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Published April 6, 2018

Button by button combos are nothing if you don’t hold down the direction on the Left Analog Stick. For example, hold the left analog stick forward when you’re implementing a combo that way Ryu can strike harder, deal more damage and conserve health.

Every button on the directional pad allow you access to your healing items; this comes thru in a pinch. Pressing Up on the d-pad allows you put your healing items away

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


Shurikens can be used to stun and distract your enemy, use them and often.

The Golden Scarabs are hidden well, you can usually find them in out of the way places like on top of something or inside a box or fountain. Leave no stone unturned. Now, you don’t have to make it a priority to find all 50, but it would help your cause. Muramasa has been known to give away free stuff when you have a certain amount.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


Anytime you visit Murasama’s shop, check the Blacksmith because you’ll be able to strengthen you weapons.

Anytime you play the game and you get healing elixirs, use the Great Spirit Elixir(s) in boss battles; there’s no sense in wasting them on regular enemies. Use your Elixir of Spiritual Life if you need to heal from enemy bruises. You can use the Elixir of Spiritual Life in boss battles but use them last.

There are a lot of trouble spots in the game; retrace your steps to the save point so you can save yourself the trouble of having to go thru those spots again.

The Dabilahro is a heavy sword capable of some heavy damage, it’s even mightier at Lv.2. Utilize the ultimate technique while using the Dabilahro, its shockwave attack is handy for dealing with bosses and enemies you can’t directly get near or shouldn’t get near. Take Smaugan, fire breathing dragon extraordinaire, for example. Smaugan is the ideal guinea pig, use this against him and the Galla.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma  Ninja Gaiden Sigma


The Flying Swallow might seem like the hardest move to pull off in the game, but you can pull it off with ease by jumping toward the enemy ahead of you and just press Triangle; not forward and Triangle, that’s where I was making the mistake.

Your Fire Wheel Ninpo is handy for destroying enemies like the ghost fish that consistently surround you.

Level 1

Use your shurikens to kill the bats in the underground storehouse.

Level 2

You’ll cross swords with shogun warriors on horses, you can beat them by cutting them up with your Dragon Sword when the horse bucks. Stay blocked until the horse bucks then start cutting it up but be quick because the horses are too.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma   Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Beating the boss is easy and the game practically hands it to you. Concentrate on destroying the boss and destroy the phantom warlocks for health when yours gets low. Do the same thing with the boss that you did with the horseback shogun warriors.

Level 3

This level is ideal for practicing your counterattack tech, just press Square or Triangle after blocking your opponents’ attack. If you want to lessen their ranks quicker then jump toward your enemy and press triangle, the Flying Swallow has gotten me out of many a jam.

Your Dragon’s Claw and Tiger’s Fang is here, don’t leave here without it.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


The boss here loves electricity, but he can be beat. When he charges up his lightning gun, charge him and he’ll swing at you. Block then strike, he’ll try to grab you after that; roll away from him then strike. Your Dragon’s Claw and Tiger’s Fang is ideal for this battle, you can use your Dragon Sword too.

Level 4

You’ll come across a dead ninja in possession of the Guillotine Throw scroll in the Military Gate area, get that scroll! It’s the one of the keys to destroying the Black Spider Ninjas.

Your Lunar Staff is here, get it and use it to size up the military annoyances on this level.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


The Nunchaku is here, do not underestimate it; it’s a good weapon and a quick one at that. The militants have been know to cower before it because of its lethal speed.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


After you go to and come out of Muramasa’s shop, go back to the nearest save point and save.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


Fun fact: The Black Spider Ninjas can be taken down easily using the Lunar Staff and the Dragon’s Claw & Tiger’s Fang until you learn the Guillotine Throw then use that against them.

If and when you can afford it, buy the Armlet of the Moon or the Armlet of the Sun depending on what area you’re having trouble with. I bought the “moon” because defense is an issue for me, now it won’t be.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


You’ll come across some militants on motorcycles when you get to Han’s Bar, use your Inferno Ninpo on them; it helps if you have 2 of the Elixir of the Devil Way and/or found the Great Devil Elixir. Buy some at Muramasa’s shop, you should be able to afford it given the amount of yellow essence you’ve accumulated. Also, make sure you get the Golden Scarab from the alleyway to the left of Han’s Bar and don’t touch the item lying on the ground until you save your game.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


Level 5

Rachel is your character for this level, blocking a lot of your enemy’s attacks will keep her alive. The Shadow Fiends for one, counterattack their strikes then kill them with extreme prejudice; block their attacks.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

When Rachel faces off against the Black Spider Ninjas, use the Guillotine Throw.

Level 6

Upon following Ayane’s directions, you’ll be able to get a powerful projectile weapon. Just run along the blue lines on the alley walls near Han’s Bar.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


The Windmill Shuriken is ideal for fast enemies like the motorcycle militants.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


At the entrance of Drawbridge Square, you’ll hear and see militants on motorcycles. Block, stand in the doorway and use your Windmill Shuriken to destroy the bikers at a distance to be rid of them.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


Later on in the level, you’ll cross swords with red dragon creatures, Galla. Use you Lunar Staff on them. The best time to attack them is when they get done charging and when you can get one alone.

Hydracubus is the boss here, and he’s not too tough if you know what to do.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

  1. Make sure you have some Ninpo magic because it can be used to destroy his tentacles then use the Dragon’s Claws to inflict damage on him.
  2. When the tentacles grow back then try using your bow and arrow to destroy the tentacles.
  3. If that doesn’t work then try using the Windmill Shuriken to attack them at a distance until they die. Then attack the boss until it dies.

Level 7

Ryu will get harassed by the Shadow Fiends just like Rachel did, use the Windmill Shuriken to stun them then use your Dragon’s Claws or Lunar Staff to chop them up. Use your Dragon’s Claws to destroy the scythe wielding fiends.

You get the Incendiary Shurikens in the Archive area, get them and use them on the Shadow Fiends to put some distance between you and them.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


Running around will land you in a pit with will -o- the wisps and a save point, use your Windmill Shurikens or Nunchaku to get rid of them.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


You’ll encounter some wasps, use your Windmill Shuriken to destroy them at a distance.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


After you get the Holy Grail, you’ll be attacked by undead fiends. Your Lunar Staff and/or Vigoorian Flails will lay these creeps to rest. Get rid of the ones with bow and arrows first, they complicate things.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


You’ll see some archers pelting you with arrows as you make your way back up, use your Incendiary Shurikens on them while blocking their arrows.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


The boss, Dead Dragon, is a challenge and can take a lot out of you. The Lunar Staff shines here, use it and end his undead existence. Or, you can use the Flying Swallow technique and see how far that get you.

Level 8

Gamov is a tough customer, but if you stay near him and block as well as dodge his attacks then attack when he finishes his combo then you’ll beat him easily. Don’t distant yourself from Gamov during the fight or he’ll gun you down and his bullets will break your guard and deal you damage so stay in his face.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


Level 9

When you start the level, retrace your steps to the lower levels to the save point that lies there.

Hydracubus wants a rematch, he’s not too happy with how you left things last time. Flying Swallow those tentacles, use the Dragon Sword to do this until they’re destroyed then go to town on him, I heard that using a multi-hit weapon on him after destroying his tentacles will destroy him quicker.

After you get the Wolf Statue and Skull Key, save your game.

I encourage you to reopen the safe that you got the Book of Eons out of earlier, you might find something useful; who said opening the same safe twice isn’t fun.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


Alma is the boss here and ‘seemingly’ her strength is unparalleled, her speed is impressive. Do these three things and you’ll be fine.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

1. You can use your Violent Gale to strike quickly and make a getaway, this move is done by running up to her while holding forward on the Left Analog Stick and pressing Square twice. It’s best to do this while she’s on the ground and when she floating low to the ground; trying to get away from her will cause her to try to land on you in which case you just repeat the attack.

2. You can try the Flying Swallow to knock her out of the air which will allow you to damage her upon both of you landing.

3. Finally, bring a lot of life healing elixirs beforehand, the max of both because you’ll need to heal when she grabs you. Pause the game to heal during the battle, don’t do it while you’re running around battling her and dodging her attacks, you’ll likely get killed from the confusion, be made vulnerable to attack/dealt lethal damage or both.

Level 10

You are introduced to new military men upon touching down here; their strength equates that of their predecessors but they are still dangerous, one of them didn’t waste any time pulling a rocket launcher out on me. Take care of the rocket launchers first. Here’s a hint, use your Windmill Shuriken to open the military men up to your attacks; they’re easier to kill that way.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


In this area, if you remember from stage 4, there’s an item you can get if you run along the walls or ledge hang from the black pipe to the clothesline on the other side which will lead you to a very valuable item.
And, look at what else I found, another black pipe route to another item.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


Remember this cracked door that you had to ignore in chapter 4, your Incendiary shurikens will break down that wall.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


In the Military Gate area, you’ll be assaulted by guys on turrets. Get under the turrets then use your Windmill Shuriken to kill the gunners so you don’t have to waste health on using your bow.

Remember the boss from Stage 3, seems he didn’t learn his lesson. I went Vigoorian Flails on him and whooped his ass. Block his helm breaker strike then continue going to work on him. If he charges at you then move then move back in to continue whooping on him. If he uses his electric barrier then move and go back to beating on him until he’s destroyed.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


Level 11

Hit the green bin next to the warehouse to get some explosive arrows.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


Inside the warehouse, you’ll see a tan bin just after the first set of stairs. Look inside for core arrows and destroy those drones using the arrows or your Windmill Shuriken; dodge their laser attack the best you can until they’re destroyed.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


Within the warehouse, there’s a Golden Scarab on a train car. Here’s how to get it. Stand on the left side where there is an open part of the railing, wall run up the side and press triangle but press triangle at the top of your jump so you’ll make it. Here’s where to stand, point the camera up if you need better clarification.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

The twin tanks (the boss) provide an interesting challenge. To survive, you must

A. Dodge their machine gun fire while using your explosive and core arrows to destroy them in a small space. Easily, all you go to do is fire when they stop, simple.

B. Make sure you come to a complete stop before you open with your arrow(s) otherwise you’ll go into first person mode and you don’t need to.

C. Heal as needed.

After the battle, go off to the far right hand corner of the screen and you’ll see a Team Ninja banner; touch it and be healed.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


Ryu will be up against a helicopter boss, just dodge its fire and retaliate with your own. Nothing too complicated. Save after the boss is destroyed.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


On the Rooftop, there’ll be some military goons shooting at you from the communications tower off in the distance. Shoot your explosive arrows at the spotlights on it and you’ll destroy it. Retrace your steps to the save point and save your game.

You’ll enter a small room and into the thralls of three rocket launching jerks, wall run over to them then use your Ice Storm to lay into them. If there are any guards still alive, wall run to them because they won’t be expecting it.

Level 12

The Shadow Fiends make a return in the B1 area, block their attacks and counter with your own. The Vigoorian Flails and Explosive Shurikens will put these guys in their place, use them and own that ass

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


When you get the Jewel of the Demon Seal, use it on your Ice Storm; its powerful and you’ll make it more so. You’ll face some jumping bugs in this same room, use you Lunar Staff along with your Ice Storm to keep them off of you.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


After you get the Insect Key from the Hall of Balance, you’ll have to retrace your steps to the insect door in B2. You’ll have to wall run to get back up to the doorway in B2.

The Electric Worm boss is formidable but not totally hard as long as you have the max amount of explosive shurikens, and both kinds of explosive arrows not to mention the full Ninpo, you’ll beat this clown easily.

1.Launch explosive shurikens at it until you run out

2. Then use your Inferno Ninpo to deal damage until you run out of that

3. Use your explosive arrows, don’t attack it with your weapons; while it might be a good thing to do when it get close, it doesn’t look like a good idea. Projectile weapons are the way to go in this battle.

When you enter the Underground Waterway, kill the bats and then make your way back to the save point and save. The point of doing this is that you’ll be able face the boss at full power.

The Electric Worm boss brought his twin brother to the soirée, they should’ve told the emperor they’re calling off sick. The easiest way to beat these guys is to,

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

A. Attack them when they swing their head trying to damage Ryu. When they swing their head….

B. Dash in the opposite direction of where they swing their head so you’re behind them and not in front; its best to attack them from behind. Dodge their electric balls. Your Dragon Sword or Vigoorian Flails will lead you to victory here.

C. Bringing some explosive shurikens with you to the battle and using on the worms, grade A idea.

After the battle, investigate the leftmost hole and get the Gold Scarab within.

The boss here seems almost untouchable, but he can be from far away. Your projectile weapons are the key to its destruction; well it is if you max out your explosive shurikens, core and explosive arrows at Muramasa’s shop.

A. Start off using the regular arrows on him then switch to your explosive shurikens then your explosive arrows. You should be halfway thru the explosive arrows when he’s defeated. The boss’ head is his weak spot, you’ll have to

B. Jump and throw the explosive shurikens at the beast to deal damage and

C. Use the Windmill Shuriken to finish off the beast when you run out of your other projectile weapons

Level 13

In the area past where you used the Key of Triton, you’ll be attacked by drones and mermen. Slash while running on the water to inflict damage on the enemies.

Doku returns to challenge you to mortal combat, make him regret it by getting up close and personal and striking after his attack finishes; if he grabs you then wiggle the Left Analog Stick so he’ll let you go. Going into this battle with your Dragon Sword maxed out helps tremendously.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma


Level 14

Remember where Ryu fought the level 2 boss, avoid that bridge and look to the Muramasa shop statue and jump over the debris to continue.


Level 15

Ryu will come across an infinite number of enemies on this level, an example of this is the Shadow Fiends along the way to the imperial palace. Just run and make your way out of the area because even if you kill two or four or even 4000, more will keep coming.

After you get the Shield of Vigoor, save your game then continue on.

In the Magma Lake area, you can avoid any and all Galla that do not engage you in battle.

You may get confused about where to go once you get to the statue of Muramasa and the save point; well here you are.


You’ll come to a room with a teeter totter and you know how it goes when you step on it, use it to get to the upper room ahead of you.


The boss is a Yeti that can make big ice crystals anytime it slams the ground, so avoid the crystals and go to work on him; he’s easy as long as as you dodge his arm movements.

The boss of the Magma area, the Flame Worms, are easy to kill. Just do the same thing you did with the Electric Worms; the pattern is pretty much the same. The only thing that you have to look out for is the flame rings, roll when you see them and you’ll be fine.


Smaugan is a son of a bitch and his bites do lethal damage, but you can destroy him easily by using the Dabilahro and the ultimate technique. Get up to the upper platform, get on the left side of the screen and abuse the ultimate technique; I find that doing it as he’s blowing fire from your end of the platform to the other side and when he attempt to snag you helps avoid damage as well as the attacks altogether.

Level 16

Shortly after arriving at the save point, you’ll be harassed by wasp fiends, your Ice Storm and your nunchucks will win the day. After the battle, you’ll have to wall run clockwise to get up the wall to the top.

A Jewel of the Demon Seal awaits you at the top of the wall in the save point area, use it to upgrade your Inazuma


Upon entering the Underground Waterway, you’ll find that the wasps didn’t learn their lesson from before; use your Inazuma Ninpo to be rid of them at once.

Shortly after materializing from the sewers, you’ll need to make your way to the Twin Serpent Plaza. Head there by the way of Drawbridge Hill and you’ll come upon it. Also, you’ll face a horde of zombie militarymen. Teach them why it’s important to not pick fights with a ninja — using your Dragon’s Claws and Tiger’s Fang

Follow this road!


Hayabusa Village is home to many ninja and ninja power enhancing items such the Jewel of the Demon Seal from this locale, get it and use it on your Inferno Ninpo.


Alma has returned for a rematch and she is convinced she’s stronger than before. Convince her she’s not by using the Flying Swallow on her, it seems to work better after she finishes an attack. Take advantage of her recovery then Flying Swallow that ass! Come into this battle with a full life meter, the max amount of spiritual elixirs and at least 2 Great Spiritual Elixirs

Level 17

Run back to the save point and save before moving on.

Ryu will encounter a new enemy called Knightmare; they’re as stubborn as they are strong, but you have the Dabilahro. Use it and end them.


Ghost Fish are hanging out beyond the Griffon Gate. The Vigoorian Flails and Fire Wheel Ninpo will put an end to this annoyance. You can get every essence that the ghost fish drop upon death by killing so many then stopping for a short bit so the essence can come to you.

There are feline enemies running about here, use the Lunar Staff on them and use your Dragon Sword on the crab monsters.

In the Lioness area, search the place before going GOING ANYWHERE NEAR the Lioness Door which is the exit out of the area. Save your game before going to the exit.

Standing before the Lioness Door, you’ll be attacked by some ghost fish and crab monsters. Pull out your Inazuma Ninpo and light their ass up, two shots it all it takes to rid yourself of these vermin. Save your game again

Spectral Doku was just saying how powerful he’s become since he no longer has a physical form, you and the Dragon Sword can make a fool out of him again by attacking him when he starts swinging at rapid fire, from behind I mean; your dash’ll help you get behind him so you can attack.

Level 18

Shortly after arriving in the Palace Compound, you’ll need to make your way down the path to the right where you’ll face off against some ghost fish and a door. Destroy the ghost fish then go into the door to get a key from a dying Black Spider Clan Ninja then go back to the save point and save your game.

The Galla make a return for the umpteenth time on the 1st floor of the Imperial Palace, use your Dragon Sword and skin their scaly hides.


On the 4th Floor of the Imperial Palace, you’ll face the crab monsters that can pull you down to the previous floor. Make sure your Ninpo is full then use the Inferno Ninpo to destroy them. Use your Dragon Sword to finish off any survivors.


Make sure you have at least one Great Devil Elixir after you leave the 4th room, the ghost fish will descend upon you without mercy; tend to them by using your Fire Wheel Ninpo.

Marbus, after realizing they his henchmen is no match for you, he takes you on himself. The Dragon Sword will conquer him not to mention do lethal damage to him.

  1. Use your Fire Wheel Ninpo to protect yourself as you’re cutting up Marbus because the Shadow Fiends will run interference for Marbus and you can’t have that.
  2. Like always, attack when Marbus finishes his; he’s especially open to attack after his corkscrew attack. By the way, the Flying Swallow is effective on Marbus

Touch the Team Ninja banner then save your game before you put the statue on the pedestal. Don’t enter the Emperor’s chamber without full Ninpo, use the ghost fish on the nearby stairs to refill your Ninpo

The Emperor has two forms, and getting past them is no easy task. To destroy the first one,

The first

  1. Dodge his laser beams via moving the block left and right; hold the block button (L1) to move it up and down. From my experience, you’ll be using it to move up and down more than left and right.
  2. Attack the gems to destroy the Emperor’s first form. My personal advice for dealing with the first form,
  3. Don’t rush, pay attention to where the laser beams are because that’s the key to getting close to the Emperor.

The second form is easier than the first, but make sure that you have full explosive shurikens, full core and explosive arrows. Beating the boss is easy when you,

The second


1. Use your projectile weapons on the second form at a distance, the boss will send his heads after you then his horned head will come after you too then

2. Use your Inferno Ninpo on the horned head to deal and avoid damage. When the boss pops up out of the lava and onto dry land,

3. Keep emptying your projectile weapons into him until he jumps back into the lava again. The boss will commence with the skull chase while on dry land, dodge the skulls until the boss is back into the lava then commence with emptying your projectiles into him until he’s dead.

Level 19

Be mindful of the ledges as you’re making your way to Rachel, look up and down so you’re not running or jumping to your death.

Dark Murai is the endgame boss, he’s tough, but he can be beat. Here’s how to beat him.

A. The best time to combo Murai is after he does his corkscrew attack, put some distance/run away from him, he’ll do it, dodge or dash away then cut him up.

B. Murai creates another opening for himself when he launches his shurikens at you. After reducing Murai’s health a good plenty bit, he’ll use his Dark Dragon Ninpo to inflict damage, use your Inferno Ninpo when the dragon gets close to you so you can avoid the attack and resume yours on Murai until he dies.

C. You can attack Murai after he finishes an attack, but after you attack get away from him immediately so he doesn’t grab you; he’ll deal you lethal damage if he does.


  1. Amazon LaShaunAmazon LaShaun

    Wow. Look at the graphics on that game. I remember when it first came out on the Nintendo back in the 80s. It didn’t look anything like that. This guide is awesome. I didn’t know they’d made a more modern version of the old game. I’ll have to check it out. From what I see on the guide, it looks like some aspects were changed over the years, but in a good way.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      First off LaShaun, thanks for reaching to me and complimenting my post; you honor me. Second, definitely give the game a try because its fun and you learn a lot. Now I’ll warn you, the game can get a little crazy but its not a bad game at all. I’ve beaten every Ninja Gaiden game and I can tell you that I love playing them; they’re the pinnacle of my PS3 game collection.

  2. JackieT66JackieT66

    Hi Rodney
    I have never actually played this game but read the post anyways because I love RPG games and this just may be a game I need to try. It looks like a fun game to play does it have a subscription and how much does the game cost?

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      First off, thank you for reaching out to me and complimenting my post; you honor me. Second, Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a game that’s been out for awhile; you can pick it up at any Gamestop or Disk Replay for under $5.00. You should play the game though, it gets a little bit tough and even downright stupid difficult at some parts of the game but it’s a game every gamer should play once. I played it and beat it, it’ll be 100 years before I play it again because I’m still mentally recovering from beating it but its fun if you get into it. My guide is there for your viewing pleasure. If you have any other questions about the game or the levels in it then please feel free to send me a message anytime of the day, noon or night. 

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