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Published September 17, 2019

Yugioh has introduced some extraordinary monsters to be sure and many of them are great as well as powerful, Dark Magician, Breaker the Magical Warrior, Obnoxious Celtic Guardian to name a few; there is one monster that is seemingly in a class of his own, Elemental Hero Neos who has also introduced the concept as well as the practice of Neos Fusion. Neos Fusion is a powerful combo that involves Elemental Hero Neos and Neo Spacian monsters.

Elemental Hero Neos was first introduced in Yugioh GX after Jaden loses to Aster Phoenix; after Jaden’s mental interstellar walk down memory lane, he’s awarded Elemental Hero Neos. On paper, Elemental Hero Neos is powerful as a standalone monster as many of us gamers well know. In Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist I have an Elemental Hero Deck with Neos in it, but I don’t have any of his Neo Spacian cohorts in it in; want to know why?

The answer is simple, Neos Fusion is utter trash and if I’m being honest, it doesn’t belong in the game because of several reasons but its baffling how it made it into the game. The above reasons are quite obvious and more which I’ll discuss in this post.

Elemental Hero Neos

Elemental Hero Neos is powerful, powerful enough to destroy most monster with the right power ups. To put a fine point on this, Elemental Hero Neos’ power equates that of Yugi’s Dark Magician; a monster of unparalleled strength and magical might. When I first saw Elemental Hero Neos, I didn’t really think anything of using him because I was like “Normal monsters suck” which Elemental Hero Neos is. Make no mistake, it is not wise to underestimate Elemental Hero Neos especially if you have him as a lone monster.

Incidentally, the only real reason I have Elemental Hero Neos in my Elemental Hero deck at all is because he makes a fine fort if I need a monster to make my opponent’s monsters run and hide. Even without his neo spacian fusions, Elemental Hero Neos is still a good monster even if he has no special abilities. Now, if you were going to use Elemental Hero Neos Alius then you can get the best of both worlds, Elemental Hero Neos and a special ability given it’s a Gemini monster but its still almost as good as the original.

Let it be known that if you’re going to use Elemental Hero Neos then I would probably go with Elemental Hero Neos Alius as an alternative if you’re looking for an “Elemental Hero Neos” monster with a special ability. Just a thought, think about it.

Neos Fusion

Neos fusion, what can be said about neos fusion except that it is one of the biggest wastes of time and disadvantages in the game and talk about being completely useless; there is no benefit to using neos fusion which combines Elemental Hero Neos with a fellow Neo Spacian monster like Aqua Dolphin, Air Hummingbird or Dark Panther. Using Neos Fusion, Elemental Hero Neos fuses with any of the Neo Spacian monsters allowing Neos to take on a new form.

Now, you don’t have to necessarily use Neos fusion to fuse Neos with any of his neo spacian partners but I know the temptation is there because it gives you access to brand new powers, supposedly. However, the disadvantage to using Neos fusion is that you can only use Neos’ “new form” for only one turn then it goes back to the extra deck.

This was the biggest turn off for me because I can’t stand the thought of using a monster for one turn only, it leaves you completely defenseless and gives your opponent the upper hand. To put a finer point on this, Neos fusion should only be used in 4 situations. One, you have a lot of monsters on your side of the field hence a neos fusion not hurting your chances of winning. Two, only if your opponent has no monsters on their side of the field or no spell or trap cards that could cripple you in some way.

Three, in a dire situation where you need a monster quickly to counter your opponent and finally, if your opponent is down to their last little bit of life points otherwise Neos fusion should NEVER be used, EVER! To put a fine point on it, check out this article from an obvious Yugioh player whose thoughts coincide with my own

Why you shouldn’t makes a standalone Neos Deck

Neos fusion might sound like a good idea but building a standalone Neos deck is pushing it a big bit and why I say that is because I too have thought about doing that but since many of Neos’ forms are good for one turn then there’s no point. Also, if we’re shooting for compliments regarding neos, he’s more than enough for any monster with the fusion but the fusion gives him extra powers along with special abilities. I mean, yeah a standalone neos deck would consist of Elemental Hero Neos obviously, the neo spacians and a ton of spell and trap cards that would revolve around the entire deck.

The problem this would pose is that there is only one Elemental Hero Neos and that means using him or summoning him a TON of times so you can get anything out of the deck overall which is not worth it by no means; it is just enough to get Elemental Hero Neos on the field by himself. So, if you’re thinking of building an Elemental Hero Neos Deck, don’t; it’s not worth the frustration.

All of the Neo Spacian monsters/combos are garbage

Although Elemental Hero Neos can get stronger through Neos Fusion, there’s no denying one unforgettable fact; the Neo Spacian monsters and combos are all garbage and let me tell you what makes them so. For one, their attack power. Many of the Neo Spacian monsters’ attack power is 1000 and under, barely providing any kind of a threat against monster with higher attack powers of 1500 or greater.

The only Neo Spacian that is any kind of a help is Neo Spacian Grand Mole but even his special ability can be bypassed or countered and ultimately destroyed so just have counter traps or monsters that have special abilities that can cancel or eliminate the special abilities of other monsters and this “annoyance” is hemmed up.

I do believe that a Neo Spacian deck has potential but it stands little chance against a deck of warrior monsters or water monsters or even number cards. Personally, neos fusion isn’t really worth it by no means as I previously said but if you’re feeling lucky to try this then by all means but the only way you can make this work is if you have more than one Elemental Hero Neos in your deck which you never should.


A neos fusion using Elemental Hero Neos and fusing him with his fellow neo spacians might seem like a good idea but it isn’t because of its one turn effect. An Elemental Hero Neos deck wouldn’t be good as a standalone deck simply because the Neo Spacian monsters are all garbage and they’re way too weak to pose any real threat.

So what do you think of my post, good, bad or meh? Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. CC

    Thanks! I enjoyed reading about these Yugioh cards and strategies with them. I am not that familiar with Yugioh in particular, more of a Pokemon VCG person myself and more familiar with Pokemon TCG than any other TCG. I still appreciate the Yugioh TCG but haven’t been able to play all the games at once. But I could still relate to the points you were making, about how these Neos Fusions aren’t really that good. I enjoyed seeing the images of the cards, and hearing about the strategies. 

    When I was younger I had a Yugioh collection and I really liked Barrel Dragon. Is Barrel Dragon good or is it out-dated?

    You’ve got a very nice page here. Thanks and have a great day. 

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Barrel Dragon is awesome. I love its special ability but sometimes hate it too because of its 50/50 effect but its still a good monster and dragon monsters will be outdated.

  2. PentrentalPentrental

    I think your post is really good and definitely not meh, especially for those who are into, or who are considering getting into, Neos Fusion. It’s good to know that Elemental Heroes are not a good idea due to its one turn effect. That Neo Spacian monsters’ attack power is 1000 and under is clearly not going to cut it against stronger forces with double or almost double power. I think people will not only save on frustration but also on funds by steering clear of these heroes. Thanks for a great post and I’m looking forward to reading more!

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Indeed, we all got the royal screw job on the neos fusion because since it only last for one turn there’s no real point in playing it.

  3. DreaJayDreaJay

    This is a very interesting and informative post. I agree with you that Elemental Hero Neos fusions are not really sensible because of the weakness of Neo spacian monsters and then margin them Elemental hero neos will  result into no difference because it’ll still turn out to be a one sided effect. I’ll share this article to my friend, he plays the game and I’m sure he’ll like it. I’ll say neo fusion has nothing special about it. Thanks.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      True, there is nothing special about the Neos Fusion deck so yeah, tell your friend to not bother.

  4. AmandaParsonAmandaParson

    Yu Gi Ho! has always found a way to relish us with interesting characters and the most recently introduced monsters are pretty awesome. 

    Although, the Elemental Hero Neos is pretty strong on its own,  there are still some perks to fusing it with other Neo Spacian monsters. One of these benefits being that Neon Fusion can protect the fused monsters if there’s an attempt to destroy them both at the same time. 

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Amanda, are you a yugioh fan because if you are then do yourself a favor and leave the Neos Fusion deck along with the Neo Spacians alone. Trust me, you’ll save yourself some headache and pain. 

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