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Published July 10, 2018

Many gamers, myself included, can get so unbearably wrapped up in a game to the point of everything else taking a backseat such as chores or even minor things like forgetting to get the car washed. Now, in game, there are times when we gamers become consumed with destroying our enemies and not much else which causes us to miss out on certain collectibles especially the ones we need to survive such a magic gem or a treasure chest with a new weapon in it.

Explore for treasure first!

Another big problem with this is that we don’t take the time to take a step back or a few steps back because often times, unless some of us instinctively train ourselves to do this, we keep right on forward ignoring whatever it is behind us. While it is important to get on with the game and enjoy all it has to offer, it is equally important to take that mandatory step back.

These were hell to find if you didn’t search the area fully!

One example of this is in Dragon Quest Heroes II when you’re trying to get certain ultimate weapons such as Jessica’s or finding cool stuff off the beaten in God of War PS4 that leads you to a Horn of Mead or a Idunn Apple. Always monitor your surrounding and don’t be afraid to take a few steps back; the payoff can be huge. Here are other examples of this.

Dragon Quest Heroes I & II

Incidentally, your map is the key to finding things in the game but I warn you, monitor your surrounding as you search because ten times out ten, you’ll either miss out on the boss of the area or some valuable treasure of some kind. For example, in the first Dragon Quest Heroes, you’re not given a treasure map of where all the treasure chests are; you’ll have to find the treasures by yourself.

The best way to do that is to look at the dead ends on the map or you can divide up the map by exploring the top half first then the bottom but make sure you’re not doing this when there’s a boss because it could destroy your chances of finding treasures in the vicinity.

Finding the boss monster with nothing to go on

Dragon Quest Heroes II is a fine example of this as well especially since you’re looking to find the hardest enemy or to find the boss directly; there is nothing signifying where the boss is and sometimes you find that searching for the boss might take forever but it really doesn’t though. Sometimes taking that step back or monitoring your surrounding will make everything clear including your objective.

God of War PS4

Monitoring your surrounding in God of War PS4 is absolutely MANDATORY especially revisiting some places after the World Serpent drains the water the second time, but doing it before that can make a huge difference. Take the Stone Falls area after getting the Shock Arrows, you might look at that treasure chest and say “I can’t get to it because there’s no red sap to use as a “lighter” of sorts. But, monitoring the nearby wheels, you’ll see that you have everything you need; just use the shock arrows as the red sap stone is near the chest and set it off.

Another area where this is a big deal is in the Vanaheim Tower, the light crystals that need to be lit lie above your head so looking upward and around the room is another way of finding things in your immediate surrounding. Sometimes, it is easy to miss something so simple or assuming what you’re looking for is a “farther away land” but it is right under your nose like finding the Realm Tear in the Lake of Light in Alfheim. Unmoot point, Pay attention!

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Monitoring your surrounding and allowing yourself to take a few steps back is the only way to find ANYTHING in this game, take the fallen knight corpse on the Hunting Path level (1-2), you can only find the fallen knight after you go back a few feet after you’re thrown off your horse by the Warg. Finding this fallen knight was the biggest pain in my butt because it was right under my nose and I had no idea.

Another level where you’ll need to do this is in the Clockwork Tower (8-2), you’ll find a fallen knight with a Light Magic Gem lying on a small platform to the immediate left of the platform that’s shortly after the “first plank” of the level. Your Cyclone Boots are the key to getting it, but keep in mind too that sometimes monitoring your surrounding can often reveal hidden items such as that gem.

Always explore every nook and cranny of a level especially when the in level camera shifts off to another direction ever so slightly because the hidden item is yelling “hey, I’m over here”.

Super Return of the Jedi

This game is a prime example that those who explore 75% of a level are just plain thorough than everyone else. Health Swords are the game’s vitality booster and knowing where they are can be a great help to you especially since they help you stay alive. Sometimes, monitoring your surrounding while making sure you have a platform to stand on is important. For example, when you’re running around Endor with Luke, the AT-ATs have hidden items inside them including Force Power refills.

Don’t forget to search for treasures on the ground because there a couple of items down there as well such as health swords; it’s easy to forget about those items on the ground because they’re not in our direct line of sight but taking the time to search can be lifesaving.

The Tower level hides a few items as well and tearing that place apart is mandatory especially if you plan on outlasting Vader and the Shadow Guard before him. One piece of advice I can give is monitor the stormtroopers coming out of their little doors because they’ll help you “stay alive”.


Playing video games can be a rewarding experience but it can also be daunting when we leave something on a level because of our haste, so it’s important to monitor your surrounding at all times and it is equally important to take a step back or a few steps back whether it is looking for a fallen knight in the Clockwork Tower or even light crystals that is over our heads in God of War PS4.

Don’t forget to apply these when you’re playing Dragon Quest Heroes I & II because you’ll find a lot of treasure as you do this which may have a powerful weapon for one of your allies or trying to find the boss of an area with nothing to go on. Take these tips and apply them to not just these games but any game you play that has open world only then will you be able to master this valuable skill.

What do you think about my post, do you think it is accurate or a little pointless; I’m interested in knowing what you think so leave me a message when you get a chance and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.



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