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Published April 21, 2018

The Shining Force series introduced a lot of classes such as SDMN (Swordsman), BDBT (Bird Battler) SKYW (SkyWarrior) VICR (Vicar) MMNK (Master Monk). These classes are among the most prominent in the game especially the Vicar and Master Monk class. In Shining Force II, after meeting with Creed, you are given the choice of taking one of his four “emissaries” with you consisting of Eric, Karna, Tyrin and Randolf.

Naturally, Karna is the best choice strategically speaking because having a second healer on the team helps out a great deal especially since Karna can heal Sarah if Sarah get attacked or gets “gang banged” (for lack of a better term) by enemies which can and does happen in the game.

When Karna joins you, she can be promoted immediately because she comes in at Lv.24; her original promoted class is Vicar. However, Karna can be promoted to Master Monk using the Vigor Ball upon promotion. I used Karna as both a Vicar and a Master Monk; both impressed me.

Vicar                                                                  Master Monk

However, I found that there were similarities and differences when it comes to using Karna in both classes; my deduction is that Karna is a horrible Master Monk. If you’re going to have Karna on your team, I suggest you make her a Vicar and here’s why.

Aura and the Indra Staff’s special ability

Karna’s Aura and Indra Staff have one thing in common, MP (Magic Points); one uses MP and the other restores them. As a Vicar, Karna will be able to equip the Indra Staff which will allow her to take advantage of the weapon’s special ability when, used as an item, will steal MP from Karna’s enemies and give them to her so she could use her Aura spell infinitely.

The Goddess Staff is just as useful as the Indra Staff

The Aura spell restores the HP of Karna’s allies that are near her; the range increases the stronger the spell gets. Karna cannot take advantage of the Indra Staff’s ability as a Master Monk because she will not be able to use the weapon. To put a fine point on this, Karna is strong enough as a Vicar for it to not make a real difference about the road not traveled i.e. turning her into a Master Monk

Although it can be theorized that Master Monk Karna is stronger than Vicar Karna, it is without question that Karna will become just as strong as a Vicar as she would have as a Master Monk.

Healing is her specialty

Another logical reason to turn Karna into a Vicar is because healing is her specialty; Karna is a better healer than she is a fighter. I remember one time when I was fighting Zalbard with Karna in the party as a Master Monk and a Vicar on separate occasions. My Vicar Karna was healing every character that got hit by Zalbard’s Bolt 2 spell, my Master Monk Karna was solely focused on attacking which made healing less of a priority

Only when Karna is at that level can you not worry about healing

Also, Karna’s attack power as Master Monk grows exponentially where she’s doing almost 40 points a hit; her growth as Vicar will improve the power of her healing spells where she’s restoring almost 20 points per Aura and Heal use. Karna was meant to be used as a healer and she should because she shines when her healing powers are pulling characters into recovery after a bout with a Mist or an Arch Demon.

Karna’s attack power as a Vicar is nothing to scoff at, I’ve seen her take out Black Monks in two hits; it is a stroke of luck that she got a second attack immediately after her first. Ultimately, Karna’s attack power does not suffer as a Vicar so let me reassure you that.

Sarah makes a better Master Monk

As previously mentioned, Karna is a better Vicar than a Master Monk; Sarah makes a better Master Monk because she was born and bred in the ways of fighting alongside healing. You see, Sarah can go either way as a Vicar or a Master Monk; Sarah is better off as a Master Monk because her attack power is far higher than Karna’s. By the time Karna joins, Sarah’s attack potential will have skyrocketed where she won’t need to worry about healing herself when she’s attacked.

Karna as a Master Monk means you have to worry more attacking and taking the enemy out than healing, it cannot be argued that Karna is a better healer than Sarah because playing through the game with Karna in the party and surviving battles will clearly show that keeping people alive is her strong suit. By the time Karna enters Arc Valley, her MP are already in or very much near the hundreds.

Turning Sarah into a Master Monk is a better use of her talents and abilities because she won’t be a waste of space on the battlefield like Karna was when I turned her into a Master Monk, it felt like Karna could not get her act together and she kept dying which was stressful too.

Karna’s not that great a fighter

The truth is that Karna is not that great a fighter. When Karna joins at Creed’s mansion – if you decided to pick her over the other 3 – her attack power is decent but her attack power seem to decrease little by little when she attacks; she can pick off a few monsters but do not count on her to deliver any killing blows to bosses because it will not happen unless they’re on their last few points of life like 2 or 3.

Karna’s focus is healing and it should remain so; it’s okay to experiment and see where you can take Karna whether it is as a Master Monk or as a Vicar, but you’ll find that she’s better off as a Vicar because she won’t be as focused on keeping herself and the team alive; You’ll be thankful to have 90 MP Aura using Karna when you get to Zeon whose demon breath is a practical death sentence when used on any character.


Karna is a great all around fighter that can heal as well as destroy enemies, but turning Karna into a Vicar is a far better idea than turning her into a Master Monk because Karna is not that great a fighter, healing is her specialty and Sarah makes a better Master Monk because she’s been on the team longer.

Also, Karna can use the Indra Staff’s special ability to restore her MP which is a very useful skill to have when you’re facing a greater devil like Zalbard or Cameela. If you have any questions about my post or just want to leave a comment then please leave me a message below and I’ll respond to you ASAP. Thanks and happy gaming.



  1. Otis Dube Otis Dube

    Hello 😉

    This sounds interesting #Logical reasons to turn Karna into a Vicar in Shinning Force 11. I will definitely download the app as you have really explained everything in detail.

    I like the healing powers as this is something different in the gaming world, and i definitely recommend this product.

    Thank you.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Otis, thanks a lot. I appreciate the compliment. Hey, if you’re looking to get your hands on the game then here’s something you might be interested in https://strategiesforactionadv… check this out. Shining Force 2 is a great game, I’ve been playing it since I was 16 and I still love it today. Definitely get this game.

  2. Sam Sam

    I seem to be having an issue with Karna learning new spells. I’m playing the new free app version of the game. I got her to level 40 before promotion and waited until I got the 2nd vigor ball to promote her but I was still using her to heal regularly between 40 and promotion, now she’s a master monk level 19 but still hasn’t learned any new or high levels of spells, for example she still hasn’t gotten Aura Level 2. Do you have any idea what’s wrong here?

    • Hey Sam, okay from what I can gather you promoted Karna already using the second Vigor Ball which you found near Sheela’s pool at her dojo on Grans Island. Since Karna is a promoted level 19, she’s got two more levels before she learns Aura 2 which she does at level 21 promoted. Second, there’s nothing wrong with the game or the app, what the deal is that since you promoted Karna at Lv. 40; you’re trying to learn all of her high level spells before the endgame which I suspect you’re near which won’t happen. My advice, if you want to promote Karna to level 40, the elven village where you find the Secret Book and the first Vigor Ball has a special stage where you can train your characters to level 40. Also, I’d use the first Vigor Ball that I mentioned to promote Karna because if you wait to promote her at the time you did, you’re not going to learn all of her spells before the endgame and that’s if you’ve made her your go to healer from the time you got her to present.

  3. Sam Murdoch Sam Murdoch

    I seem to be having an issue with Karna learning new spells. I’m playing the new free app version of the game. I got her to level 40 before promotion and waited until I got the 2nd vigor ball to promote her but I was still using her to heal regularly between 40 and promotion, now she’s a master monk level 18 but hasn’t learned Aura level 2 yet and I’m wonder what’s wrong?

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