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Published June 21, 2018

Level by Level Strategies for Super Return of the Jedi

Landspeeder Level

Nothing special just hold down the B button to speed thru the level, the distance tells you how close you are to the end so mind that; avoid the pillars. Y button gets you over gaps.

Tatooine – BGFSMH

Leia is your star here, use the Staff Beam by press and holding the Y button until Leia flashes white then release the Y button to unleash.

Fun fact: If you hold down the Y button while jumping with B button, you can jump using then release Y to unleash the Staff Beam. Doing this ensures that you’re always ready to unleash Leia’s beam at will.

There are items below the upper platforms, you can go below to collect the items like detonators, health swords etc but it is not required because you’ll get said items destroying the enemies on the level.

If Leia is low on health, step on this plate and move away quickly until a heart appears; do this until Leia’s health is full.

The boss is cake as long as you use Leia’s Staff Beam, it’ll bow out in no time.

Jabba’s Dance Hall – JVPLHP

Leia is up again, the Staff Beam owns here; use it and wipe out the masses

Direct your attention to the gray masher on the ceiling, double jump over the chain; doing so will net you some cool items.

The boss can be a little challenging, but hold down the A button to block the boss’ shots until he stops firing them then use the Staff Beam to get rid of him.

Jabba’s Palace – VDLBGG

Chewie is the go to here, his spin move owns; don’t not abuse it here. Chewie’s Spin is activated by press and holding A button.

There is a door that Gamorrean Guards come out of, you can use Chewie’s Spin on them until they stop emerging for health items like health swords and hearts. However, it’s not really required unless you need the health refill, but that up to you.

Pay attention to the walls here as you’re exploring with Chewie because some of them have items and powerups, like what I found here.

The boss is too easy, just use Chewie’s Spin on the boss as he’s spitting out his cronies then use your weapon to end him.

Rancor Pit – MKYXVN

Han Solo is the best man for this level, his bombs are the keys to the enemies’ demise on this level. Han’s bombs help him maintain a safe distance from enemies so use that to your advantage

Make it your life’s work to destroy the bone structures because there are blaster powerups in most of them throughout the stage.

The Rancor is a pain in the butt with its fire breath and falling rock debris, use the bombs on the Rancor at a distance while using your blaster on it; the Plasma makes this battle a breeze.

Jabba’s Barge – LBRHFR

It’s Luke’s turn now, he’s armed with his lightsaber and force powers; using them in unison will make this level easy

You’ll be abusing three force powers here, invisibility, freeze and heal. These are all you need to make it thru

As you’re traversing Jabba’s Barge, you’ll see bounty hunters in yellow and green. Destroy every last one until they stop coming, do this anywhere you see these guys.

Luke can destroy the boss easily by not standing too close and attacking as its jumping. Double jump over the chained ball then attack, use heal sparingly so you can stay alive.

Inside Sail Barge – GPTDZC

Leia is your rebel of choice here, her Chain Beam is similar to her Staff Beam; press and hold Y until she glows white then release. Abuse this attack all throughout the level. Also, Leia, like Chewie before her, has a Spin move which is activated by press and holding A button

After you ride the second platform up, head to the right first for a checkpoint and a pick me up.

Head back to the left to this part here, continue up and right to challenge Jabba the Hutt. Use Leia’s Chain Beam to beat Jabba, you can use your Spin to deal with Jabba’s frog minions but the Chain Beam will work fine.

Endor – Speeder Bikes – DDDQYZ

Leia is the go to here. A particular trick you can use to lure the scout bikers is to get airborne and stay there until a biker flies away from you, it’ll make taking them out easier.

Ewok Village A – TLVHFT

Wicket can fire his arrow in almost every direction; take advantage of this. Also, make your way to the first elevator you see and take it up and to the right for a few goodies.

Explore the entire left side of the village and you’ll run across more goodies. After you make it to the very top of the left side of the village i.e. R2D2 save point, go all the way back down and work your way right and explore the right side of the village.

Exploring the right side has its rewards, these!

You’ll get to a point where you’ll need to get on an elevator that’s a little higher up than you think you can reach. You’ll have to time your jump to get to the elevator.

The boss is cake, just fire arrows until the boss dies; the scout troopers are good for hearts if you need them.

Ewok Village B – NVBJJH

Out of the starting gate, get the rebel icons you see because they are key to getting you extra lives.

You’ll get to a point where you’ll see dragonflies circling a tree, get rid of them then use your arrow to get up the tree. To do that, fire an arrow, jump on it, then fire another and jump on it to get up and work your way right.

You’ll come to a part of the level where you’ll have to get across the river via log rafts, take out the piranhas in the water so they don’t trip you up.

The boss isn’t difficult as long as you pelt it with arrows when it stops charging, avoid its fire breath as it does moderate damage.

Endor – GRMJYX

Luke is up to bat here, my advice to you is search the grounds because there are a lot of power ups. Be thorough!

The AT-AT or the inside of them have some goodies, police them when you see them.

When you come to the first AT-AT, police the inside of it then switch to your invisibility force power and use it to get to a wealth of goodies.

You’ll come to this part of the level where you’ll see a small platform that you can’t quite get on. However, standing where you are and timing your jump will get you to it; wait for it on the return trip.

You’ll come across these doors with teeth, slide (down-forward + B button) when they open to avoid taking damage.

When you get to the R2D2 checkpoint, head up from there to get on a platform that’ll carry you to goodies.

The boss apparently doesn’t think much of the young Jedi exploiting its weak spot, double jumping continuously while healing when needed will win the day.

Millennium Falcon – ZKQHQD

The only piece of advice I can give you is use your guns and shields as one. Simply, keep spinning your gun around gunning down TIES and when you’re fired upon then use your shields to nullify damage. X button activate shields.

Power Generator – WCBMKS


Chewie is the guy for the job here, his Spin move will help him avoid taking unnecessary damage.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the floors have reflective panels, so you can angle shots off of the floors to hit enemies so you don’t have to get your hands too dirty.

Stormtroopers will emerge from behind the doors. Destroy all that emerge and don’t leave the scene until you do.


Past the R2D2 checkpoint, you’ll see an off green platform but don’t head that way, head up and you’ll come to some powerups.

You’ll come to a part of the level where you’ll see enemy bots running across the bridge attacking you, gun these guys down until you have full life.

You’ll face off against the boss who is easy as pie, just stay off the lowest platform; stay up on the highest one and shoot down. Do this until the boss is toast.

Inside the Death Star – KXVZZD

There’ll be bots on consoles coming out of the floor, use them to replenish your life meter so you can save on force energy. The best way to deal with them is to strike them as soon as they come out of the floor then when they’re setting up their shots, jump behind them to strike them down.

You’ll come to your second checkpoint of the level, proceed up the platforms and you’ll be given more goodies.

The wannabe guard-dogs at the end seem pretty tough, but if you press and hold A then you have nothing to worry about; it helps tremendously if you’re knelt down as your deflecting so you’re not pushed off the platform. Heal as needed.

Tower – MKZYDP

Stormtroopers will come out of the doors you see as you progress, you can start a kill chain where you destroy each one that comes out but it’s not really required because the most you’ll get is 3-4 of them; if you’re lucky. You can make them respawn over and over by walking away a few inches until their door is out of sight. Next, go back to the door and a stormtrooper will surface; you can use these method to refill your life meter.

Keep an eye on power ups that are dangling around in midair like these I found at random. Also, you’ll be making full use of your saber force power; it comes in handy when you’re looking to dispatch or get the drop on your enemies which you will on this level.

Make sure you have enough Force power when you face the Shadow Guard at the end because your saber force power will end him.

Tower Entrance – Vader: KHWKCB

Shadow Guards are monitoring the grounds here, your saber force power will make quick work of them.

Darth Vader shows up ready to take you on, but if you remember to slide into him then start swinging, you’ll be invulnerable to his strikes.

Emperor’s Chamber – WDSMNN

The Emperor is hard as hell but he’s also susceptible to the invincible slide maneuver you used to destroy Vader, the best time to use it is when he shooting lightning while standing still. Keep heal on hand if you need to. Using your Invisibility force power to get in some free hits on the Emperor while he’s shooting his lightning is also another effective strategy.

Here’s a more detailed look on the slide maneuver –Sliding maneuver – no damage


  1. GlenysGlenys

    Thanks for these great tips of level by level strategies for super Return Of The Jedi.  I don’t actually have this game at our house, but I can imaging that this game would be a world wide best seller for sure. Who doesn’t love anything Star Wars based at the moment right?

    Leila and Jabba the hut go hand in hard. It is good to see them back together in a video game.   The Ewoks are my absolute favourite Star Wars critter of all time….. no body like JaJaBinks. I am glad that Darth Vader is there as well at the end. What is your favourite Star Wars character?

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      I love everything Star Wars, I don’t have a favorite but I can say for sure that Star Wars is awesome; I can’t wait until Star Wars IX; Get your hands on this game and play it; trust me you’ll love it.

  2. VictorVictor

    This video game looks so fun. I haven’t played games in a bit but after your review I might get into this. The strategies that you give are easy to understand and it seems like with that help, the entire game can be more enjoyable. Your pictures will make sense once I actually experience the game. Other readers that already play the game can appreciate the images that you included in your review.

    Great Post!

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Thanks Victor, your feedback is very much appreciated and I’m happy that you what I was going for; I always use pictures to support points in my post especially when I’m talking about a boss. Give the game a try, you won’t regret it.

  3. Karin NauberKarin Nauber

    Wow! What an amazing step by step guide! Thanks. As a gamer, I do like to use guides, but I also enjoy playing without them, too.

    I have played several of the Star Wars games and not used a guide, but I think this one will help me immensely. I sometimes have issues with getting past the first boss, but I hadn’t thought of using the staff beam. (I don’t know why!)

    Anyway, again, thanks for the level by level guide. I am definitely going to be using this one!

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Thanks Karin, I’m happy that my guide to the game can help you out and don’t forget that you can do the slide maneuver to kill Darth Vader while taking no damage; check out the video in the post it should be there and if not, go to my Youtube page under Rodney McGill and you’ll find it there.

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