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Published January 1, 2019

The Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough has you going all over the great plains of Erathrell and as you’re traveling across said plains, it will become heir apparent that you’ll be going into different towns along with associating with different races of people.

Eventually, you’ll come to different parts of the game where you’re going to be doing sidequests that’ll send you all over the continent.

One thing in particular that you’ll definitely see is a lot of enemies on the open roads that might and might not be a match for you at whatever point you are in the game.

Before I go on, its worth mentioning that you can face enemies that are too tough if you venture out way too far than you’re supposed to which is where the Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough comes in.

Sticking to a walkthrough or the walkthrough for this game isn’t necessarily mandatory, you can if you want but the game is so easy and the list of things that you have to do will practically light your way so don’t feel like you have to get a guide for the game.

My post will cover everything from house visits, weapons, sidequests tips and a little commentary from me, the game pro himself involving how you can play the game more strategically.

Where I am?

So at this point, I have a choice between joining Alyn Shir by journeying to the House of Ballads in Fae territory or I can meet up with Agarth in Didenhil to see about my particular “Fate” as far as being seen as an evolved life form. Both quests, I feel, are important too because they both have answers that’ll lead you to your destiny in the game.

If I was a betting man, I’d go with Agarth only because he seems so interested in me and how I “fit” into the whole grand design; going this route will definitely answer some questions about who I am in the game which you can definitely benefit from.

Joining Alyn Shir at the House of Ballads is, in a way, a hunt for something like I feel that her quest is all about helping her solve some problem which could be equated with doing a sidequest; it’s fine but I feel like you don’t need to really pay as much attention to her at the present time so don’t feel obligated to.

Sidequests completed and tip for sidequests

Sidequests are fun and great because they allow you to get your hands on some very powerful weaponry and other armaments, it is in your best interest to do every sidequest, it’s going to go a long way when you’re aspiring to absolute levels of power where using your sorcery to stun a mountain troll at a distance will be child’s play.

Every sidequest is different and you can learn a lot about the different people you help especially in the sidequest “They Walk Among Us”, you might be dealing with people who swear they’re innocent but when you’re sent after these people; they’re everything but innocent.

One strategy that I would keep in mind when you’re doing sidequests is that if you’re doing a sidequest that takes you into Rathir, Mel Senshir or even Adessa territory, I’d leave until you actually have to journey that way. I accidentally attempted to get to Rathir and the enemies were INCREDIBLY strong; I mean, I didn’t even survive 2 minutes in the ring with them and that was with my “fate” form.

There is another strategy to keep in mind when doing sidequests which I’ll mention in my video so stay tuned gamer fans and be on the lookout.

Make use of your house

Upon arriving at Canneroc, you’ll be tasked with riding the town of a spider infestation which there will be one and after you deal with said infestation, you’ll be given a house of your very own. My advice, pay off the freakin’ carpenter because he’s going to pimp your house out!

You’re going to have everything you need from a sagecraft altar to a forge along with an alchemy workbench that’ll allow you to make all kinds of potions and other things. By having your own house, you’ll be able to save money not going to an inn. Also, since you’ll be able to fast travel from place to place then you won’t have to worry about taking any unnecessary damage.

At first, you might get to a point or so far into the game that you’ll practically ignore your house or the fact that you have your own; remember it always because going back to your house often will make it so you’ll always have a place to rest your head.

Recommended Weapons Advice

Now, in Kingdoms of Amalur, there are many weapons that you can use and you’ll find that the more points you invest in a particular category be it Finesse, Might or Sorcery, you’ll be able to use more powerful weapons and armor. I also want to point out that there is a weapon built for every enemy.

Naturally, you have hammers to deal with Jottun and other big baddies like Mountain Trolls etc. Longswords will easily destroy enemies of a human nature like bandits and other humanoid enemies. Faeblades are good for quick enemies or to match your enemies’ speed; boggarts are a fine example here.

With that said, I usually stick to a Longsword mostly because it does not take a lot skill to use and as you’re progressing, you’ll be able to get your hands on more powerful versions like some of them will have an element like ice or fire or even electric.

Second, since I am versed in magic, I always carry around a staff to which to use if I feel that I want to take out crowds of enemies at once or at least deal said crowd some excellent damage. My advice, don’t lean on one weapon. Carry at least two weapons with you at all times.

The rationale, eventually one of those weapons will break; having that backup weapon or having a secondary weapon to fall back on is a great idea. One word of caution, make sure your second weapons’ attack strength rivals your primary weapon because there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to kill all of your enemies with a weapon weaker than your primary one.


Kingdoms of Amalur Walkthrough has you traveling from place to place but keep in mind too that whether you join Alyn or Agarth will be totally up to you, completing sidequests are not a particular hardship as long as you don’t journey to places that you have yet the strength to.

Journey to your house often and keep in mind that you have a house because its easy to forget when you’re fast traveling from town to dungeon to cave or whereever you’re heading. If you’re going to carry weapons of every kind with you on this journey, don’t; I would carry only two different weapons throughout the whole game.

What do you think of my post, how far have you gotten in the game, do you think you’re doing just fine or are you not; send me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately, I’d like to know where you are in the game whereever it is. Thank you and Happy gaming.





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