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Published June 9, 2018

Mega Man Legacy Collection is, from what I can surmise, will be a must have game for the PS4 and there are a lot of gamers who are looking for this game when it comes out; I imagine. Being a die hard Mega Man fan myself, I’ve often thought about getting the remastered version on the PS4 when they come out i.e. Mega Man Legacy Collection and the Mega Man X Legacy Collection.

Why would I spend the money when I already these?

However, I thought better of this because of the following two reasons. One, I already have the games for my PS2 which is a little better than the remastered versions that are coming out. Second, and I consider this my biggest problem with the Mega Man Legacy Collection, all the Mega Man games that are supposed to be there, aren’t.

While Mega Man X Legacy Collection is going to come fully loaded with every Mega Man X game in the series; the Mega Man Legacy Collection brings it own spice to the collection when the time comes for it to come out. Having said all of that, Mega Man Legacy Collection is lacking in the game department as far as Mega Man games go.

Thankfully, these are not missing on the Mega Man Anniversary Collection

Mega Man 7 & 8 are missing from the first Mega Man Legacy Collection and are on the second, I have a problem with this and if you’re a gamer then you should too and here’s why I believe you should.

Mega Man 7, missing

Mega Man 7 was first brought to the Super Nintendo back in the early 90s and it is still a very much loved Mega Man game for the Super Nintendo; it is also the last Mega Man game to be made for the Super Nintendo before the Mega Man X games were created. Incidentally, Mega Man 7 has no business being omitted from the upcoming Mega Man Legacy Collection in favor of the second because it is a Mega Man game for one.

Easy to beat once you get to know them

Second, it still honored the Mega Man brand such as having Dr. Wily, Roll, Dr. Light etc. But, Mega Man 7 also introduced Mega Man’s archenemy, Bass with his trusty sidekick, Treble. Ultimately, gamers, myself included, grew to love Mega Man 7 and I think it is utterly absurd that Mega Man 7 was not put into this collection.

I honestly don’t know what the game creators were thinking not putting the Mega Man 7 into the first Legacy Collection but I can tell you what I’m thinking and what you should be too; those idiots made a BIG mistake.

So why is Mega Man 8 missing?

Another thing I discovered about the Mega Man Legacy Collection is that Mega Man 8 is not on there either. Mega Man 8 first came out for the Sega Saturn and later the Playstation 1. There were more than a few things that made the game legendary despite it being out on both of these consoles.

For one, Mega Man 8 introduced the Arrow Shot which made destroying any kind of enemy a work of art instead of just a flat out bore like if you’re using the Mega Man’s regular charge shot. When the Arrow Shot hit an enemy, it broke up into smaller, homing shots that would go after nearby enemies.

Check out box no. 5, and you’ll see how powerful the Arrow Shot is

Honestly, why would you deprive gamers of that, it’s like you’re sending the message ‘hey, even though this is going to be new and remastered, go ahead and still play your Mega Man Anniversary Collection for your PS2; in fact, you don’t even have to buy this game’.

Personally, I am vehemently outraged at the fact the game creators did not see it fit to add this piece of history to this Mega Man Legacy Collection instead of the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, this, in my opinion, is what’s going to break the game sales because gamers are getting six games on a single collection instead of all 8 like they should.

My predictions 3

Having stated the aforementioned points, it is pretty clear that gamers are still looking forward to this game and the 6 games that are on it. However, the 2 games that are not on the collections are going to cause major problems for gamers who like to see whole collections and not just pieces of one. I have predicted 3 outcomes regarding this collection or lack thereof.

I know this is how I would be feeling if I bought this game

My first prediction, every gamer will get this game initially just so they can have and see it remastered not to mention experience all there is to it which is going to be good for them or so they think. After a couple of weeks of playing this game, they’ll start to feel incomplete like the game creators took something from them not putting Mega Man 7 & 8 on this collection; they’ll start to feel as if they wasted their money.

My second prediction, Mega Man X Legacy Collection will outsell the first Mega Man Legacy Collection because of it being complete with all 8 Mega Man X games. Being a gaming guru as well as your average hardcore video gamer, I don’t want to feel like I’m getting three quarters of something instead of getting the whole 100%. I know what gamers want and how they think, and this will not sit well with them.

My final prediction, nothing might not happen at all. Some gamers already know what’s on the mound and decided that they are okay with that in which case they’ll buy the game without even batting an eyelash. Or, it could be a 50/50 where some gamers will not buy the game and others who will; it depends solely on the gamers’ mindset.

My Final Verdict

I’m not saying that gamers shouldn’t buy the Mega Man Legacy Collection because of the missing two games, I’m just saying that it looks pretty bad when the game creators make a Mega Man Legacy Collection without the missing two games included. As for me, I still think the game can potentially be great if Mega Man 7 & 8 were unlockable or DLC in the game then that would be okay. Instead, they put it on the Legacy Collection 2 with Mega Man 9 & 10 which were garbage.

If you think you’re getting a deal with these two, you’re so not


Mega Man Legacy Collection is a game that has the potential to be great if they put Mega Man 7 & 8 on the first Legacy Collection instead of the Legacy Collection 2 which I believe would’ve made more sense then gamers will not feel like they are missing something from the first Mega Man Legacy Collection.

What do you think about that or about the points I made in this post, if you have a comment then please leave it below and I’ll respond to you. Thank you and happy gaming.


  1. Antonis Christonasis Antonis Christonasis

    Hey. Really interesting review on the Mega Man video games. Happy that you caution regarding the two missing games of the collection. Pretty interesting concept for your website in general. Will you do any review of pokemon games as well? I love them, but there are some titles I haven’t played yet. Also, I would be interested in a review of the new pokemon games for switch. If you review these it would be awesome!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Alright Antonis, I’ll look into the Pokemon games; I don’t have a switch but I can do a little research and come up with some answers for you in the near future.

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