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Published November 4, 2017

Every enemy in every video game ever made have weaknesses that we gamers exploit for our own purpose which usually involves destroying the enemy whether it is through elemental magic usage or combos. Coincidentally, you can kill enemies in many games in very interesting and strategic ways.

Many innovative ways to kill tough baddies lies in using certain abilities or strategies that some gamers tend to downplay. For example, enemies that rely on brute strength to deal damage can have the power of their brute strength lowered so their strikes deal no more than at least 130 points of damage.

The thing is, a lot of the gamers, myself included, rely on our expertise and years of gaming strategy to destroy the toughest of enemies. I can remember when I did not always see a reason to use strategy when I played my games but it is thanks to strategy that even enemies that are heavily armored are nothing before my strategic might.

I’ve fought some of the toughest enemies in just about every video game I’ve played in the last 27 and a half years; here are some of the strategies that I used to kill the tough baddies giving me trouble.

Elder Drake – Via Infinito

Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X-2 has some of the toughest enemies to ever exist in the Final Fantasy-verse and one of those enemies is the Elder Drake whose made a home in Via Infinito in Bevelle. Elder Drake hits like a tank and does lethal damage with each hit, but it can be beat though it can take a long time if you don’t have a strategy in place.

One of the most innovative ways to kill tough baddies like the Elder Drake is by using Rikku’s Mascot dressphere; the Power Eraser ability is the key to destroying Elder Drake, it helps if you learn the move beforehand. Challenge it to mortal combat, use Power Eraser continuously until you see the damage being dealt to you is no more than 130 – 150 points.

Yuna, in her Mascot Dressphere, use Moogle Wallja and Cureja. This’ll keep the party healthy and protected from Elder Drake’s Pyroplexy attack. Paine, in Mascot Dress, use Quartet Knife to whittle Elder Drake’s stats down some more. Yuna should use Moogle Beam to deal damage to the dope while using Moogle Jolt to restore magic points; Paine can use her Cactling Gun to further damage the overgrown nuisance until he dies.

Adol Clones/Shadow Figures – Limewater Cavern

Ys VI: Ark of Napishtim

The Limewater Cavern is THE place where you’ll find some of the most interesting enemies in the game, the dark Adol Clones that become Shadow Bats when the Rainbow Fragment is equipped in particular. Oddly enough, the Shadow Bats can be destroyed by themselves and with minimal difficulty. The dark Adol Clones, the Shadow Bats’ alternate form is practically in a class by itself.

Striking the clones will not deal any damage to them, but the Blirante’s special ability makes destroying them possible; innovative ways to kill tough baddies in this game require use of all of your elemental weapons’ special abilities because it is the only way to destroy them. To destroy the dark Adol Clones, use the Blirante’s special ability by pressing and holding down the Square button for a second then release.

However, the Blirante must be at least Lv. 9 before the Adol Clones can be destroyed this way; you’ll be returning to the cavern not long after you chase off the Romun Fleet so you’ll get a chance to try it out upon your return.

Balam – Mithysmere Canyon

Wild Arms 5

When you first meet Balam while playing Wild Arms 5, he might come off as a little difficult because he cannot be attacked physically; he can only be destroy magically or using magic which means keeping him off the one elemental leypoint that deals damage to him, water. Balam has the Jump ability which he uses, but you can use your own Jump to get to the water leypoint using the Sword Medium. If any of your characters is near the water leypoint then have them get into it so Balam can’t.

Innovative ways to kill tough baddies like this is to keep your spellcasters safe by running interference for them. For example, have a party of Greg, Rebecca and Dean. Place Rebecca and Greg on the water leypoint, Greg will be your magic user so have him cast Blast then have Dean on the leypoint next to the water leypoint to cut Balam off from harming Greg and Rebecca.

Greg and Rebecca have a combo art called Corona Fall which is magic based and can be used on Balam to speed up his demise. It is ideal to have Rebecca use Heal Berries to keep both Dean, her and Greg healthy. The point of the strategy is to have Dean block the entire battle to keep Balam away from Greg and Rebecca while they both end him.

Cyclops Twins – Outside the Palace of the Fates

God of War II

God of War II, one of my favorite games of all time. Incidentally, you’ll come to the Palace of the Fates where you’ll be greeted by two Cyclopes along with two Beast Riders. Now, you may think that this is an impossible battle but its really quite simple. First, choose a Cyclops and dismount the Beast Rider and keep pressing Circle to destroy him then destroy any Beast Rider that appears thereafter; there should be 4 total.

Don’t let another Beast Rider blow their horn of summoning Cyclops because you’ll eventually be destroyed and don’t touch the Cyclops until you’ve destroyed the respawning Beast Riders while trying to maneuver around the other Cyclops After the Beast Riders are dead then use Rage of the Titans to destroy the Cyclops then do the same thing to his buddy that you were avoiding.

Innovative ways to kill tough baddies doesn’t have to just come from brute strength, it can be lessening the number of enemies that you’re dealing with presently to weaken the collective which is enough to give you an edge in battle. Incidentally, killing tough baddies is never a chore when you know how to use strategy.


Every game has their share of tough baddies but there are innovative ways to kill tough baddies without stretching yourself thin or level grinding. If you have questions or a comment regarding my post then please feel free to message me and I’ll get back to you within the hour.






  1. ChrisChris

    Hey there!

    I have a question regarding strategy in Dark Souls Three?? I tried playing that game and it literally took me like 45 tries to beat the very first boss that is practice!

    I then got stuck on a crazy hard one, it was like a lion with lightning. I had to give up because I could not do it to save my life haha!

    Hopefully you can help!


    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Dark Souls 3, I’ve never played that game but from what I can tell, you’re having trouble learning the attack pattern of the monster in question. My advice, learn the monster’s attack pattern like when it’s going to do whatever attack keeps killing or you keep getting caught doing.

      I don’t suggest level-grinding but if you feel you’re underleveled then that might be a factor as well. So spend a little time really learning the boss’ attacks because I feel it could really make a difference with your strategy and counterattacks.

  2. NormanNorman

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve got 3 kids deep in their gamer lives stage, and articles like yours help me better understand their lingo and what it all means. It all seems so complicated! Just destroying the Twin Cyclops sounds like a confusing set of read and react…at lightning speed. Amazing!

    I’ll have a look at your other articles with the kids – I’m sure they’ll enjoy them!

    All the best!

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Wow thanks Norman, that means a lot because most of my website is geared toward strategies that can be applied not just to the games they’re aimed at but other games as well like the type your kids play. 

      Destroying the Twin Cyclops outside of the Palace of the Fates in God of War II is a trial (somewhat), but it is manageable; the key is to divide and conquer; the red orb reward is immense so that’s why I developed that strategy. 

      Please, feel free to look through my website, you might find something else that might appeal to your children. 

  3. glendaglenda

    Hi  Rodney,

    Thanks for sharing this gaming articles of ways to kill tough boss baddies! Ivividly remember that I myself has had been in that situation where I tried to find a perfect way to kill tough baddies. It has been almost 12 years ago or more that games like this really eat most of my time. My all time favorite is Legend of Dragoon well that’s only for me. And up to the present, I somehow still keeps on playing that game, I converted it so that I can play it in PSP type of console. 


    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Glenda, thanks for reaching out. Legend of Dragoon was one of my favs too eons ago; I tried to replay it again 8 years ago but I just couldn’t get back into it. However, this article was an invention of a game I was playing at the time Final Fantasy X-2; the tips and strategies here can really help if you’re in a bind especially with a boss that’s all powerful like Faust (if you sought the 50 stardust(s)). I love Shirley’s Temple music, I wish there was a track of it on Youtube somewhere. 

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