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Published June 12, 2018

Since the PS4 has been out, there has been many PS4 bundles that have been seen as rare and collectible such as the Uncharted 4 console bundle that came out with the first generation PS4. On a related note, who could forget the Star Wars Battlefront PS4 console bundle. I can guarantee you that every Star Wars fan, myself included, wanted one; not the game so much but the console itself.

Who remembers this?

Incidentally, the PS4 has made plenty of rare console bundles that were as beautifully made as they were expensive; money means nothing to a gamer holding a collector’s item of that caliber. I can remember when Final Fantasy XV came out and people wanted the console bundle to that; Final Fantasy XV was an epic game.

I wish I could’ve gotten one

Let’s not forget the valuable PS4 Gold that came out along with the PS4 white, all valuable and rare. However, there is one more rare PS4 console to add to the fold, the Limited Edition PS4 blue. I wanted this when I saw it and rightly so since I didn’t get a chance to get my hands on a PS4 gold.

I can say beyond reasonable doubt that the PS4 limited edition blue is a welcome addition to the PS4 family because it brings with it a uniqueness that has not been seen in a long time. There are rare PS4 console bundles such as these and why you should get your hands on one or all of them if you’re a gamer and console collector like myself.

Final Fantasy XV Console Bundle

As previously mentioned, Final Fantasy XV was the most epic Final Fantasy game of its generation; really, I haven’t seen a Final Fantasy game that epic since 6. Anyway, when Final Fantasy XV came out, it came with its own bundle which most gamers can appreciate because it was an epic work of art that complimented an already epic game.

Worth it!

If you don’t have a PS4, but love Final Fantasy XV or any Final Fantasy game then get your hands on this and own that piece of history that made the Final Fantasy franchise great. Despite it being rare, it is still worth the money for the simple fact that the moon design on the console was beautifully crafted and it’s got the Final Fantasy XV logo on it. The only thing better than playing the game is owning the brand console.

Uncharted 4 Console Bundle

Uncharted 4 was the Uncharted game that gamers were waiting for ever since the end of three and how great was it to get not only the game, but the Uncharted 4 console bundle to compliment the game. I can say that I didn’t think much of the console bundle because it seemed like Sony was trying too hard to sell the game, but it is still worth the getting the bundle because it is a collector’s item and PS4 is first generation which has been discontinued.

Find it and make it yours

Because Uncharted 4 was such a great game, it is worth it to get your hands on the console bundle not only because of its rarity but it is something that will always be a reminder of the last great Uncharted game; there was Uncharted: Lost Legacy but there was no console bundle for that but it was a great game just the same.

I personally feel that buying this console bundle will forever immortalize Uncharted 4 which was the end of the Nathan Drake era and I can say that the game gave him the send off that he so rightly deserved.

Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Console Bundle

Okay, I should’ve expected this when Star Wars Battlefront II came out on the PS4 and my first inkling was to pick it up seeing as how I’m a big Star Wars fan. This console bundle was collectible from the moment that it was announced by Sony and I kept telling myself ‘I’m going to get the bundle but ditch the game’ because I didn’t think that much of the game.

How awesome is this?

The bundle is still a noteworthy buy just because it’s Star Wars for one and that’s reason alone to buy it for me especially since they brought back an old sith favorite, Darth Maul. I fell in love with the console because of the designs on it, it is something that true Star Wars fan can appreciate; can you imagine if they did something like that for the Super Star Wars, Super Empire Strikes and Super Return of the Jedi games when they came out; I would be stoked.

Go out and get your hands on this valuable piece of hardware if for nothing else, to hoard. Star Wars is a welcome addition to every gamer especially the console that helped celebrate Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, I know I’ll still try to get my hands on this.

God of War PS4 Console Bundle

A lot of things can be said about this console bundle, and one of the things that has been said was “awesome”. When God of War came out on PS4, the console bundle disappeared as quickly as they appeared and I know because I was still trying to get one long after they sold out, that’s how popular they were. This console bundle signified God of War’s return to the gaming world and coming onto the PS4 which gamers definitely appreciated.

I wanted one of these so bad

In my opinion, this console bundle is still worth acquiring not just because of the history but because God of War PS4 was boss as hell and the only thing better than having the game is playing it on the console bundle for which it was created. I still want one for myself but I can definitely say that I’d be willing to spend the money to own it.

Wherever you can find this or if you happen to find one in pristine condition then buy and keep it forever; never sell it, it is priceless and the Leviathan Axe design on it is awesome.


The PS4 has had many rare console bundles that has come out for it and among them were the Uncharted 4, Final Fantasy XV, God of War not to mention Star Wars Battlefront II. The PS4 Limited Edition Blue was inspired by all the other rare PS4 consoles that came before it. These rare console bundles may be discontinued but they are not forgotten especially in the hearts and minds of those who missed out.

A real treasure!

What do you think about these rare console bundles, what do you think about the Limited Edition PS4 Blue? Leave me a comment or a message to the regard and I’ll respond to you before the day is out. Thank you and happy gaming.




  1. Michael GoreMichael Gore

    I understand the implementation of limited edition bundles when a new AAA title is released but all these different colours just annoy me. Why can’t they just release a selection of colours upon intial release of the machine? It just bums people out when a great colour is released a month after they just bought a standard black console.

    I my self prefer just the standard black, I’m a sucker for originality, but I understand people wanting colours.

    As for artisitc limited edition machines, would it not be easier to just sell decals which you can apply to your console? I know these are aimed at fans but does anyone actually buy another machine just because it has a Star Wars logo on it? I would consider it but then be like, nah. I’ll just put some stickers on it.

    Thanks for the interesting read though.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Mike, thanks for reaching out and yeah, it can get a little annoying to have all of the colors of different consoles. However, I can say with 100% certainty that I think spending the money is warranted if you don’t have a PS4 but yeah I do see your point though.

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