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Published August 4, 2018

Chasm is the newly acclaimed Metrovania game that has come out on PS4 recently and while it seems like something out of a little kid’s storybook, the monsters, the myth, the sortie knights and for once, a kingless kingdom makes it everything but. Chasm is a game that many, that have played it, finds that it plays like a certain “game” we gamers know and love. When I first saw this game, I thought “there’s no way that the game is going to be any good let alone good enough to play” but after watching more previews then buying the game, I fell in love.

After playing it for the few hours that I did, I did die a lot but I made a lot of discoveries; I even came to the conclusion of how gamers can minimize the amount of times they die especially in the early parts of the game. A warning to the gamers that play this game, it will get very addictive quickly; I assure you, I already didn’t want to put the controller down while I was playing.

Chasm is indeed a great find along with being a great game and it is just as awesome as any Castlevania game. Having said that, here are other aspects that make the game awesome and I’ll be throwing in some advice throughout this post as a means of guidance.

The named character i.e. you plays like Alucard

Okay, the main character. The little guy that you play with is a random knight recruit who has been sent on a mission of great importance and although the mission takes a bit to get underway, it doesn’t stop once it gets going. In my opinion, the knight recruit plays exactly like Alucard from Symphony of the Night which is great because I made the comment “this guy plays exactly like Alucard only without the vampiric powers”.

As you play, you’ll get a familiar feeling with the knight recruit and feel right at home with using him; you’ll also find that his dodge reflex is as agile as Alucard’s. Also, you’ll come to realize that the knight has yet to reach his full power which he will as you journey and rescue people. Incidentally, you’ll never feel like there’s nothing else to learn about the knight while you’re playing; he has back-slide move that you can use to dodge enemy strikes and avoid damage.

My first piece of advice when using the knight, don’t misjudge or over judge your jumps; the knight’s jumping height will clear just ABOUT every possible distant ledge that lies from where he is to where he needs to get to within range; keep an eye on that and above all, try to make the jump because 9 times out of 10, you’ll make it.

Weaponry & Spells

Now my favorite part of this. The knight, after you save the town witch, will have a collection of spells for you to purchase in the game. As you get more money, you’ll be able to make more and more purchases. However, not everything can be bought; some of the best gear you’ll find will be in the mine that you’re exploring. From experience; some of the weaponry will be right on time like the Long sword that you find shortly after you beat the Wendigo and make it past the bee nest.

Magic Dagger, upper right hand corner

As I previously mentioned, the town witch will have spells that you can buy; everything from a magic dagger to a magic fireball along with other magical goodies such as a magic shield. Each weapon and spell will come into play as you’re playing the game and adventuring. But be warned, some of the weapons you find in the mine will not be up to snuff even though it boosts a higher attack power. The War Club and the Knife for example; both give you a small boost in attack power but you’ll find that they are useless against some enemies i.e. some enemies that take longer to kill.

The second piece of advice I offer you is two-fold; the first, buy everything from the town witch as your money allows; it’ll decrease the amount of times you die in the early parts of the game. Number two, stick with the Short Sword until you find the Long sword and abuse your magic daggers to aid you in dealing damage to your enemies.

Inaccessible areas, keeping your place

Sadly, there are inaccessible areas that you cannot get to until you have the right ability to do so. However, sometimes trying to remember exactly where the inaccessible area is can be a total nightmare that can have you running around for several hours while trying to make your way back to that locale. The great thing about Chasm and its map is that you’ll be able to set a marker on that particular part of the map so you’ll be able to revisit it later.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am that this feature exists, I haven’t seen anything like this since my Castlevania: Lament of Innocence days; remembering where you were and weren’t can be a trial sometimes especially since you might or might not lack the specific ability to reach an inaccessible area but I digress.

Many areas will seem inaccessible until you get either the spiked gloves or the slide ability, but you’re going to be doing some traveling to find these abilities either way so be prepared to do a lot of walking and area revisiting; walking all the way back to a specific area can be very time-consuming so it is very important to know where you are or where you were.

Advice numero tres. Always, and I can’t stress this enough, always set markers when you come across an inaccessible area because it’ll save you so much time when you’re trying to remember where you have to return to.

The people you rescue

Obviously, you’ll be told before you start out that something is going on in Karthas and need to be investigated. Upon arrival, you’ll be told by the lone person in town that everyone has gone missing and clues point to the mine. So now you have two jobs, save the townspeople who are obviously trapped down in the mine and investigate the cause of the disturbance.

Go see the witch and buy a magic spell or two

You’ll reap bigger, greater rewards with each of the townspeople that you save and those rewards are not too shabby let me tell you. I always made it to rescuing the miner who is a potion smith – for lack of a better word before I ended up dying. The overall goal here is to rescue the people and make sure that they are safe and sound. Although the townspeople are able to get back to town safely, it is still worth mentioning that you’ll need to go see them.

Yeah, those rewards, are pretty great

Fourth piece of advice, return to town and see every single person you rescued after you discover the operational teleporter gate which will teleport you to the first area of the mine. Doing this will ensure that you’ll be able to purchase things from the people that you rescued and be able to return to the mine a little stronger than you went in.

Saving your game

This goes without saying, but you should always save your game when you’re given the opportunity because enemies only get stronger the further in the mine you venture and I don’t think I have to tell you that saving your game will be necessary in order to avoid rage quitting plus it is the smarter thing to do. I always kept my eye open for a save area because it’ll be the best course of action when it comes to healing until you rescue the potion smith or get your hands on a healing power of some kind.

I can tell you now that as I was playing the game, it became increasingly difficult to find any kind of healing as I was battling enemies and let’s face it, a lot of the food items you find or get will only restore a little health; 17-20 HP at best which is barely enough to survive until you get to the save area.

Tip #5 is about staying alive (see what I did there), do the best you can to survive using the provisions at your disposal when you find them even if it means using them all up because a small chance to make it to that save area is better than no chance at all. Mind this always!


This also hardly needs to be said, but GET THIS GAME NOW!!!! If you’re looking for an action adventure game that looks and feels like a Castlevania game and you want to take that walk down memory lane but play with an Alucard type knight character then GET THIS GAME NOW!!! You can play with the idea and concept of trying to make up your mind about buying this game but I assure you, it’s worth it. As a gamer, you owe it to yourself to keep an open mind and try different games, you’ll definitely want to try this! Get on board if you’re not, it’s the best 20.00 dollars you’ll ever spend.

Tell me that map doesn’t remind you of Castlevania S.O.T.N


Chasm PS4 is a Castlevania style game that features a knight that plays exactly like Alucard. Weapons and spells along with the inaccessible areas will make gamers come back for more or not want to put the controller down. Most of the benefit that gamers will reap will be from the townspeople they rescue and which will warrant a visit to said townspeople upon rescuing them.

Finally, GET THIS GAME NOW!!!! it’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make in yourself and your PS4. Trust me, if you want a game that’ll keep you guessing then look no further than Chasm PS4. If you have any questions or comments then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.




  1. Riaz ShahRiaz Shah

    Hey RJ,
    Huge fan of classic Castlevania here and I play mostly because of the nostalgic graphics so Chasm looks amazing! Plus that map brings me back to the golden ages.

    How many hours of gaming is it though? I’m currently trying to finish Final Fantasy 15 but if it doesn’t take long I could pause and finish chasm first 😀

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Well Riaz, first thanks for reaching out. Second, Finish Final Fantasy XV (depending on where you are in the game) Chasm expands over 6 areas, 6 WIDE areas which means that there is a lot of ground to cover in the game. I don’t want to give you a ballpark on how long the game is because I get the feeling that 6 wide areas can be interpreted to 60 hours+. Trust me, Chasm can wait, but you’re in for a treat when you play it. Here’s a hint. You can switch subweapons with L1 and bring up the map with R1.

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