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Published October 10, 2019

So, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the upcoming Medievil Game PS4 and I have to say that I’m so impressed with what I’ve seen so far. Swords, daggers, crossbow to name a few of the weapons. I never did play the 1998 version of the game but when I saw the ‘what will be current version’, I was like “I got to get this game, it looks awesome”. Check out this video get the inside scoop.

There is much about the game that will be a big surprise to new generation gamers and gamers of the old generation like me but make no mistake, the game does not look like it’s going to disappoint.

A walking skeleton of a long dead knight, interesting idea for a game but I feel like this game is going to make Legend of Zelda on NES look like a pile of crap with its current day graphics and game mechanics.

I just hope that there is an ultimate sword in the game that’s similar to a magic sword that’ll fire energy beams if your life is full etc. At least that’s the expectation I have for the game but more on that later in the post which I’ll begin talking about now.

The Remake is going to be awesome

The MediEvil Game PS4 Remake is going to be awesome. Personally, I’ve always been a sucker for a good story about a courageous knight who fell in battle or slayed some dragon of some
sort. This game is going to deliver on that, now I have yet to confirm if there are going to be dragons but I can tell you that there is going to be so many undead to kill. I sort of envisioned the undead giving you items and health after they’re slain.

I’m interested in the Hall of Heroes because there’ll be every knight and hero there that ever fought and died in battle and who are spending their eternity feasting and living their afterlife. But I’m glad that I’m going to get to play the remake because I think it’ll be worth its weight in gold and then some and I have high expectations for the replayability.

I’ve also seen the 1998 version and even if I had an interest in that version which I didn’t then I would’ve stopped playing anyway but I can say that the game is going pop. I can’t wait until the game comes out.

A lot of the same but more

Now, the Medievil Game PS4 is going to have a lot of the same such as killing zombies and a lot of the undead which can be expected from this type of game considering its undead-focused, for lack of a better term. The game comes off to me as obstacle focused which is good because no game is ever complete
without a few obstacles but from what I’ve also seen, they’re no more difficult than trying to get a shoestring through a shoestring hole at the top of the shoe.

Another thing I saw was different runes that are in the game that allow you to travel from place to
place within Gallowsmere, I thought the runes were keys to unlock magic power in the game but I know they’re not now. However, I still have my expectation about magic in the game. I think it’s unique
that Sir Dan can use his arm on zombies because at the end of the day, who can you count on but you or pieces of you. Am I right.

Overall, the remake being different from the original is going to make a big difference and I can’t wait to see what this game has in store for us all.

Expectations for Weapons

Oh yeah, the weapons. Now, considering that the Medievil Game PS4 is going to have a lot of weapons and I suspect a lot of them will come from the Hall of Heroes and a few will not but I can say that I hope that I get to see a magic sword in the game that can fire sword-shaped energy beams like in Legend of Zelda or the swords should be able to do something awesome.

As far as the weapons as a whole, I hope some of them allow you to attack enemies at a distance. Yes, I know about the throwing daggers and the crossbow but you have to wonder what other weapons you will have that’ll allow you to attack enemies from afar.

I have to also guess that there are more than a few weapons that will make a big difference and I’ve seen more than a few bosses in the game and some of them warrant using on them at a distance but from I can also tell the bosses aren’t going to be tough. But, I’m saying that from my perspective being a video game master and all, so naturally I wouldn’t think so but I’m just saying.

Game Length Expectation

So all things taken into account about the Medievil Game PS4, the game is going to follow a lot of the original and my expectation about the game length is that it’ll take Sir Dan all over Gallowsmere so I hope it ends up being at least 11 levels with a new weapon to get at the end of each one. I can tell that bosses are going to be in the game but I’m not sure as to how often they’ll show.

At first glance, the game looks like its going to be a short one so I’m hoping that its not because the game has potential to be a ‘greatest hit’ so I hope the creators will make this game a long one or at least long enough to the point where it’ll make a difference with the gameplay.


The Medievil Game PS4 is a game focused on Sir Dan, a knight that fell in battle fighting his wizard nemesis, it’s a game that going to have some of the old and a little bit of new in the remake of the game. Game length hopefully is around 40+ hours and return to level content. The weapons will come from the original but definitely hoping for a magic sword with the ability to shoot sword lasers. The game drops October 25, 2019.

So what do you think of the upcoming game, do you think it’ll be good, bad or weak or just a completely ignore? Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. jessetoikkanen jessetoikkanen

    Nice and thorough review medievil remake I would say. I had the original game cause those were the times I had practically nothing else as my daily routines than school and (lots of) games. It looks and sounds like an interesting one and one I have to take a look into. I have some clue about the story but never gone my way to the “end game” or last levels of the story so I can’t spoil the end of the story, lol. Jokes aside, it is, in my opinion, nice to see remastered games of the classics, let’s see if there will be some extra content as well. However, thanks for reviewing this!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thanks Jesse, I’m looking forward to this game as well, it looks like it could shape up better than the original. Have you heard of the Final Fantasy VII Remake coming out in March 2020?

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