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Published October 22, 2019

So Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is going to be out soon and with that being the case, there has been new info regarding the game as far as bosses and a few other surprises including who the possible endgame boss is. I’ve been a Star Wars fan since the beginning and this game is going to be big and that includes a lot of the in-game content. For example, Cal is going to incidentally graduate from Jedi Padawan to Jedi Knight over the course of his adventure.

Naturally, there’s no ceremony but in his own way, he’ll have proven more capable if not more than his late master before Order 66. Apparently, the second sister is going to be joining the fun with her dark side using self but there’s going to be more fun on the way with the Ninth Sister. Now, everyone knows that Sith aren’t fun to play with let alone have a lightsaber duel with but they do make the game interesting. Check out this new gameplay video by Bombastic, much love man, thank you.

Lightsaber Customization is also going to be a big thing in the game which, as we learned in the Force Unleashed, only made us stronger as a whole but more on that and other things later in the post which I’ll discuss now.

Cal graduating from Padawan to Jedi Knight

From what I’ve viewed in the video, Cal does a lot of growing up during the course of his adventure alongside his teammates who he goes from place to place with. Cal starts out as an unwitting Jedi Padawan who has been hanging around on Planet Braka ignorant of everything around him until he chooses to stand and fight the Empire. It seems like over the course of the game, you see Cal go from clueless Padawan to Jedi Knight and almost following in the footsteps of Rahm Kota via destroying imperial targets etc.

Despite the fact that Cal doesn’t have a ceremony that makes him a Jedi Knight, it seems like the honor is granted him as he fights the Empire and goes to war with the second and ninth sister. This reminds me of when Caleb Dume i.e. Kanan Jarrus was alone after Order 66, he raised Ezra from a Padawan to Jedi Knight and the same happened for himself.

I got the impression of that as I was watching the demo of the game especially traveling from planet to planet. Incidentally, Cal is going to be a Jedi Knight by the adventure’s end and I’ve thought to myself, “will he die a Jedi Knight or does that require a ceremony?” I guess we’ll see.

Ninth Sister

Now, my blood got pumping when I first saw Cal taking on the Ninth Sister who made it into the game. I personally hope that the brothers and other sisters make it into the game but its okay if they don’t because there’s already going to be more bosses to go toe to toe than recently imagined. The Ninth Sister is a very lethal force user and trained in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force as is her predecessor, the Second Sister before her.

However, she’s more avid in Lightsaber combat than actually using the Force. Personally, I don’t believe she’s going to be that hard to beat but then I also thought that about the Second Sister when I saw the duel and she looks tough so if you’re going to beat her, you better bring your A-game.

With the Ninth Sister, you can’t rest because she’s likely to chop you into confetti but ultimately she not someone to let your guard down around. Thankfully, like many other Sith, you can use your Force Powers to slow her down at least to the point where you can get in a few swipes.

This game is going to be awesome and personally, the fact that the game is going to be canon is even more awesome.

Lightsaber Customization

As any Jedi Padawan knows that being able to customize your lightsaber is the key to having fun in any Star Wars game and thankfully, this is a feature that making a comeback. I remember when I used to customize my lightsaber in past Star Wars games, it was so awesome. I mean, if you had a choice to use your regular lightsaber or that of a past Jedi Master like Mace Windu or even Mara Jade Skywalker even Anakin Skywalker or Obi Wan Kenobi.

On the cutting room floor, get some!

What I used to do was every time I found a new lightsaber hilt or lightsaber Khyber crystal, I equipped it to my lightsaber immediately just to see what the effect were and they were awesome. I hope that in this game the lightsaber crystal will have specific abilities attached to it like +3 attack or minimized damage from lightsaber strikes from Sith etc.

The fact that you can customize your saber is a welcome addition to the game and I’m glad that the creators when through with it. I’ve seen colors such as Orange, Yellow, Green even Purple so it’s going to be quite a task to choose which lightsaber color to rock with.

Endgame expectation

My favorite part of this post, the Endgame Expectation. Now, it is seen that Cal is fighting the Ninth Sister. However, how it should be is that Cal should fight the Ninth Sister first then Darth Vader on second. Cal taking on Darth Vader would be a good way to end the game because since Vader made it his life’s work to end all Jedi existence across the galaxy then it would be a good way to close the game out. Maybe structure the fight so Cal gets Vader down to his last little bit of life and Vader does some surprise technique and almost strikes Cal down.

Even though the endgame might be a little different, having Darth Vader in the game would make the game pop because there’s not one Star Wars game that he hasn’t been in yet and it is my hope that he’ll be in this one. Darth Vader, master of the Dark Side of the Force, would be able to stand against any Jedi or Sith.

That’s why I believe that the fight with Cal would be perfect because it would give Cal a chance to see where he would stack up against Vader.


Cal Kestis, Jedi Padawan, a man on a mission to find his place in the universe with the help of his friends. Along the way, Cal incidentally graduates to Jedi Knight while battling the Ninth Sister along with her predecessor the Second Sister. Lightsaber Customization is going to be a big thing in the game which is good because customizing anything in the Star Wars-verse makes the game more awesome. The endgame expectation is Vader vs. Cal and seeing how the two stack up.

So what do you think of my post, what are your thoughts on the upcoming game? Leave me a message and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. RodarrickRodarrick

    To say I am impressed with all I read is simply an understatement and I’m really looking forward to seeing the game coming out. Jedi fallen order would surely be the game changer and turning point in the star wars series and I love the feel already. All the twists that you have highlighted only makes the game more and more interesting to see and hope for. I am really hoping for a great game because I included this in the list ogganes to buy and play when it comes out. Thank you

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      No problem Rodarrick, I appreciate the sentiment. Yeah, you’re going to be blown away and November 15 is the drop date. Stay tuned.

  2. RamosRamos

    Wow! Surely going to be a bluck burster is all I hope for and I’m really getting my hopes up for this star wars Jedi fallen order. It seems too real to be true but then, I have to accept it the way it has been presented. I have watched all the series in the star wars movie but not really a big fan of gaming but then, I have played quite a few too. But reading about this alone is getting me turn on on it and I will surely play it when it is out. Darth Vader would be a character I would love to see.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Same here Ramos, I’m knowledgeable about everything that’s going to be in the game and it will not disappoint. I have an email list I’m building, wanna join my email list?

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