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Published February 10, 2018

Final Fantasy X is one of the most renowned games to exist today, it is still a very popular game despite it being 17 years old. Incidentally, I didn’t care for it when I first played it back in January ’02.

But after playing it years later, it grew on me and I grew to love it. I’ve done everything in the game including winning Wakka’s Overdrives through blitzball which there is a simple solution to winning.

There’s so much to love and hate about this game, but it’s a great game at the end of the day; a game that require great strategy to play and master. Having said that, here are my pro tips and suggestions for playing Final Fantasy X.

Sphere Levels

In this game, your sphere levels are the key to your team’s growth and making it completely around your character-specific sphere grid will ensure that they will be ready for whatever challenge they face; reaching random sphere levels in the game might work for some people, and for all intents and purpose, it does.

However, I have a better way. Get 10 Sphere Levels in these “long” areas such as Besaid Isle, Kilika Forest, Mi’ihen Highroad, Mushroom Rock Road, Djose Highroad, Thunder Plains, all of Macalania, Bikanel Isle, Calm Lands, Mt. Gagazet and Zanarkand Ruins.

Final Fantasy X   Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X


The rationale: There are plenty of enemies, plenty of places where hidden treasure hide, PLENTY of enemy encounters where every last one of your characters can do their part in battle such Yuna – healing, Lulu – Black Magic (if needed), Wakka – status infliction or use Aim etc.

Areas that are not so long or “drawn out” such as the Moonflow, Bevelle and Via Purifico; only get 2 – 4 sphere levels.

Final Fantasy X

Such is necessary in small areas

The rationale: The aforementioned areas don’t have as much battle consistency or as much treasure to find. These areas are more like a bridge to the bigger more significant places.

An Edge in Battle

You can score overkills by exploiting the personal strengths of your characters and the elemental weaknesses of your enemies. For example, Auron – armored enemies. Tidus – fast enemies, Wakka – Airborne enemies and fliers etc. Enemy weaknesses – specific enemies and elementals vs. opposing elements.

Final Fantasy X

Tidus’ quarry is on the right, the wolf!

The reason: You’ll stand a much better chance of getting to the end of each character’s sphere grid faster and get access to the powerful abilities sooner rather than later; Flare and Ultima are more than enough reason to follow this piece of advice.

The thing with Wakka

Make sure that Wakka is participating in EVERY battle, it’ll increase the chances of his Overdrives being readily available as the first place prize when you start playing blitzball “seriously”.

I mean even if you just have Wakka in battle long enough to cast one of his sphere grid abilities – Aim or Dark Attack then that’s just as good because he’ll still play a part in battle.

Final Fantasy X

Wakka is definitely needed here

The reason: You don’t want to arrive at the Zanarkand Ruins and you make the decision to play blitzball either league or tournament, complete two of each and not have either of Wakka’s Overdrives, Status Reels or Aurochs Reels appear.

Getting Wakka’s overdrives to appear as first place prizes are already a time-consuming process; the aforementioned tip cuts the time down drastically.

What happens in Bevelle…..

The Bevelle Cloister of Trials is the most confusing in the entire game with the Zanarkand Ruins a close second. What makes the Bevelle Cloister of Trials different than the ones before it is that it has a destruction sphere item and a non destruction sphere item.

Final Fantasy X

To get the non-destruction sphere item, you’ll have to make sure that your sphere stand (the thing you push) has two Bevelle spheres by the time you reach the end.

Final Fantasy X

The goal, 2 bevelle spheres

The rationale: Leave no item behind even though it is a Knight Lance for Kimahri, which he has thousands of, it is still worth getting; to customize to your liking for nothing else.

Blitzball, the 11th Wonder of Spira

Okay, two things. One, don’t play Blitzball until after you recruit Brother which you definitely should when you first board the Airship at Home on Bikanel Isle. If you followed my advice about Wakka beforehand then you can start working on getting Wakka’s Status Reels.

Final Fantasy X

Two, even though you shouldn’t play Blitzball until you recruit Brother, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find and recruit your players when the opportunity first arrives immediately after the in-game tournament is over.

However, you should still play in the tournament and win to get Wakka’s first Overdrive – Attack Reels.

Here’s where you’ll find your Blitzball Dream Team

Tidus – At start

Zev Ronso – Luca Docks

Jumal (goalie) – Luca Plaza

Ropp – Mi’ihen Highroad, Rin’s Shop

Rin – Airship

Brother – Airship Cockpit

The rationale: You’ll ultimately put yourself on the fast track to easy wins in Blitzball, you only have to win 6 games in the league to place first; you know, if that means anything.

Before Sin

Before you go after Sin, there are more than a few things that you must do because these will mean the difference between smooth sailing and a bumpy ride on your way to Sin. Having said that, here’s what you need to do.

After your characters master their part of the sphere grid, you’ll probably be tempted to send them into another character’s sphere grid. Give into that temptation, but mind this – When you send one character around another character’s part of the Sphere Grid, they can go around the entire sphere grid without learning the abilities and skills on that grid.

For example, if you send Kimahri around Lulu’s grid, he can improve the damage and overall effectiveness of his blue magic without learning Fire, Ice etc. Besides, letting Kimahri learn these spells would make Lulu useless and we can’t have that. Unmoot point: Don’t overstep boundaries.

Final Fantasy X

None of this!

Before you revisit the Baaj Temple, customize stone ward/stoneproof abilities unto some armor so you’ll be guarded against Geosgaeno’s stone punch which is technically a death sentence.

Just before you take on the Magus Sisters under Belgemine’s command at Remiem Temple, make sure every aeon is in max Overdrive status. You must have Anima from the Baaj Temple ruins before attempting to get a piece of Belgemine.

Final Fantasy X

You’ll want his Overdrive meter at max

When you’re hunting for the Sigils and Crests for the ultimate weapons; get the Sigils first because they are the hardest to obtain. Get the sigils in this order, Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Moon. You can go after the crests in any order you want.

Final Fantasy X

Go after this one first!

Going to the Omega Ruins means you need help, armored help. customize the following abilities – Confuse, Berserk or Stone ward/proof onto some armor and you’ll practically be free of the said bad statuses during your journey there.

If and when you need teleport spheres so you can send your people to other parts of the sphere grid, you can get teleport spheres by capturing a Master Tonberry from the Omega Ruins with a capture weapon.

Final Fantasy X

The benefit: you can pummel it nonstop at the Calm Lands Monster Arena for 3600 Gil. This way, you can get all of the teleport spheres you want and need. You’ll want to have the ultimate weapons when you do this because you’ll score an Overkill which will increase the chances of you getting 2 teleport spheres after each kill instead of one.

Final Fantasy X

Yep, these guys

In need of Lv.4 key spheres, have Rikku use her Bribe ability on the Chimera Brains in the Calm Lands. It’s recommended that you have near 900,000 Gil so you can bribe the 2 Chimera Brains in battle, 200,000 Gil for both should suffice. You can try to do this before going to the Omega Ruins, but it’ll probably be better if you did it after you leave there.

Inside Sin

You’ll encounter Behemoth King whose taken up permanent residence here, don’t even step inside of Sin if you all of your characters did not learn Auto-Life beforehand. Using it on your 3 chosen characters at the start of the battle will spare them of Behemoth King’s Meteor attack.

Final Fantasy X




  1. christopherchristopher

    I have never seen anyone, nor have I played Final Fantasy myself. However, it seems like it is a very detailed, in-depth, and highly complex game.

    I find it interesting the structure of the worlds, as well as the amount of flexibility there is with creating your dream team. I may be overstepping here, but I am not sure what a Wakka is, you may wish to outline this in a way people who have no idea can understand, or even simpler, point me a “beginners article” on your site.

    Very well written and you have loads of content, keep it up!

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Chris, thanks for the compliment. Wakka is one of the lead characters and a talented blitzball player in Final Fantasy X; I just assumed that everyone knew who he was but I’ll make that clear. 

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