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Published January 15, 2019

Killing enemies while traveling the plains of erathell can be quite challenging even if you have the game’s strongest weaponry. Whether its frost sword or a fire hammer, enemies can quickly overwhelm you and kill you if given the chance. However, there are little “tricks”, cheats if you will, that you can get away with doing that’ll make your enemy killing easier.

There are not a lot of Kingdoms Amalur Reckoning cheats in the game but that doesn’t mean that some of the things that you can do doesn’t or won’t constitute as cheats. For example, maxing out the Blacksmith skill will enable you to make weapons that’ll have 99+ attack power which will let you mow down anything in the game.

However, using innate powers hardly constitutes cheating and the “innate powers” that I’m referring to is your fate form. Your fate form is activated when you’ve gained enough power in order to use it but be warned, its a great power that can be used pointlessly if you’re not focusing on the bigger picture.

In my post, I plan to cover exactly what your fate form is, how to get power to it, how to utilize its full powers and on who not to mention why keeping it for a rainy day is better that using it on just anything.

Fate Form/Fate Shift

The ultimate form or fate form as I call it is a super invincible, time slowing and power hitting alternate form that your character takes when your ‘fate meter’ i.e. the purple meter is filled to capacity. This “clue” gets easier to identify the more and longer you play the game, but you’ll be happy to be able to access it when you’ve filled that meter.

An interesting concept this fate form because with it you’re still able to take damage but it is reduced heavily by 80%, an enemy strike that only does a pin prick’s worth of damage will not even touch you.

Also, you do 2x normal damage which means that it doesn’t matter what your weapon’s attack power is, your enemies are still taking lethal damage from you.

Another thing to take into consideration too is that while you’re in your fate form, you’ll be facing a world where time has completely slowed to a crawl which you’ll appreciate when you’re facing bigger enemies and those that are overly agile and won’t stand still long enough for you to get in a decent blow.

When to use this form

Sometimes the hardest thing for any gamer to do is hold back power that needs to be spent, but sometimes using that power can seem like a big disappointment if you’re using it on enemies that aren’t worth it. For example, if you’re going up against a few small enemies, a wolf, a couple of Barghests and an Ettin brute then you would go fate form and own.

However, if you’re just running along the roads and you see some Freeman bandits or even red legion goons then I would just take them out with good ‘ol brute strength and magic; there’s no reason to use it on such weak enemies. Also, I want it to go on the record that you should definitely consider using it if you’re surrounded and getting attack from all sides.

This is when not to use it!

Personally, I always try to win every fight without having to use the fate form but there are times when I know I have to but it goes without saying that power that is yours alone is wasted unless used properly so don’t use your fate form unless you’re facing enemies that have you unbelievably surrounded or you’re going up against giants or Thresh enemies.

Is it ideal to abuse it?

Abuse of any power can corrupt but such a concept in this game doesn’t exist but that doesn’t mean that one can’t abuse the power of the fate form. The concept of abusing this power is using it on everything that walks whether the enemies are as small as a linchpin or as big as an entire house.

I can see how the abuse of this power can go to a gamer’s head but there really is nothing in the game that you can abuse this power on; well, that is if you’re using it to beat up little weak Boggart enemies which is not needed at all. The objective of the fate form is holding it back until you actually need it so you’re not going through your healing items or healing spell (if you got it already) as quickly.

Every game has that one cheat that you can pull off effortlessly without any kind of negative repercussion of any and every kind, the fate form is that cheat. Incidentally, I wouldn’t use the fate form on simple enemies that I can kill creatively in 200 different other ways hence preserving the form until the time is right.

What prompts “ammo” for your fate form?

Now, one of the things that I’ve wondered over the time that I’ve been playing the game is how do I get ammo or fill my fate form meter and the answer is simple; battle! Amazingly, the whole time that I was attacking my enemies either with my sword or with my magic staff, it didn’t dawn on me that my fate meter was filling up albeit slowly but it was filling up.

One of the ways I found that really works to fill the fate meter is using your magic powers especially your Storm Bolt magic along with using your other kinds of magic as well. Another good way to get your fate meter filled is by using your magic staff or a magic staff to do the move, mage’s vortex.

The power emitted from casting mage’s vortex pulls your enemies into a magical elemental vortex that’ll deal damage to them and all you have to do is just keep casting mage’s vortex until the meter is filled. You can do that by blocking with your shield and pressing the attack button while holding the staff.


Kingdoms Amalur Reckoning cheats can consist of anything that’ll give you an edge in battle particularly the fate form which can and should be abused when you’re facing giants, ettin or the jottuns. This form should not be used on smaller enemies which mean leaving the Barghests and Boggarts along with the Brownies alone.

However, using your fate form when the times call for it will ensure that you get the most out of using it but be warned, you’re encouraged to still hold back if the enemies you’re facing isn’t strong enough to match you which most them of them aren’t. If you have any questions about my post then leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.



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