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Published August 28, 2018

Retro games have been around a long time and many gamers had one wish; to preserve retro gaming in amber forever. Well, the game creators heard our pleas and created the NES Classic Edition; the holy grail of retro games. The miniature gaming console consists of 30 of the best games to ever premiere on the NES; it’s like the creators took 30 of the best games out of the 870 that came out for the NES and put them right onto the system.

When the NES Classic Edition first came out, I was a little flabbergasted because there were already retro gaming consoles that would deliver the same amount of gaming pleasure that the NES Classic Edition would. However, I do see the logic in it because some gamers don’t want 4,000, 7500, 10,000, 14,000 games on a retro gaming console; they want what they want.

The NES Classic Edition is a great household item especially for gamers like myself who grew up on retro gaming and so, without further ado, here is my NES Classic Edition review.

A great collectors item

The NES Classic Edition is a great collectors item because it is fashioned after the regular Nintendo, but what really makes it a great collectors item is the relation that it has to so many gamers. Nowadays, mostly every gamer is into PS4 and the like. However, you have just as many gamers trying to collect gaming consoles from their youth, a time when gaming was the only thing that mattered and not how many games you can get your hands on or how many trophies you’ve scored.

Incidentally, the NES Classic Edition is a collectors item for the ages especially if you’re a gamer with kids who you’re interested in training on “the struggle” before moving them up to the present day games. Ultimately, the NES Classic Edition is an item worth having especially if you’re content with the 30 games on it.

Plus, another reason why its a great collectors item is because this comes with games unlike the regular Nintendo that don’t come with any games at all and you get to save your game data to the system which makes it a great buy; imagine, playing Kirby’s Adventure and saving your game just before your eventual fight with Meta-Knight; worth it to me!

Childhood Memories

The system overall reek of childhood memories; gamers who grew up on Super Mario Bros, Metroid, Legend of Zelda and even Double Dragon; these are all childhood memories that many of us gamers remember and before we were forced to give that up in place of the newer games that came out. I can remember, as many gamers can, those fateful days when we would be playing one of our games on the NES and have to stop to eat or go to bed which sucked.

I sort of thought that when the NES Classic Edition came out that it would be about the same size as the regular Nintendo, but I took one look at it and was like “this is how it looks, it’s so small”. However, its compact size is great for traveling and playing on the road especially if you have cables to hook it up to any HDMI television which is handy.

I used to want to carry my Nintendo with me everywhere I went so I could be entertained, but the childhood memories along with the compact size of this machine made it a slam dunk; it’s like being able to take your childhood everywhere you go which you could not eons ago.

The games are awesome!

My favorite part of this review, the games. First, the games are awesome. Legend of Zelda I & II, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Castlevania I & II; I mean, if you’re going to get this then you definitely should only because the games make it worth the buy. Think about it, many retropie consoles are being created for the sole purpose of playing these retro games, but some of the retropie systems don’t work the way they’re supposed to.

The NES Classic Edition has the games completely preserved in amber with all the kinks worked out. Buying one just so you can play Castlevania I on it is well worth it because sometimes it was hard as hell trying to get it to work on the regular Nintendo when we gamers were blowing into it.

I remember playing Legend of Zelda II: The Adventures of Link and it was pretty badass and I wanted to never stop especially after I found the Cross so I can see those invisible floating eyes which made traversing the ghost town and nearby cemetery a nightmare. If anything, buy this for the games because if you started out from the bottom of the gaming barrel and worked your way up like me, you’ll want this.

An extra controller is worth the price

If you’re a gamer that likes to play two player games with either a family member or a friend then it is worth getting another controller for the system. Although the NES Classic Edition ranked pretty high in my book, it was upsetting when I found out that only one controller came with the system. But, there is a good thing and a bad thing about that. The good thing about only having one controller is that if you play your games alone a lot like me then its no love lost not having a second controller.

Worth it!

However, the bad thing about that is that you have to pay extra for another controller if you’re wanting to play a game with someone especially Double Dragon II which, from what I heard and experienced, that it takes two players to beat that game. I can say that the extra controller is worth the price and I can also say that if you have any real desire to have another controller just as a backup then that’s fine too which I think you should.


The NES Classic Edition is a great gaming console that is the epitome of retro gaming and while many gamers got their wish about having a retro gaming console with games on it, it was pretty clear that the games and compact size of the item made it a great collectors item which reminded a lot of gamers of their childhood memories especially destroying Mother Brain in Metroid.

Great childhood memory!

The awesome games that come with the NES Classic Edition made the console a slam dunk and its worth mentioning that the extra controller, which many gamers had to buy, kind of upset some gamers including myself but it was made an option if the gamer ever wanted to have a backup controller or have one on hand for a second player.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

I mentioned in my SNES Classic Edition review that these consoles can be modded to fit or download any game to it as gamers see fit. I also said the following: Don’t mod your NES Classic Edition; if you want extra games then get a retropie console and download the millions of games that you want. The NES Classic Edition should be preserved as is.

None of this!






  1. Brian Brian

    Believe it or not, the NES Classic Edition was the best selling game system for the month of June! There is a huge demand for it and we can’t forget how fast it sold when it originally debuted!

    I was lucky enough to get one back in June from Best Buy and I love it! It does bring back many childhood memories for me as I had an original NES when I was growing up back in the 1980s. What’s your favorite game on the NES Classic Edition?

    • My favorite game on the NES Classic is that I don’t have a favorite; I love them all but I’ll tell you what I wish wasn’t on there and that is Metroid because I feel like it was trash compared to Super Metroid. The NES Classic Edition is a collectors item for sure; I can’t tell you how great it was to do that review on that knowing that I’ve played and beaten just about every game that came out for it. I love it. Keep gaming man, video games is life and everything else is just details.

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