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Published June 16, 2018

Mega Man X and its games have always been a favorite to many gamers worldwide and while the Super Nintendo, PS1 and PS2 have made those games household names, it cannot be argued that the Mega Man X series was among the best Mega Man games to be created. This started with the Mega Man X Collection that came out for the PS2, it featured 6 of the 8 Mega Man X games that you could play to your heart’s content. X7 was not on there which was a relief seeing as how it was the most horrible of all 8 games.

At the time, the Mega Man X Collection was ahead of its time because every gamer played a Mega Man X game at one point in their lives and what better way to commemorate those memories than by getting the game. July 24th, 2018, Mega Man X Legacy Collection will be coming out for all to have and to hold.

This game comes with a lot of new features and some that are not quite so new, but it is a welcome addition to the PS4 and every new generation console; it even has a new Challenge mode with some unique surprises of its own. Without further ado, Mega Man X Legacy Collection, the game with promise.

A Game Divided

The Mega Man X Legacy Collection will be divided in two separate entities, but gamers can have both in one place if they pay the extra money; the first half of the collection will have the first four Mega Man X games. This would be good if the gamer only decided that they don’t want the second half for some reason, but 8 games should initially be on one collection. Second, the last four Mega Man X games will be on the second half of the collection.

I honestly don’t know what the creators were thinking when they decided to divide up the collection because I don’t know a gamer alive that wants to wait on buying one of the collection pieces if they can only afford one. Mega Man X Collection did it right, 6 games on one disk. Even if you were a gamer spending your last thirty dollars on the collection, you still got all 6 games so it was worth whatever money you blew on it.

Having the Mega Man X Legacy Collection across two realms of existence was a bad move on the creators’ part; clearly, they didn’t foresee the possibility that someone might be able to only get one and not both.

The Favorites are Coming Back

As previously mentioned, Mega Man X – X8 will be available for gameplay once again. The last time anyone saw or heard anything from the blue bomber was when the initial Mega Man X Collection came out back January of ’06. I can remember looking for the Light Capsule for the Falcon Armor back in Mega Man X5 and getting across Overdrive Ostrich’s desert using the hovercraft vehicle with turret.

Mega Man X even has the Hadoken fireball move that he’ll be able to access once he goes through Armored Armadillo stage 8 times, Mega Man X2 is going to have the Dragon Punch move that Mega Man X will be able to access via X Hunter fortress. In a small way, I can see why this game would be a welcome addition because the creators are trying to bring all 8 games to gamers like they didn’t when they made the Mega Man X Collection, X7 and X8 were missing but they were still good games in the series; X8 being the best.

And…. It’s Got Stories

One thing that I can say that I appreciate about the game is that it has Mega Man X and Zero’s origin story, the Mega Man X Collection for the PS2 did not have this which, if it did, would’ve made it a slam dunk in the Hall of Game department but the game was already Hall of Game worthy when it came out; in my opinion.

Incidentally, gamers who are just coming aboard will have something to look forward to because we know that Dr. Light created Mega Man X; but not many know that Dr. Wily created Zero. I saw this origin story once, the reploids and Maverick Hunters fought side by side which brought a welcoming perspective on how things were in the ‘old days’ for lack for a better term and how Sigma was the leader of the Maverick Hunters and later, the reploid uprising.

I can say that with 100% certainty, the origin story is worth buying the game for alone; I never understood why the creators would put the origin story in the game until now. Spoiler Alert, Mega Man X still get called out for being naive like he did in the games.

The X Challenge Mode is a Joke!

I mean this in every way, shape and form the way I do; the X Challenge Mode is a joke. I say that for 3 principle reasons.

1. It’s too easy

If you’re going in there with 3 chosen weapons, they’re practically handing you the win; there’s no real reason to even walk into the arena if we’re being honest. To put a fine point on this, if those special weapons are weaknesses of the bosses you’re fighting then again, victory is yours.

2. The Plasma Shot’s special ability

The Plasma Shot’s special ability has, when fired, a secondary shot that lingers and does damage to enemies over time; this should’ve been outlawed if you’re going to do the X Challenge Mode because it ensures that the reploid bosses die even if you don’t go in there with special weapons.

3. Enemy Predictability

Anyone can study an enemy’s attack pattern then use it to their advantage to win the battle; the X-Challenge Mode gives gamers the opportunity to take on two bosses at once. While this is challenging to the naked eye, it’s really not. A gamer of my caliber would not be caught dead doing the X Challenge especially since the new armor that you’re getting is going to make winning a slam dunk!

Even I could’ve gotten out of this


Mega Man X Legacy Collection does seem similar to its predecessor, Mega Man X Collection; the small differences is what make it unique such as the origin story. Also, all 8 games will span across two collections whether it is disk form or digital. Although the game is divided, seemingly, both games can be bought together. The X Challenge mode is a new feature that the game will have that challenges gamers to a 2 on 1 battle between X and 2 Reploids.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this upcoming gem that’s bringing all the classic Mega Man X games back. Leave me a message and I’ll respond to you before the day’s end. Thank you and happy gaming


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

In Mega Man X3, if you’re going after Tunnel Rhino first then go to Blast Hornet afterward to get the Mech Armor; you’ll be glad you did and it’ll be in your possession even if you don’t beat Blast Hornet on your first visit to his level.


  1. PeterPeter

    I have never played any mega man games. That’s probably because I come from the PC master race. However, I have his image before and wondered about the game. Thanks for giving me the lowdown on this collection.

    While the challenge mode may be too easy for you, and in fact, I have no doubt that a player of your caliber would master it instantly, a new player such as myself would struggle with it quite a lot. Probably.

    I’ll keep my eye open for further news of this game and see if it piques my interest.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Thanks Peter for reaching out, I wasn’t trying to make it out like I was a much better gamer than the next guy or you; I was simply saying how if the game is going to give you all of the tools to beat a 2 on 1 battle then that would be too easy for me because of my 29 years of video gaming.

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