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Published October 13, 2018

Mega Man 11 is the most challenging Mega Man game to date and if you’re looking to really immerse yourself into the action and gameplay of the game then be prepared for a wild ride. There are a lot of places in the game where, as you well know, require the power of the Double Gear System.

But as you also know, the Double Gear System burns out quickly which leaves Mega Man in trouble if you’re not careful.

I want to go on record as saying that Mega Man is seriously under powered when the game starts but as you play through the game a little, you’ll come to discover that Dr. Light creates parts for you to buy and equip as you see fit which you unlock over time. This is something that you definitely should take advantage of.

Believe me, there are times in the game where you’re going to need the various parts in the game and if I may say so; these parts are no better suited to the task than keeping you from death’s embrace. In this post, I’ll talk about the parts that I feel will help you survive and ease you into the difficulty of the game.

The Mega Man 11 Unlock Parts aspect of the game is absolute and definitely something that gamers should take the time to explore the reason lies in the parts as I will discuss.

Unlock Parts

Dr. Light’s Lab isn’t just a haven when you need a break from the action, it is also a place where you buy and unlock different parts for Mega Man to use on his travels through the Robot Masters’ domains.

I discovered that any and every time that you check in at Dr. Light’s lab, you’ll find that he has created parts for you to purchase which amount grows as you progress.

I died several times while trying to get away from the firewall on Torch Man’s level and went back to Dr. Light’s Lab and saw some new parts that were definitely must-haves. Also, I deduced something about Mega Man 11.

The various parts that you unlock in the game is meant to make the overall challenge factor in the game not so challenging which includes the various challenges in the game.

Yeah, you can adjust the difficulty, but I feel like that does little to stem the tidal wave that is the challenge factor; unlocking the various parts in the game will see to it that you not only keep a strong lead on the firewall on Torch Man’s level when using the Speed Gear but you’ll have more time to think of a plan instead of just running. Be mindful!

The Cooling System

This is a godsend when you’re traveling to Torch Man’s level because that firewall is murder; literally, and getting away from it isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. My advice to you, get this ASAP; I mean, the moment that it is unlocked, buy it!

Here’s the short version, you’ll burn through your Double Gear System when you activate either the Speed or Power Gear. But, you’ll be able to use the Double Gear System at a much quicker rate than you otherwise would if you were waiting for it to cool down on its own.

You see what I’m getting at; the cooldown aspect of the Double Gear System happens quicker which gives you the ability to activate the Double Gear System again in under 10 seconds instead of the usual 20.

However, when you use the “Overdrive” Gear (L1 & R1 – When Mega Man’s life is low) the cooling system cooldown aspect is a little slower so it’ll be a bit of a wait so consider yourself warned.

Auto Charge Chip

I LOVE THE AUTO CHARGE CHIP!!!! This little wonder is definitely something you want to invest in early too because it takes all the math out of keeping your Mega Buster charged of your own accord.

This is something that never stops being useful and if we’re being honest here, we gamers already have our hands full trying to activate the Double Gear System to get past an obstacle or using the Power Gear to get that much-needed boost.

With the Auto Charge Chip, you’ll automatically be charged to max power and all you have to do is point and fire. This is perfect to use in conjunction with the Power and the Overdrive Gear because you’ll hit max power almost instantly which will allow you to fire either the two energy shots or the “gigantic” overdrive power shot.

And, if you’ve got this equipped while using the Power Gear to fire the special weapons; man, forget about it. Your power will equate that of the “Overdrive” Gear’s power in Mega Man’s regular form. Do not walk out of Dr. Light’s Lab without this little beauty because it is going to save you so much heartache and pain.

Other Helpful Parts

There are other useful parts that are great collector’s items and while they might not seem as useful as the aforementioned parts, they are just as welcomed all the same.

For example, the Buster Plus upgrade which will increase the size of your Mega Buster bullets and Charge Shot. This is great because, as I’ve noticed, both Mega Buster bullets and the Charge Shot get a little boost in power.

While it was easy for most enemies to duck and dodge the bullets and charge shot because they were practically microscopic, it was almost impossible to get a good shot on an enemy or enemies unless you were up close and personal. Let’s not forget about the Energy Balancer; you’ll be using special weapons in the game.

There’s no way around using special weapons in the game to get around obstacles and you’ll be using them with both the Speed and Power Gear. However, thanks to the Energy Balancer, you’ll never have to switch to the weapon because the Energy Balancer will take care of the refill for you and you can keep killing your enemies and owning in their domain.


Unlocking parts in Mega Man 11 is instrumental in helping gamers get through all the obstacles in the game; the game’s algorithm is set to the hardest difficulty but the parts make getting through the stages easier and less of a headache like working to get away from the firewall on Torch Man’s level.

The Cooling System should be picked up as soon as possible to help with the Double Gear System accessibility along with the Auto Charge Chip which will alleviate you of having to try to keep your buster charged while working to do other things.

Keeping in mind too that the Buster Plus Chip along with the Energy Balancer will be instrumental on your journey as well; don’t underestimate their power or their usage.

If you have any questions about my post or anything in it then please feel free to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

This hardly needs to be said but buy a couple of Mega Tanks from the lab as well because even though you’ll have the Energy Balancer, you’ll need that “top up” before you face the Robot Master.



  1. Brandon PierceBrandon Pierce

    Mega Man 11 certainly seems more complicated than the ones I played when I was a kid.  Back in those days, it seemed like you just played the game simple without a lot of strategy, but I can see there is a lot more going on in Mega Man these days.  What a classic game, though.  Grateful to have some tips before I dive in, because it looks like a little planning ahead may save me from not having my character where I want him to be later in the game.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Yes indeed Brandon, and man you have no idea how complicated and difficult that game is but as I’ve said in my post; the various parts are the key to making the journey easier and your chances of dying less likely. I’m always looking for some feedback on my post even on the strategies so please don’t hesitate to call me on anything you find or discover. 

  2. ChrisChris

    Great tips on Mega Man 11 but I was wondering if you covered any open world games on this site – I’m on the lookout for a walkthrough on a Bethesda game. 

    Yep, you’ve guessed it – Fallout 4. 

    I’ve been a fan of these games since playing Morrowind back in the 90s. I’m currently at an advanced level on Fallout 4 and looking to open a few rare achievements – I was wondering if you had any tips on this site that would cover that?

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Well, I’m really playing Fallout 4 right now; I’m working on trying to get Dragon Quest XI beaten, but I can do some research and try to give you some tips as best I can. 

  3. KennyKenny

    Hi and I have visited your site before and always I find your content both interesting and informative. I also find it fun to read, which has got to be a big plus for anyone visiting your site right? What’s your top ten RPG games of all time. I’d love to compare notes. Thanks Kenny

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey there Kenny, my top 10 RPGs of all time are the following from the Top to Bottom starting at 10:

      10. Dragon Quest XI

      9. Dragon Quest VIII

      8. Chrono Cross

      7. Chrono Trigger

      6. Illusion of Gaia

      5. Tales of Zestiria

      4. Wild Arms 5

      3. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

      2. Shining Force 2 – A personal favorite

      1. Phantasy Star 4

      And I possess them all; what are yours?

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