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Published December 27, 2018

Mega Man 11 is an amazing game that has brought a lot of new features to the game and brought back some old stuff as well. For one, the boss that’s been common to all the Mega Man games have made a return; some know it as the one-eyed devil or the yellow devil or one-eyed mud man.

The Double Gear System has made it incredibly easy to counter any and all the Double Gear activity of your enemies and that of the bosses which is one of the features I love about this game; never has there ever been a Mega Man game that gives you the ability to sup up your Mega Buster shots and slow down time.

Dr. Wily’s Gear Fortress is among the toughest points in the entire game, it requires a lot of strategy and timing in order to get past the obstacles along with destroying the bosses with minimal effort. Mega Man 11 is truly a masterpiece, and it goes without saying that this is a game every gamer should have in their collection.

My Mega Man 11 guide is going to discuss the rough parts of the game and give more than a few tips to help you out of every situation especially how to be adequately prepared for Dr. Wily’s Gear Fortress.

Robot Masters Weakness

I always thought that I would have trouble with this part but if you know your elements and your physics then you’ll no doubt be able to figure out the robot weaknesses easily, but here’s my take on that.

Tundra Man, owner of the Tundra Storm, is weak to the Scramble Thunder; use your Power Gear to amplify the damage. Ice skating is no fun when 500,000 volts of electricity is running along the floor of your ice rink!

Acid Man, chemical master extraordinaire, is fond of his Acid Barrier but the Block Dropper will make him vulnerable to your attacks and end him; use it and own!

Blast Man is no match for the Blazing Torch; burn him up and be done with it!

Fuse Man doesn’t seem to be keen to the fact that the Bounce Ball is a lightning deterrent, use it and let his air out!

Impact Man doesn’t like the Acid Barrier, it gives him fits; destroy him proper.

Block Man likes being master of all block-kind, but he hates explosions or things that explode; the Chain Blast calls out for him and will be his undoing. One thing to keep in mind when you fight his Block Robot, use your Mega Buster with Power Gear shot against his Block Robot’s weak point in the center of his chest; the Chain Blast won’t work. After you knock Block Man out of his suit, go Power Gear and use the Chain Blast to end him

Bounce Man is no fan of getting poked and the Pile Driver really agitates him, use its power and deflate him.

Torch Man hates the cold, the Tundra Storm will put his fire out permanently.

Dr. Wily’s Gear Fortress

When I first went to Dr. Wily’s Gear Fortress, I thought the Mega Buster with the Double Gear System was going to be more than enough to get me through; I was wrong and you’ll be too if you don’t do the following, use the robot master weapons to get you through; there’s a weapon for every obstacle.

For example, the Blazing Torch and Tundra Storm are ideal weapons for stationary enemies; if you’re trying to gain ground with enemies that are lined up in a row then the Scramble Thunder is your best bet. Just be creative and use your weapons wisely, don’t lean on just one but you WILL need your weapons to get through the fortress. I guarantee it!


Recommended Tips from Dr. Light’s Lab

Before you go to any level or Dr. Wily’s Lab, you might want to do the following to make your life in this game a little easier.

I. Make sure you buy a good many Mega Man extra lives; they’re good for trying to perfect that strategy for that boss or obstacle in the levels

II. Prioritize and buy these parts first

A. Bolt Catcher

B. Cooling System

C. Auto Charge Chip

D. Buster Plus

E. Speed Gear Booster

* Some of the aforementioned parts have requirement to unlock them like the Bolt Catcher is available only on Saturdays, but my advice is to continue using your Mega Buster and playing the game normally and you’ll unlock every part.

III. Always have a good amount of Energy and Weapon Tanks; using certain weapons with the Power Gear will cause the chosen weapon to consume more energy so you’ll have to replace that energy which the weapon tank can.

IV. Make sure you have Beat Call, it’ll come through in a pinch when you need an out of pit rescue.

V. You’ll need to get the Tank Container before you really get too far into the game and you’ll want to because its better to strive toward 9 Energy and/or Weapon Tanks than just the 3 or 5 that you could hold.

Dr. Wily’s Weaknesses

Dr. Wily has his weaknesses and they’re not at all hard to figure out which I did by mistake; call it instinct but when I fought Wily’s first form i.e. his Skull Machine, I used the Chain Blast. I want to go on record as saying that I didn’t look at any guides or anything before I went to Wily’s Fortress; that was pure instinct and nothing more.

Use the Chain Blast!

The Chain Blast will annihilate Dr. Wily’s Skull Machine; plus, you can jump on the missiles that Wily fires at you if you need some height but the Power Gear will make using the Chain Blast against Wily’s machine a slam dunk.

Go Acid Barrier, Mega

Wily’s second form i.e. his gear capsule ship is allergic to the Acid Barrier. This was an instant where I didn’t use my instinct so much as me just using my strategic ability. During the fight, I kept thinking, “I need to cover myself” so I got the idea to use the Acid Barrier and the acid shots did significant damage to Wily and ended him.


Mega Man 11 is a challenging game that has a lot of challenging obstacles but nothing that you can’t overcome with your powers and abilities. The robot masters’ weaknesses can be easy to figure out if you’re familiar with your elements and physics.

Dr. Wily’s Gear Fortress might seem like it is the perfect death trap but its everything but especially when you use the robot masters’ weapons you’ve gained. Just remember too that if you get enough bolts together then you should buy the Bolt Catcher first because it’s going to make buying the other parts from Dr. Light’s Lab easier and not as time-consuming.

If you can remember to use the Chain Blast on Wily’s Skull Machine and use the Acid Barrier and acid shots on his Gear Capsule ship then you’ll be in excellent shape to destroy him easily. 

So what do you think about my post, is it the perfect guide or do you feel like you’re still having trouble, did I complicate it? If so then please feel free to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming

R.J’s Last Minute Tips

Ever wonder about what destroys the Yellow Devil and Mawverne bosses at Wily’s Fortress; well, I know that the Yellow Devil doesn’t seem to like bomb blasts so I would explore that.

Mawverne isn’t as complicated to kill as you might think, I used a weapon that helped me tremendously and Mawverne got my point where I was able to drive my message straight down his throat.





  1. MichaelMichael

    Even though I’m someone who loves video games, I really haven’t played too many mega man games. But after reading your post it looks like an amazing game I should start trying out.

    Because honestly I’ve always found the rpg and adventure games some of my most favorite to play.

    So if I buy this game, I’ll be sure to look back at your post for tips on how to beat it.

    Have you finished the game yet, and if so about how long you think it will take the abgerage gamer to do it?

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Michael, yes I have beat the game; I did a few weeks ago. For the average gamer, it’ll take about a week. I say a week because there’s so much about the game that the gamer has to get acclimated to such as the Double Gear System and using it to level the playing field with enemies who’ll be using it as well. 

      The Robot Masters also make use of the Double Gear System so mastering the Double Gear System alone is a 3 – 5 day process and that’s with practice. You should buy and play the game because even though it is on a whole other different level than the previous Mega Man games before it, it is still a great game.

  2. Joseph StasaitisJoseph Stasaitis

    Nice review of this video game.  Given the level of difficulty of the Dr. Wily’s Gear Fortress, your My Mega Man 11 guide sure comes in handy.

    Good explanation of the Robot Masters Weakness and the importance of knowing your elements and physics.  Also helpful info on Blazing Torch and Tundra Storm being ideal weapons for stationary enemies.  

    And thanks for the tip on buy a good many Mega Man extra lives and thanks for pointing out Dr. Wily’s Weaknesses. Overall this is a very good guide for gamers to take advantage of.  

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Joseph, thanks for the feedback. I put my heart and soul into that guide so that many can use it to excel at the game whether they’re young or old. 

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