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Published October 4, 2018

Mega Man 11 came out a couple of days ago and there are more than a few things that really sticks out to me, it does and does not play like your average Mega Man game.

For example, Mega Man operates on a whole another level such as using the Double Gear System to alter himself and his environment. Although gamers were warned about said things in the game, it goes without saying that Mega Man 11 has surpassed its predecessors in every way.

My first impressions of Mega Man 11 was that it was definitely a different experience playing the game like in past Mega Man games you didn’t have to watch for so many obstacles within a level but in this game you have to really pay attention or you’ll die nonstop. Another thing about the game is that it is very challenging even more so than any game on the Mega Man X Legacy Collection.

The gameplay is awesome and it definitely makes a statement about how gamers should be mindful of the action within the game, it is simplistic and very easy to get into; I’ll cover everything in this post regarding what impressions I got of Mega Man 11 when playing it for the little while I was. Here are my Mega Man 11 First Impressions.

Mega Man’s jumping height

Mega Man’s jumping height seems to have improved because if I remember correctly he didn’t jump so high in previous games except for Mega Man 3 using the second player controller cheat. Incidentally, Mega Man’s jumping height is impressive and can clear more than a few feet.

I remember I was on Torch Man’s level and I was trying to clear a gap and I got over the gap easily; good considering that I thought I was going to die falling into the pit.

Of course, it goes without saying that I still needed Rush to help make some of the jumps up to the upper tiers platforms but Mega Man’s renewed jumping height is a very welcome addition to the game. I can’t say that Mega Man’s ability to clear gaps will ever come into question because I noticed a significant difference when I was playing the game for the time I was.

I’m not going to get too hung up on Mega Man’s jump ability but I will say that the Speed Gear is definitely welcomed if gamers, even first timers, are having trouble. The game is awesome as a whole; gamers who have yet to play it is in for a treat.

The Double Gear System

The Double Gear System really took the gameplay to the next level and I say that because if you’re going to play a Mega Man game, you’re going to always be treated to a perk or two; the Double Gear System in this case. I got to use the Speed Gear, the Power Gear and the “Overdrive Gear” as I put it (tan gear when Mega Man’s life is low – L1 & R1).

I didn’t even know who I was when I activated the Double Gear System because I wouldn’t have used any in-game perk unless I was using a Robot Master’s weapon to past an obstacle in past Mega Man games. Overall, I love the Double Gear System; the impression I got of it is that it is only good for a few seconds which can be problematic at times but not so much.

My advice, activate the Double Gear System whenever the opportunity arises and really just play with it because it’ll, as it did me, guide you to its understanding like you’ll know when its okay to use it and when not to. My impression of the Double Gear System – Ultimate Power.

The Challenge Factor

The impression I got of the challenge factor is that rushing does no good. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve died trying out Blast Man, Torch Man and Fuse Man’s level because I was trying to rush the challenge; I like how the Double Gear System makes it so you can conquer any challenge within that game.

Also, I like how the bolts made a comeback in the game which makes it easy to buy things like energy tanks, weapon tanks and the like.

Also, what I like about the game is that Rush is always on retainer when you need him, it is good that you have access to him whenever because I can remember in past Mega Man games you had to go to the special weapons screen to activate him. Rush kind of takes some of the challenge out of the reaching energy tablets that are out of reach.

The Robot Masters, in my opinion, are unique to the regard that their names are not rip-offs of past Robot Masters; I mean, Atomic Man’s power can’t compare to that of Torch Man’s even though they’re both fire elementals.

Fuse Man and Elec Man, different; their power similar but Fuse Man is stronger. I like the innovative direction the game took; it makes me appreciate being the Mega Man fan for the 28 years I have been.

Other aspects

Okay, my impression of the other aspects of the game is that there are enemies every few feet; I know this was a recurring thing in other Mega Man games but I just get that it is more prevalent in this game than any other before it. The impression I got slamming into enemies was that I should be firing my M-Buster consistently.

I’ll say this; there should never be a time when you’re not firing your Mega Buster because you’re going to take a lot of unnecessary damage if you don’t. I can remember in other Mega Man games where you didn’t always have to keep your charge shot on the ready, but you have to in this game which gives me the impression that being on alert no matter where or how an enemy is or acts is key.

I did come to the conclusion that this might be a little excessive but it is a necessary evil in order to stay one step ahead of your enemies. Another thing I figured out was that the reason why Mega Man’s initial charge shot is so weak is because the Power Gear is there to compensate.

Dr. Light’s Lab

Dr. Light’s Lab is home, to say the least, but it goes without saying that you can’t just go there anytime you want which kind of sucks because going there would, I think, increase your chances of making it through the game.

For example, if you’re going to go after Acid Man and you get to a point where you need an Energy Tank; you can’t get access to one until you find bolts to buy and access to the lab.

I can’t help but think that all the “missing” parts that are to be sold in Dr. Light’s Lab will eventually be revealed as you go through the game. My impression of this is that the game is going to make you work for those extra parts which I guess I can respect because nothing ever worth having is gained easily or do I need to remind gamers about the Arrow Shot from Mega Man 8; I love that Arrow Shot.


Alright, so my overall impression of the game is that it is freakin’ awesome. Secondly, it is a bit more challenging than previous Mega Man games; in fact I think the only other Mega Man games that was as challenging was 9 & 10.

The Double Gear System is a great add on to the game and it makes gamers appreciate its function along with the fact that it makes the game a cakewalk but the amount of time you have use of it can be frustrating.

All the other aspects of the game such as having Rush on retainer really ties the game together and I can say without a doubt that it is a very welcome addition to the Capcom family. Dr. Light’s Lab is a great place to get items but you can’t just go there whenever you want; yeah, the game makes you work for that too.

Mega Man’s jumping height has improved drastically which is another welcome change, it is great for all intents and purposes but it cannot be argued that the challenge factor really puts things into perspective. If you have any questions about my post or want to leave a comment then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

On Torch Man’s level, you’ll come face to face with a giant fire wall; activate the Speed Gear the second you get on screen so you can get a lead and keep it when you’re making your way past that part of the level. Above all, keep that Mega Buster up and firing because enemies and obstacles are everywhere.

My first attempt at trying Blast Man’s level




  1. Courtney Myles Courtney Myles

    As i was going through your website, my son was sitting beside and became very fascinated with the games on your website. My son is a game fanatic. I am curious to know if the games on your website only for buying on amazon or are they downloadable to an mobile app and/or computer.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Courtney, thank you for reaching out. To some extent, I believe some of the games are downloadable to the computer, but not many. Mostly, they’re console games for specific game consoles. However, if your son is interested in playing retro games then I can definitely point you in the specific direction where he’ll have his pick of any game across any retro system he pleases. Most of the games on my site can be bought on amazon and some through other sites as well, but mostly Amazon. 

      Let me know how I can further help with that on my end; we gamers got to stick together and it gives me great pleasure to help answer any questions you have. 

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