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Published June 7, 2018

As a gamer, we all have one thing on our minds when we game and that is to stay with that one game until we beat it which usually means doing extra stuff like sidequests and revisiting a lot past locales. This is all fine and good, but what if we have been playing that one game too much?

I want to work on this and not get burned out

Ten times out ten, we gamers will not admit that we need a break from the game we’re working on because of the fact that we’re a stubborn breed; we also feel like we cannot be stopped once we start which is normal behavior for gamers.

What to do, what to do

I can say that I was in this same boat just yesterday, I was going to play Devil May Cry PS3 and I decided to play God of War PS4 instead because I had already spent the other day playing Devil May Cry PS3. So, I came up with a new method of managing game time and what I want to play.

That method is simple, play one game for one console every other day then alternate. For example, I’ll play Devil May Cry PS3 today then tomorrow on my day off (Friday) I’ll play God of War PS4. I came up with other reasons to do this and they are these.

The game I was playing needs a break or I need a break from it

This is my point exactly

Sometimes we all need a break from that game because we’re either stuck or the place we’re at in the game is really getting on our nerves, so it becomes necessary to take a break from the game so as to not get burned out. If you spend all day playing Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness and want to play Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon then you definitely should.

I cannot count on one hand how many times I ran into rough patches in video games and decided to keep going by playing it the next day instead of taking a break from it, I got so frustrated and upset because of it; it was pretty clear that playing another game on another console was the answer because I need a break from the game I was working on.

Don’t be afraid to take a break from a game for a day and play another because you’ll be more than ready and focused on the game you’re working on. Plus, you’ll feel more invested in the game as well.

Avoid Frustration

One of the biggest reasons to alternate playing that favorite game every other day is to avoid frustration because let’s face it, video games are fun but they are also frustrating as well. I created this method for this reason because I get so frustrated spending hours playing the game I’m working on and running into the same brick wall.

Alternating with games will help alleviate frustration because it is so easy to get side winded by everything that we want to do in the game and it becomes more of a chore than a feature of enjoyment. For example, if you’re looking for all the mini-medals in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, you’ll often find that you’ll need to take a break in order to avoid frustration.

Plus, when you alternate playing that game you’re working on every other day, you’ll feel that frustration you felt for the game you were playing completely disappear and you won’t feel as if you wasted your money on a game that you no longer have no interest in playing. Alternating is a big help when you need that break in the monotony that is milling around from place to place.

Switching off is good

Switching off is good because you can get that breather if you need it, playing a game straight through can be overwhelming and monotonous; all we gamers are focused on is learning everything about that game which can take days even months. Also, learning a lot about a game in a short amount of time is impossible so this is where switching off becomes necessary.

You need a break from this game and switch off

Nine times out of ten, gamers will work on a game for 16 hours and still not come any closer to learning all there is about that game. I was one such gamer and that’s when I decided that I would switch off games so I got to learn a little about the games I was working on so as to not overload myself.

Switching off games serves another purpose, you will be able to spend time playing that favorite game on your favorite console without feeling like you have to wait so long to do it. Simply, if you were going to play Odin Sphere Leifthrasir one day then God of War: Ascension the next day, you’ll be back to playing Odin Sphere Leifthrasir the following day if that makes sense.

You’ll keep from destroying your love for the game

You’ll want to avoid this too

There are some games that are so long and some that are so arduous that it has been known to destroy a gamer’s love for that game; making it like the gamer dreads playing that game every single time they know they have to, but will not take measures to get rid of the game.

Alternating games every other day will keep us gamers from destroying our love for that game that we’re working on, I can say that there were many games that I was trying to play and give a lot of time to and it only ended up destroying my love for that game; I felt like I did not want to play it.

So, unmoot point, alternate playing one game on one console every other day to keep that love for the game and that eagerness to want to play that game alive; it is the only way to feel like we didn’t waste our money on a game that we’re not getting that much out of. Keep this in mind always because it will come in handy.


Gamers love playing video games, myself included, but the problem is that some of us gamers get too wrapped up in the game that we don’t stop so as to avoid frustration and we don’t acknowledge that we need a break from the game we’re working on.

Switching off is good because it gives us a chance to keep from getting overwhelmed and it gives us gamers a chance to keep from destroying our love for that game. Above all, playing one game on one console every other day will keep us coming back to that game or games more and more. If you have any questions about my post or would like to leave me a comment then feel free to do so and I’ll respond to you before the day is out. Thank you and happy gaming.







  1. Kenny Kenny

    Hi and thanks for the advice. I think that anything that is not moderated runs the risk of becoming a problem if you let it. As you rightly pointed out, you must first acknowledge you need a break from a certain game in order to use the tips you speak about. My question would be is it ever a good idea to just turn off the game console for a few days to take a longer break from gaming? Love to hear your thoughts on this. Many thanks Kenny 

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      I think it is ideal if the person is taking the game too seriously, yes especially if they’re rage quitting (getting upset then throwing the controller). However, getting upset at a tough spot in a game is normal but sometimes taking a break from that game can really work wonders for the gamer as well as the console because nothing’ll get broken.

  2. Norman Norman

    That’s a really good post. Not sure if it’s an accurate analogy, but with regards to developing skills in a certain sport, I found, particularly with baseball, that when I took some time off, it seemed that my body had time to consolidate the learning and when I came back a couple of days later, those tough ground balls, for example, were no longer so challenging. Breaks are critical in just about any endeavor…gaming is no exception. The regular breaks could give your mind and body time to consolidate the learning and come back just that much better.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Well said Norman and you’re right there are some similarities there but I was trying to do too much when it came to the game I was working on so that’s where I got the idea for the post. I can’t tell you how often I think about this when I have come across a tough spot in a game which isn’t often but when I do then I refer back to this post.

  3. Clay Westfall Clay Westfall

    My sons think that the only thing that exists in this life is video games.  David is not so bad, but Alex has a temper problem, which caused him to punch and break the gaming computer screen.  Now, Alex has be grounded from games until he learns how to control himself.  This difference between my two boys demonstrates what you are saying about games effecting people in different ways.

    How do you personally react to Fortnight?  Most gamers are so addicted, nothing else exists.  I had to take my boys (12 and 13) down a couple levels so they can fight this urge to game all day and night.  Parents need to know this information.  Thank you for putting it out there.   Clay

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Clay, I’m 38 years old; I’ve been gaming since I was 9 years old; I never had a temperament issue when it came to games but my brother has always been that way and my dad (may he rest in peace) had to do the same thing. I don’t play Fortnite because it doesn’t appeal to me, but I’ll tell you that I do work 6 days a week and I game as much as I can on my days off and before I go to work. So I see where they’re coming from on that front.

      However, gaming all day and night is completely unacceptable; I used to do that when I first got my PS4 but I broke that spell quickly because I was missing out on other things like my chores and making runs. 

      So my advice is this, don’t allow them to play that game day and night; I’m sure you have heard of the reward system. Let them play as a reward but let them player longer the more they control their temper with the game because if it was me and this was my little boy, I’d give him two hours then I’d shrink the time element based on how upset he was getting at the game.

      As a parent, there’s nothing more irritating than having to spend unnecessary money to replace something that your child breaks out of anger. 

  4. Joseph Ferland Joseph Ferland

    First of all, frustrations can come from playing from too high a level of game play (for those games that offer the settings). Secondly, external factors most likely will come into play.  Had a bad day at work, so you take it out on your game and cuss at the characters.

    Also one must take into consideration the mental capacity of the player.  My step-son is 35 y/o with ADHD/ADD.  We thought he would sort of grow out of it when he was younger.  No, just got worse.  When it comes to any electronic games on any kind of device (consoles, phones), the warnings they tell you about that there may be a reaction due to an element in the background.  For epilectics, the color yellow (unseen to the naked eye) can trigger seizures. For others, maybe something different.

    Most likely, they will blame anything and everything except themselves as players. 

    And finally, it is quite possible more times than not, one has to accept the fact that they are just lousy players.  As for myself, I will blame it on wanting to have everything perfect as I can do no wrong in my character.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Joseph, you’re preaching to the choir because that’s how I’m like “the wanting everything to be perfect” I was like that too but I sort got to a point where I don’t do that anymore because I wasn’t enjoying my game or gaming because I sought perfection where none could exist. 

      I thought taking a break from a game would change that but it didn’t. Ultimately, I’ve learned to stop seeking perfection. 

      I’ve always blamed myself when I made mistakes in games, my brother was exactly like your stepson; still kind of is. 

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