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Published October 9, 2018

Spiderman PS4 presents a lot of challenges for gamers including the inner city chase after small-time hoods who dabble in everything from drug dealing to petty theft to grand larceny.

Playing the game for the little time that I was, I instantly became overwhelmed with all the backpacks you have to find and all the city crime you have to stop not to mention all the satellites you have to descramble.

It is a known fact that when gamers are presented with a dozen or more sidequests that can be done immediately or take place in a designated (especially the one they’re in) it can become a chore trying to figure out where to start and sometimes how.

What’s good about Spiderman PS4 is that it has a lot of challenges that enables the gamer, if they complete them, to test their mettle against the city of New York.

Also, the game rewards gamers with experience points that can go toward unlocking things like extra suits and other cool stuff. For me, it wasn’t an issue of challenges; it was more about where to begin to start the challenges.

I can say that I’ve developed a way that gamers can get their fill via the city challenges and not have to worry about doing it all at once which I will talk about in this post starting…now.

Doing too much

Now, when you’re perched atop whatever building you’re on; I bet I can tell you exactly what you’re thinking; “do I do the investigation at the Fisk Construction Site or do I start with all the crimes, backpacks or even side missions?”


You could be like “I’m going to do the backpacks, satellites, and all petty crimes in the city all at once”. Let me tell you right now, you’re doing too much. See, it’s not a race and you’re definitely going to have all the time you need to complete a challenge or find all the backpacks. There’s nothing rushing you and besides, it’s not always ideal to rush to get something done.

You know you’re doing too much if you’re trying to figure out the fastest way to get the simplest task done and while it’s ideal to have a strategy to that regard, you’d just be doing too much if you’re running around about the city without any kind of plan as far as what you want to do. So my advice, slow down and…..

Break it down

As you well know, the various challenges are broken up into different categories which consists of backpacks, city crimes, side missions, satellites etc. If you’re looking for an edge and are interested in having everything laid out before you, I suggest you start with activating every satellite in every city everywhere (well, everywhere you’re able). By simply breaking down the challenges, you can clear them easily and quickly.

My last satellite

Another reason to follow this strategy is Focus, it is easy to become overwhelmed with trying to do everything at once so you can get on with the storyline or the story arc as it were. However, it cannot be argued the center of the story is important but so is taking the time to do the extra stuff.

I cannot tell you how into the game I got when I followed this strategy; it made things so much easier, Think about it, activating the city satellites will “illuminate” the path before you when you want to do a side mission or a part of the city that you need to get to.

Furthermore, this is a great strategy to implement in order to find a particular something like the ever annoying bird watcher side mission at Belvedere Castle. I never hated birds or wanted them dead so much before in my life.

The Reward of Strategy

Every strategy is rewarded but in this game, you really reap the rewards which comes in the form of suits and power suits. Like the Spider Armor MK II which Spiderman is awarded after he reaches level 5. When I first saw this suit, I was like “wow, I got this for doing some of the challenges”. But the truth is, some of Spiderman’s suits unlock at different levels.

I even unlocked the classic suit – the one with Web Blossom ability, I was so blown away at the amount of suits that you can unlock in this game. Naturally, this is all thanks to the strategy of picking and choosing one challenge to do and doing it to its completion.

The rewards worthwhile!

If you’re going to go after all the backpacks in the city or in the various parts of the city then focus on that until its completed.

I found that you can rack up a lot of points focusing on one challenge at a time or choosing to do one thing at a time; strategizing to do one challenge instead of trying to do it all, you’ll really…

Enjoy the Ride

The way, the only way to do that is to take your time and enjoy the ride. I get that the crimes in the city can might compel you to going rushing forward or to the “scene of the crime”, but rushing to get to that crime isn’t going to help you especially if you’re going into battle to against armed men.

My advice, take your time and enjoy the ride i.e. going from place to place doing one task at a time.

Whether you find yourself going after that final satellite or even going after stopping your 20th crime or even discovering your 11th landmark; whatever the case just take your time and enjoy the ride. Besides, you paid 60 dollars for a game so you may as well take your time and get the most bang for your buck.

Rushing to get something done isn’t the way to enjoy anything; a lesson I had to learn the hard way many times even recently. I was trying to get to the scene of the crime where a couple of burglars were holding up a jewelry store.

Ultimately, they got their asses kicked by me and arrested but I still felt like I shouldn’t have rushed there because I took a lot of unnecessary damage and forgot that my battle focus was active.

Plus, the bigger aspect of this is that you’ll unlock more suits with the various experience points that you gain doing the various challenges all over the city so you’ll be able to go to that particular crime scene as Scarlet Spider, use its special ability to minimize or eliminate damage entirely. Think about it!


Spiderman PS4 is a decently long game but most of the length comes from the various challenges that you have to optionally do along with the story arc. However, it cannot be argued that you’re doing too much if you’re trying to go after all the backpacks while stopping all the crimes even while trying to do all the side missions; I advise you to pick one and do it then finish it.

Breaking down the various tasks comes in handy when you’re trying to do decide which is easier to tackle first or which is the best challenge to start with first which would be to descramble all satellites the state over.

The reward of strategy is simple, experience points that goes toward unlocking additional suits like the bulletproof Spider Armor MK II.

Above all, enjoy the ride i.e. the gameplay and the game mechanics; don’t rush if you don’t have to especially since there no time limit on anything that you have to do. I’d love to hear your perspective on my post here and if you do have any questions then please feel free to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Sometimes the best thing you can do in any game is come up with a plan of action or a strategy on how to approach a task or a challenge or even how to unlock a particular something like a suit or an additional ability which I talk about in my video.



  1. HappyBHappyB

    Hi RJ

    So Spidey has turned you into a bird-hating strategist. Well, could be worse.

    I do like your plan to turn on the satellites first.

    I know a lot of gamers have this burning passion to get to the end, to finish, but I enjoy the playing so I do not want it to end. It suits me to have big and small challenges which I take on, depending on how I feel that day.

    Thanks for the advice and I am with you on this: squeeze the pleasure out of the $60 worth of game. Once it is over there is not nearly so much fun.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Thanks HappyB, I’m glad you see it my way. I want to go on record as saying that the bird watching side mission was a pain in the butt; I had to “air web” the bird that had the flash drive in its mouth not to mention I had to stay behind them as they flew through the entire city with me on their trail; what a world! I love taking my time too in order to get to the end of a game, I don’t like to rush at all. 

  2. LiviaLivia

    Your blog is great! I loved reading your article. I noticed that the way you approached completing the game is very similar to what a lot of speedrunners do. Speedrunners try and look for the fastest way to complete the game.

    I also like the way that you use images to compliment your writing and keep the audience engaged.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Wow thanks Livia, I do the best I can; the website is there to help and entertain after all; sometimes its hard getting the pictures just right in order to compliment a particular paragraph but I come through it. I never speed run through a game, I like taking my time and just enjoying the ride. Thanks so much for your feedback.

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