t take a lot and gamers could do it without damaging the laser head which was vital to playing the games. Incidentally, cleaning the game console was a 2 – 5 minute operation that did not take too much time and gamers were able to go on about their day.

Good Alternative to its Predecessor

When the big PS2 was still popular, it was difficult to find everywhere video game consoles were sold; still is today. The playstation 2 slim system was and still is a good alternative to its predecessor despite all the negative press that the PS2 slim received its opening year. The Playstation 2 slim played just as good as the big one; some have said that it plays better than the bigger version.

Playstation 2

I’ve had my PS2 slim system for the last 5 years+ and I have not had any problems with it; it goes without saying that I have two PS2 slim(s), so that should give you some idea of how good the game system is. I want it to go on the record that I played games on it for 14 to 16 hours straight with no problem and it doesn’t overheat if you play it over 8 hours.

The PS2 slim system did not disappoint despite the fact that gamers were so used to playing their games on the big PS2, it still works as good today as it did when it came out 13 years ago. Also, gamers can still go online using it in the present day.

Different model doesn’t play all games

Although the playstation 2 slim system was created to do everything that its predecessor did which it did well; there was one thing about the PS2 slim, all models were not created equal. Over time, there were many PS2 slimline models created including the 75001 model which did not play every game as other models. For example, Akuji: The Heartless was one of the games that the 75001 model did not play which was upsetting because it is one of my favorite games of all time.

PS2             Akuji: The Heartless

I don’t have this version of PS2 because…                            it doesn’t play this game!

Also, there were other games that did not work with the PS2 slim so it was a bit of a slippery slope when it came to testing which game played and which game did not/freeze. Gamers were practically playing a game of chance.


The playstation 2 slim system is a good system with nothing but greatness packed inside of its hardcover, it was the first game system to let gamers play online via multiplayer not to mention that it is easy to clean and maintain. The PS2 slim did not only give gamers a choice of games, but colors as well as there were many color consoles that came out; many were limited edition.

If you don’t have this vital piece of video game history, get it and do not sell it! The benefit will outweigh the risk in the long run. Trust me! Get one today and if you got yours, keep it!






  1. MariahMariah

    What I don’t understand is why the playstation slim got all the bad press at the beginning? Did people think it would break more easily because it is smaller?

    I like the fact that it comes in different colors. Personally I would like to find a red one on the market although with what you said about how the pink and red versions have been difficult to find from the getgo that seems like kind of a longshot that I would be able to find one.

    It’s really unfortunate that they started making models that don’t play every game.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Yes Mariah, it is very unfortunate but I’ll tell you something; the PS2 slims are just as good as PS2 fat(s) and if we’re being honest, PS2 is a reliable gaming system. I may not have my fat from launch but I do have a slim I bought 2 years ago and it’s still going strong; I was just playing Devil May Cry 1 on it a month ago. 

  2. Stunning BellStunning Bell

    Wow, I love the pink and the red colors. Really feminine. I have 2 questions for you:

    1. Which one would be the best choice, for someone who used to play then stopped, and wishes to start playing again? It should really be user-friendly and simple.

    2. When it comes to maintenance, would I need to do it myself? I’m not really the techie type of person, so I don’t see myself doing maintenance.

    Looking forward to your reply. By the way, thanks for such a great post.


    Wow, I love the pink and the red colors. Really feminine. I have 2 questions for you:

    1.  Which one would be the best choice, for someone who used to play then stopped, and wishes to start playing again? It should really be user-friendly and simple.

    2. When it comes to maintenance, would I need to do it myself? I’m not really the techie type of person, so I don’t see myself doing maintenance.

    Looking forward to your reply. By the way, thanks for such a great post. 

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey NSOH, thanks for reaching out. First, you could go with whatever you prefer color wise like if you’re more into red or if pink is your fav color then you could go with either one. All PS2 systems are user friendly. As far as maintenance goes, it’s not hard to maintain. 

      All you have to do is just use the vaccuum to blow out the back i.e. clear out dust and you’ll be fine. It’s a system that’ll last you years. Here are some games to get you started; Black, Wild Arms 5, God of War I & II,  Devil May Cry.

  4. NormanNorman

    Thanks for posting! I really like the fact that there are different colors available for the Slim and that some are limited edition. My daughter hates bland white or black consoles, and she likes what she has or uses or wears to be even slightly different from everyone else. Any tips on where I could find a pink version? You give the impression that these are products which should be kept as eventual vintage items, kind of like old vinyl albums. I’ll definitely check out the Slim version and hope I can find the right color! 


    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Norman, thanks for reaching out. I’ve aspired to get a different color slim console or rather get another one because I had a silver one but I gave it to my brother because I felt sorry for the fact that he didn’t have a gaming system, but I was looking into getting another one like a yellow one or a navy blue one. 

      The pink version is, what I believe, is a Japan Import and I think the red is as well. I did a little research on the various different color PS2 slims and I discovered that the “exotic” colored ones are japanese imported and they’re expensive as hell like 500.00 and up. 

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