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Published February 3, 2018


– Pretty basic, making your way through the stage, use your lightsaber with Y button and switch to your blaster with A button.

Ice Cave 1 – TCCPSJ

– If you don’t have the Flame or Plasma Gun to kill the Wampas, use your blaster to keep them at bay; ideal if you want to run to catch your bearings.

Probe Droid Country – JRWNPL

– On your way to face the Probe Droid boss, you can find a hidden blaster power up near the boss’s area. Use your lightsaber to reveal. Kill all Eels beforehand so they don’t interfere with your fight with P. Droid

Super Empire Strikes Back

See where Luke is, the blaster powerup is there

– The Probe Droid boss is tough but it can be beat, use your lightsaber to deflect its shots (Down and Y button) if you’re feeling like you can’t get away in time to retaliate with your gun and for defense. Your blaster is the key to bringing down the boss, the flame gun onward will make quick work of the boss.

Hoth Rebel Base – DGBDPL

– Use your lightsaber to deflect the spiderbots’ flame shots; use your blaster on the aerial droids.

1st Snowspeeder Level – RCWJMF

– Keep your finger on the fire button so you can take advantage of the rapid fire capabilities of your snowspeeder, you’ll be able to get hearts when the trooper bikers run in front of your blaster which they always do.

2nd Snowspeeder Level – JRGRTD

– Getting past this level is murder, but it is doable by following this video

– After Luke jumps out just make a mad dash to the nearest AT-AT  and get inside; nothing else matters. Kill ONLY what you have to on the way

Inside the AT-AT – MDBNMR

– Deflect the troopers’ bomb at close range. Luke’s lightsaber is the weapon of choice here.

– Don’t be afraid to kill any of the passing troopers for hearts and health swords; they’re definitely welcomed here. Deflect the turret fire with Luke’s saber. Kill all the troopers until they stop coming.

Han at Base (Part I) – HDPPLL

– Enter Han Solo, check every inch of the base especially the walls in the corner; they’ll always have hidden items. Also, feel free to kill a few of the troopers as they emerge from their doorways, it’s always good to have more health swords and hearts not to mention bombs.

Super Empire Strikes Back

Explore dead ends like this one!

Han at Base (Part II) – GTLCNP

– When you battle the AT-ST, get behind it and shoot diagonal forward and you’ll discover a shield power up. Get it then destroy the gun on it using either your gun or bombs. Afterward, just shoot the thing from a distance until it dies; you can stay behind it while gunning it down.

Super Empire Strikes Back

In case you need a little hint

Millennium Falcon – WWBGHF

– A friendly word of advice while trying to make it past this annoying level, don’t stay in one place; the Tie Fighters are the red dots. Keep moving up and down the screen to confuse them and lure them out of hiding. Also, be mindful of the asteroids as well.

Dagobah (Part I) – PGBNBH

– The Heal Force Power is above your head near your starting point.

– Elevation is right below you, just drop down and double jump to find it.

– Mind Control and Deflection can be found before you find R2, don’t go to him until you find those powers and possibly any more that might be in hiding, be thorough!

Super Empire Strikes Back

– The blue bugs and the red slug with the blue nose can be taken out with your blaster

– When you start the second half of the level, descend until you’re in the water; jump from mushroom to mushroom as you make your way forward to find your Slowdown Force Power and you’ll be able to avoid the big purple guys which you should if you don’t have the Cold Freeze Force Power.

Super Empire Strikes Back

Follow the path to your Slowdown Force Power 

Dagobah (Part II) – TNPSPL

– Use your Elevation force power to uncover more force powers like the Saber Control and Invisibility force powers that’s hanging around above you.

– Don’t use up all of your force power because you’ll need Elevation to explore the upper ledges to find your Cold Freeze force power when you see the scaly tail of the boss.

Super Empire Strikes Back

Get ready to use Elevation when you see ledges!

– The Habogad is easy to beat as long as you double jump with your saber to inflict damage to his face parts without touching his mouth. Heal as needed

Super Empire Strikes Back

Yep, just do that!

Han hanging at Cloud City – DLPMMD

– As you’re making your way forward, you’ll come across an annoying blue droid in the building shooting Rapid Ion shots. Creep inside the building and take those little pests out one by one then creep forward until they’ve all appeared and been destroyed. Also, doing this will guarantee that you won’t be killed by the turret.

– Destroy every bounty hunter that emerge from the blue doors, extra health helps here. Also, using grenades on them will net you some cool items. Try it!

– You’ll cross paths with some bounty hunters with disks, use your grenades to end them; 2 usually get the job done. Destroy them until they stop coming!

– When you first encounter the shield bounty hunter (brown with blue bug eyes), run or fight your way past him to get to a secret area below.

Super Empire Strikes Back

Look for this bounty hunter in the pic when you’re here with Han!

– Make sure you shoot up toward the ceiling because there are hidden blaster power ups along with big hearts.

– If you happen to score a Thermal Detonator inches from the Slave One boss fight, use it on the Slave One to take it down instantly.

Ugnaught Factory – SHRBLW

– Two things to keep in mind that’ll make getting thru this level easy. One, utilize Chewie’s Spin on enemies, it makes him invulnerable to enemy attacks as he’s doing it. Second, keep moving; don’t stop for a long period of time to kill anything just run and gun!

Super Empire Strikes Back

Move and keep moving, don’t stop if you don’t have to!

Carbonite Chamber – LNGPNN

– Shoot the cranes because you’ll reap a king’s ransom in hearts.

– The Carbonite Freezer boss may have icy breath that chills to the bone, but you can destroy it with practical ease if you stand under the left cold blower and fire your blaster continuously. The benefit to doing this is that you’ll take no damage from it at all.

Super Empire Strikes Back

See where Han is, that’s where you need to be to avoid damage!

Chewbacca in Cloud City – FSFMSR

– Not long into the stage, you’ll come across the brown “shield” bounty hunter while you’re making your way across the elevator-platforms. The best way to get up on the platform its on is to jump up to the platform before the hunter starts its shield bounce attack.

X-Wing to Cloud City – FCPDPC

– The best way to destroy the annoying Cloud Cars is by Proton Torpedo, press L or R button.

Super Empire Strikes Back

Luke’s coming

Darth Vader’s Hangout – HPLSHJ

– Upon arriving here, you have two choices. The first, go the lower path fraught with dangerous stormtroopers goons and turrets or you can take the high road which is on top of the roof. My advice, take the high road!

– Don’t hesitate to use your Force Powers here, you’ll get refills so go nuts.

– As you’re crossing the chasms, jumping from platform to platform, keep your Elevation force power on hand just in case you misstep i.e. fall

– You can beat Vader by sliding into him then using your lightsaber to deal damage to him; you’ll be invincible to his saber strikes.

-In Part 2 of the level, keep your Elevation Force Power on standby; you WILL be using it trust me.

– Final Battle with Darth Vader, use the same strategy as before which is sliding into him and slashing him with your lightsaber; throw in a Saber Control to make things interesting if you want to, it’s not a requirement. Also, Vader will launch Force debris at you to confuse you. Use your Invisibility Force Power and continue the attack, you’ll get force power ups as you’re striking down Vader and the Force debris. Heal if needed.

Super Empire Strikes Back

Invisibility, that’s what its there for!




  1. A Healthy Me and CBD A Healthy Me and CBD

    Very lucrative site of information! I love RPG hint websites. There is some very in depth information on this post I love it! I couldn’t find the falcon and when I read on here how to find it I was stoked! Sometimes is just so frustrating trying to figure something out, it is very helpful that I can go online and type ‘help find falcon’ and I get pages like this to assist me. Thanks for all your hints. Keep up the good work!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Healthy, thanks a lot I really appreciate the compliment and this was the among the hardest games I’ve ever played on the normal or brave difficulty; I bombed out more than a few times but it was worth it because I knew there had to be other gamers out there playing this same game. I’m happy you could benefit from my page and website as a whole. I’ll never stop doing this because this is my passion, sharing my video game knowledge with the world. Happy gaming brother!

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