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Published May 26, 2019

There has been many things introduced in the Yugioh games and series including all new cards that are not just appealing but are very powerful as well, it cannot be argued that Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist has followed this same trend in the game. Many of the cards are Number Cards, Tuner monsters even Ritual Monsters but the introduction of Performapal and Pendulum Monsters have topped the aforementioned on a grand scale.

Pendulum Monsters have made it possible to do everything that you can do in a duel and then some. Pendulum summoning allows, if you’re not familiar with it, to summon more than one monster; something that could only be done with spell cards like Double Summon or using Goblindbergh’s special ability.

Performapal monsters, Yuya Sasaki’s pride and joy, are among the most powerful monsters ever to grace duel monsters and it just so happens that these monsters have unique abilities that empower not just themselves but other monsters as well.

Let it not be said that the monsters might seem like they’re a bit on the weak side but that doesn’t mean that their abilities cannot help or give them more power like Timebreaker Magician and others that I’ll discuss in this post. So without further ado, let’s get started with……

Pendulum Monsters

Pendulum and Performapal Monsters are distinctive in the way that their special abilities tend to complement each other. I’m telling you, if you’re going to make a deck of Pendulum monsters then make sure you put Performapal monsters in there as well; trust me, the payoff is huge.

Pendulum monsters make it possible to summon other Pendulum monsters that which will allow you to regular, synchro or xyz summon provided that you are paying attention to the numbers on the pendulum. For example, if you have a pendulum monster with a pendulum level of 1 and a pendulum monster with a pendulum level of 8, you can summon monsters between levels 2 thru 7.

This is why I love the Pendulum cards because you can place the pendulum monsters in the pendulum zones and summon the monsters you need for any situation you’re in whether you’re trying to synchro, xyz or regular summon. Some pendulum monsters’ pendulum abilities are helpful to the regard that you don’t have to “overdo” anything.

My advice is to fully look over and analyze each and every pendulum monster you get because it’ll definitely help you in the long run especially Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon’s pendulum ability which I hate using!

Performapal Monsters

Performapal monsters are special monsters that are able to do many things such as empower or summon other monsters such as Performapal Elephammer. These cards make it possible to get monsters on the field fast, quick and in a hurry. Take Performapal Friendonkey for example, if you have it on the field, you’ll automatically be able to summon another monster as well from the graveyard or your hand.

Personally, creating my Pendulum and Performapal monster deck has taught me one thing, these guys go hand in hand. I believe it’s possible to have other monsters in your deck along with the aforementioned but it’s best to just build a deck focused on these monsters so as to give yourself an advantage.

Another example is Performapal Springoose, his special ability allows you to practically “rewrite” or “reprogram” the Pendulum scale. For example, let’s say you put Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon in a pendulum zone and you put Timegazer Magician in the other.

That mean you can summon monsters from levels 3 thru 7 but thanks to Springoose, you can switch those monsters out like if you have Performapal Odd-Eyes Unicorn you can place it in one of the pendulum zones, and if you have Performapal Monkeyboard in the other, you can now summon monsters from levels 2 through 7.

The key to playing with performapal monsters is that you keep them together, never apart!

Now, my 4 Reasons why

Pendulum and Performapal monster should always be united or in a deck together at the very least because they will always see to it that you’re undefeated and to make that point more clearly; let me introduce to you 4 reasons why they’re an invincible and helpful team and why you should always have them.

  1. Some Performapal monsters can reduce the levels of pendulum monsters that you can control like Performapal Monkeyboard, it’ll bring your Pendulum monsters levels down by 1 which would make them easier to summon; this works for monsters that are level 5 through 7. Monkeyboard’s ability can work toward getting summoning Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon if you have a level 8 dragon monster.

2. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon’s pendulum ability allows it to be destroyed and summon monsters with an attack power of 1500 or less. This is useful if you’re trying to xyz summon Dark Rebellion Dragon for a quick win or summon Timebreaker Magician so as to use his special ability as long as he’s summoned via pendulum summoning.

3. Performapal Silver Claw can empower other Performapal monsters so as to make them stronger which will guard them against your opponent’s attacks, Performapal Silver Claw imbues his performapal partners with a 300 Atk point boost every time it attacks and that goes for Performapal Drummerilla who’ll grant a 600 atk point boost to any Performapal or Pendulum monster that you use to attack your opponent.

4. Performapal Friendonkey’s special ability allows you to summon another level 4 monster from your hand or graveyard. Ideal if you’re looking to xyz summon or summon a higher level monster.

I can go on and on about how “compatible” these two kinds of monsters are but the fact remains that Performapal and Pendulum monsters are powerful as a pair.

A great team

Hardly needs any more emphasis on the word “partnership” than I’ve already stated numerous times, but Performapal and Pendulum monsters are great together because they bring out the best in not just their partners but each others as well. I’ve only had my Pendulum and Performapal deck for a little while but I can tell you that it’s a joy to play with and it’s gotten to be my go to deck when I play Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist.

Coincidentally, if this deck is the only one you ever build in the game, it’s still worth it on so many levels. If you’re looking for a way to pile up wins then definitely creating this deck will help you own; defeat will just be a word and one that’ll never be in your vocabulary.


Pendulum and Performapal monsters is the ideal team and a deck worth building, it cannot be argued that Pendulum monsters will always make sure you have monsters to summon, Performapal monsters are ideal with helping and empowering; the combined teamwork of these monsters will make you completely unstoppable.

Don’t ever forget that there is no greater victory won than with Performapal and Pendulum monsters. What did you think of my post, I’d be interested in reading your response. Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. Scott HinkleScott Hinkle

    Thank you for this post.  I haven’t played any type of card-based battle games for some time then.  Back in the day it was Magic the Gathering for me.

    I thought I came up with some powerful card combinations back then.  These seem to be even more so, almost to an extreme!

    I will say this…  Reading this has me itching to get back into the scene and Yugioh might be a good way to do it.

    Do you happen to have any suggestions/recommendations for someone coming back into the fold, but not familiar with Yugioh itself?

    Thank you,


    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      I suggest watching an episode or two, just to get back into it but you can always look someone up that plays the yugioh card game. 

  2. MikeMike

    With the Pendulum monster cards comes an almost Matrix-like effect between spells and monsters.  It almost becomes foggy since they can be activated as spell cards in the Pendulum zones with special abilities allowing us to Pendulum Summon.  Yet since they can also be summoned as monster cards for both attack and defense makes them so diverse and powerful.

    I think you put it best when you said Pendulum and Performapal monsters make the ideal team! 

    Thanks for the article and game on!

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Wow Mike, do you duel; I still have yet to obtain Pendulum cards for my yugioh card collection but I love playing Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist, get your game on Mike and thanks for your feedback.

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