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Published June 5, 2018

When people hear ‘Mega Man’, they are reminded of the greatness that he is along with the entertainment and joy he’s brought millions including myself over the years. Make no mistake, Mega Man is as much a part of the video game realm as any other video game icon if not more.

Mega Man 8 rules!

The last good Mega Man game to come out was Mega Man 8; it was a great game that allowed gamers to access the powerful Arrow shot (a favorite of mine by the way). After Mega Man 8, there was 9 and 10; both disappointments. Mega Man 9 and 10 can never measure up to what Mega Man 8 was.

Having said that, there is a game that measures up to Mega Man 8 and then some; Mega Man 11. This game has been long awaited and gamers, myself included, have been eagerly waiting for this game. Mega Man 11 is bringing a lot to the table; some new things, some old and some very important improvements to Mega Man and everything he is.

Ultimately, Mega Man will not only be able to use the special ability of the boss but he’ll be capable of other amazing feats as well but don’t take my word for it, here’s what to look for on the horizon for Mega Man 11.

Become the Robot Master

In years past, Mega Man was always awarded a Robot Master’s weapon upon defeating them. However, Mega Man will not only be taking the robot masters’ weapon but their form as well. This is interesting on so many levels because Mega Man was powerful enough with the special weapons alone and now his power will be amplified manyfold taking on the form of the robot master that he destroyed.

A little glimpse of what’s to come

This is part of what is going to make Mega Man 11 huge because it is introducing the concept of Mega Man becoming the evil he destroys for good, I was quite blown away when I saw the preview to be honest. Judging from the robot masters’ weapons, they are the most powerful of their kind.

I hate to give props to Dr. Albert Wily but he invented some very powerful robots and it is his mechanical genius that has kept us gamers on the edge of our seats, but the fact that Mega Man can become and take on the physical anatomical traits of every robot master in the game is truly a welcome addition to the game.

The Double Gear System

The Double Gear System needs no introduction or applause because it is THE single, greatest piece of the Mega Man 11 puzzle to EVER be created; to say that it’s a great addition to the game is the understatement of the year!

The Double Gear System gives Mega Man the ability to control the time-space around him and amplify the power of his Mega Buster shots via red and blue gears. The red gear (power), when activated, will amplify Mega Man’s Buster shots which means that he’ll fire his signature blue one then a more powerful red one; excellent for taking out tough baddies.

The blue gear (speed), when activated, will allow Mega Man to slow down time around him; this makes it easy for him to pass obstacles that seem almost impossible to pass on his own. Mega Man can and will be given the power to activate all three of the gears at once via the tan colored gear (operator) once Mega Man’s health is at a not so good level.

I cannot express enough how excited I am for this game when it comes out, the game is worth playing just for Double Gear System alone.

Rush Returns

I won’t say much about this but let it be known that Rush, Mega Man’s faithful mechanical dog companion, returns to aid Mega Man with whatever he needs. I always liked Rush because he was always there when Mega Man needed to breathe underwater or needed to get to higher ledges and platforms to get out-of-reach items.

Rush’s functions and his overall job system doesn’t seem to change from what I can see but one thing is obviously clear, Mega Man will indeed need Rush’s help to get those out of reach items that’ll help Mega Man survive against all robotic threats.

The Special Weapons

The special weapons that Mega Man get from the Robot Masters that he kills can be used to destroy other Robot Masters who are allergic to certain special weapons, but ever thought about what would happen if you were to use the Double Gear System and the special weapons as one?

I can say that this totally becomes possible and this will only make Mega Man stronger than ever before. Sure, you can use the special weapons to get past certain obstacles and destroy some enemies that take significant damage from certain special weapons. But, when you combine the Double Gear System with the special weapons, you’re going to be able to create all sorts of new attacks and maneuvers.

For example, activating the speed gear when using BlockMan’s weapon can slow enemies down enough so they’ll succumb to the aerial block barrage easily without wasting energy.

What power, imagine what the Double Gear System can do with this

Activating the power gear can intensify the power of that attack so it is more damaging and enemies fall to the power of the special weapon quickly; Mega Man 11 gives gamers the chance to be creative when using special weapons with the Double Gear System.

This is it exactly


Mega Man 11 is going to be the biggest Mega Man game to come out since Mega Man 8 and every gamer knows what a hit that was. Mega Man 11 introduces a lot of new things such as the Double Gear System which will enhance Mega Man’s powers and the attacks of his special weapons.

Also, the fact that Mega Man will be able to take on the characteristics of the robot master he destroys is a very welcome addition to the game and no Mega Man game is complete without the ever faithful Rush, Mega Man’s dog companion. October 2nd, 2018 is when we can expect to see this game ready and waiting to be downloaded to the PS4.

If you have any questions about my post or want to leave me a message then feel free to do so below and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and happy gaming.


  1. Very well written, interesting to read. I like the way you have the entire story set up.

    • Thank you Judy, I put a lot of thought into my writing when I post things to my website, I’m happy you liked what you read. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me regarding my other posts as well. Thank you for the compliment, you made my night.

  2. ogthemacogthemac

    I LOVE MEGAMAN! Far Out Man, i have not played it in many years. It was one of the better games of our early generation. What console is the latest one on? And do you have a link to buy it on your website? I hope you can play it on android phones.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Ogthemac, thanks for reaching out and unfortunately, I don’t have it up on my website yet because the game doesn’t come out until October 2nd, 2018 but I will definitely have the game on my website ready to purchase when that time comes so I’ll keep you in mind when that time comes, is it okay if I message you and let you know that I have it up to buy? This Mega Man game is coming out on PS4, Nintendo Switch and I think XBox; I got a PS4 so I’ll have it for that. 

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