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Published May 2, 2018

Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist is among one of the first Yugioh games to come out for PS4, and it is without a doubt one of the most challenging games to exist. Incidentally, playing any Yugioh game takes three things, skill, timing and the right cards. I remember when I first got into Yugioh, I thought it was a pile of crap but after watching a few episodes, I fell in love with the show and the card game itself.

It’s a hell of a game!

Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist walks gamers through some of the events that took place during the seasons of Yugioh such as the beginning with Yugi Moto then Jaden Yuki then Yusei Fudo etc. Gamers will get to experience and practically live the television show seasons through the game.

The game is fun and can become very addictive, but you’ll definitely need to keep some strategies in mind in order to be able to play the game with minimal trouble. I can say with 100% certainty that I went into some duels unprepared and paid for it, but I can guarantee you that with my strategies you will avoid falling into the same ‘trap hole’; see what I did there. Anyway, here are my greatest tips for playing Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist.

Always have Counter Traps

You know the saying a good offense is a good defense, well nothing could make that adage anymore true than this; always have counter trap cards. I say that because enemy duelists will not hesitate to play cards like Begone, Knave which will send your hard summoned, high level monster back to your hand. Counter Traps like Seven Tools of the Bandit and Trap Jammer will always have your back.

Magic Jammer and Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell are strictly for pesky Spell cards that your opponent won’t stop using like Creature Swap or Snatch Steal. If you do happen to face an opponent who uses a spell card like Mystical Space Typhoon or another spell to destroy your spell or traps then play Judgment of Anubis; not only does your opponent’s spell card get destroyed but if they have a monster on the field then it is also destroyed then they get dealt damage equal to their destroyed monsters attack points.


Always have at least 6 counter traps in your deck to be able to guard and destroy any spell or trap that your opponent uses because ten times out of ten, it could be the difference between saving a monster or a spell/trap card and losing it.

Final Attack Orders

This is one trap card you definitely want to have on you because it can turn the tide of any duel, an example of this is when your opponent has a monster that has more defense points than attack points. Final Attack Orders will put any monster into attack mode that is summoned and the best part is that the effect is irreversible.

For example, say your opponent summons the ritual monster Cyber Angel Idaten. Cyber Angel Idaten’s defense points are 2800 but its attack points are only 1600, so Final Attack Orders will put Cyber Angel Idaten in attack mode so it can be destroyed by your monster if it has 1700 attack points or higher. This is among my greatest tips when playing Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist seriously because opponents will not hesitate to get the upper hand no matter what the cost.

Final Attack Orders will keep your opponent’s monsters from wreaking havoc on your side of the field, you’ll also be happy to know that this card can disable some of the special abilities of monsters that can only activate those special abilities in defense mode.

The Egyptian God Cards, must haves

Amazingly, in this game you can use the Egyptian God Cards and get access to them quite early. I remember when I was playing the game for the first time, I scored the Winged Dragon of Ra card from the Card Shop buying from Yugi. You’ll eventually come into possession of all 3 before the end of Yami Yugi/Yugi season. The Egyptian God Cards are must haves in every deck; they are the indestructible force in the game.

The common denominator with all 3 god cards is that your opponent cannot activate spell, traps or any special abilities of monsters that they have on the field. Oh and my greatest tip for playing Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist using the Winged Dragon of Ra, don’t use it LP substitute ability because if your opponent destroy the Winged Dragon of Ra, you’ll be stuck with 100 LP left.

Personally, I think its easier to use Winged Dragon of Ra’s secondary ability which is using 1000 LP (life points) to destroy a monster on your opponent’s side of the field to disable your opponent because your life points will be safe so do that instead.

Marshmallon – Ultimate Defense

Marshmallon is the Ultimate Defense and I say that because as long as he’s on the field, your opponent cannot touch you which is good if you’re trying to summon a high level monster, a ritual monster or a god card. The thing about Marshmallon is that it absorbs all the damage from your opponent’s monsters and your opponent takes 1000 points of damage if they attack Marshmallon.

Always play Marshmallon face down on the field because you’ll surprise your opponent and they’ll take surprise damage from attacking your face down monster; sometimes having a face down monster on the field deters your opponent from attacking you to avoid taking damage themselves.

Monsters Cards that can be treated as two monsters

There are monster cards that can be treated as two monsters when summoning a high level monster, an example of this is Kaiser Sea Horse. Use Kaiser Sea Horse to summon high level monsters like Gilford the Lightning, Archlord Kristya and any other light monster that is level 7 and above.

Using the monster, Double Coston is another example if you’re trying to summon dark monsters that are level 7 and above; it takes the frustration out of trying to keep two monsters on the field to summon a high level monster.

Another of my greatest tips for playing Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist to keep in mind is to keep on the lookout for the following monsters, Flame Ruler, the Trojan Horse, Whirlwind Prodigy and Unshaven Angler. Trust me, if you’re trying to summon high level monsters corresponding to their element, you’ll need the special abilities of the aforementioned monsters.

Use Copycat

All of my greatest tips for playing Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist is grade A, but this is one of my favorites; abuse the monster, Copycat. I say this to you because it is a monster with a great special ability; it can copy your opponent’s monsters attack and defense points making it equal to your opponent’s monster.

Keep this card with you at all times, use it when your opponent summons a high level monster; Copycat can act as somewhat of a shield so you will take no life point damage if Copycat is destroyed.

Always have a Ritual Monster

Ritual monsters are the second most powerful monsters in Yugioh with the Number Card monsters placing first, having a ritual monster can make a difference in a duel and can turn a duel around. Take, for example, Demise, King of Armageddon. Demise’s special ability entails wiping the field clean at the cost of 2000 of its owner’s life points.

This makes all the difference in the world, pay that price, destroy every card on your opponent’s side of the field; this keeps them from using their spell or traps before they are able to. My second favorite is Shinato, King of a Higher Plane. Shinato has a special ability that allows you to deal damage to your opponent when Shinato attacks your opponent’s monsters in defense mode. Take advantage of this!

Don’t go into any duel without Raigeki – Ace in the hole

Raigeki is a card that you will not do good without, it can create breathing room for you and your opponent’s monsters will be struck down. Don’t go into any duel without Raigeki, it is the ace in the hole for a reason; keep it close by and don’t use it until things get hairy like if your opponent has five monsters on their side of the field.

Synchro and Number monsters, special summon, special abilities

Get into the habit of using Number and Synchro monsters because they have special abilities that can be a lifesaver in a duel, Blood Mefist comes to mind. Blood Mefist’s special ability deals 300 points of damage to your opponent for each card they have on the field; this is handy if you’re trying to avoid dragging out a duel.


Number monsters are very powerful and have special summon requirements that are not at all complicated, in fact if you have two monsters with the same level then you can summon an XYZ monster or a Number monster. Take Number 103: Ragnazero, two level four monsters are required to summon it then it can use its special ability to destroy monsters whose attack points are different from their original.

An example of this is if your opponent used an equip spell card to give their monster an attack point boost, Ragnazero can destroy that monster instantly. Mind this always!

Half or all one element

My advice to all who are playing this game is this, build a deck with monsters of the same element. The logic behind this is that you’ll be able to summon another monster or additional monsters onto the field. Take Gilford the Lightning for example. Normally, Gilford is a level 8 monster who only requires 2 tributes to summon.

However, if you have three monsters on the field then summon Gilford the Lightning, his special ability activates which will destroy every monster your opponent has out whether they’re face down or face up; it matters not.

Another thing you can do is have half light and half dark monsters, or half fire, half water monsters or half wind, half earth monsters. The be all end all is that following this will ensure that you’ll always have monsters to play. Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning requires that you remove 1 light and 1 dark monster from your graveyard in order to summon it; it pays to have half of opposing elements of monsters because it can help you summon powerful monsters.

Visit the Card Shop Often

My final piece of advice is this, visit the card shop often because you never know what kind of cards you’re going to get and many of them are great cards especially if they’re counter trap cards or monsters with spell and trap card recovery effects.


Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist is the best Yugioh game to date but it is not without its strategies, but if you visit the card shop often, build a deck with half or all one element and go into your duels with Raigeki then you’ll be ready to take on any competition, these are my greatest tips for playing Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist; keep these in mind always and you’ll always win duels.

If you have any questions or want to leave a comment then do so below and I’ll get back to you before the day is out, thank you and happy gaming.










  1. RyanRyan

    Being an online gamer myself I have not heard of Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist. I absolutely loved Yugioh when I was a child, and it’s nice to see a review of it myself. I think I am going to give this game a try to restore some nostalgia in my life and give it a shot. Wonderful review, and great job on the site. I would recommend a logo cause I think that would help you stand out in business.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Ryan, thanks for the compliment. I love Yugioh and I would definitely advise you to get this game, I have just one question, you mentioned a logo; where can I get one or how would I go about creating one?

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