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Published May 26, 2018

Video games are not just a hobby or a great way to relax during the day, they are a way of life to many gamers myself included. There are many gamers out there who have every game console to ever exist and have games that they have not started or finished playing. This is a problem that I myself face because I have a total 15 games for my PS4; 10 of them I haven’t beaten yet, but I have started on them. I have a little less than 4000 games on my Retro Game Station and 18 games on my PS3.

Why does it have to be hard to choose which one to play?

Most times, it is easier to play a game that you like and are so into that nothing else matters including all the other games that you have either downloaded or in disk form. For me, it is always a fight about which game to play and why or which game do I feel like playing; other times its “I’m not going to play this seriously or at all because I’m just not feeling the rush”.

I can’t even remember the last time I played this outside of last night

9 times out of 10, gamers will play the games that they like or the popular game that they have that everyone is playing while ignoring their games on other consoles; they don’t mean to, but they do. This is a crime I am also guilty of to a more or less Nth degree. After thinking about it, I’ve come up with a solution that might help gamers out so they don’t have to feel conflicted about which game to play multiple games.

The Problem

Okay, let’s analyze the problem. The problem is that we gamers have way too many games that we play or start on and many of us also have game saves whether they are on a memory card or on the hard drive of those games. Incidentally, it can be difficult trying to figure out what game to play because you’re at a good point in the game you’re playing via save point or you’re just feeling a little burned out on that particular game.

I can’t concentrate on these and…

My problem right now is this, I have Super Star Wars that I want to play, I have God of War PS4 and DMC – Devil May Cry PS3. Now, I’m working on all of those at once right now; the problem is that I’m at a good place in God of War PS4; I believe I’m at the Lake of Nine. DMC – Devil May Cry PS3 – I’m on Mission 11, I’m returning to previous levels to get stuff that I missed now that I have the Aquila.

this at the same time

On Super Star Wars, I haven’t even started that yet; see the problem? I cannot begin to imagine how many other gamers go through this but worry not for I have…..

The Solution

So, you’re probably wondering if there is a solution to this and yes there is; just play that one game for an entire week, 7 days. For example, I haven’t started Super Star Wars so from 5/28 to 6/4, I’m going to play Super Star Wars on my Retro Game Station and that alone. Which means for the entire week, I stay away from my PS4 and PS3 and PS2 and any other system I have until midnight of 6/4.

Concentrate on this for one week then move onto another game

Then from 6/5 to 6/12, I’ll work on DMC – Devil May Cry – PS3; play that for a whole week then I’m going to play God of War PS4 from 6/13 to 6/20. See what I did there, I just completed an entire week cycle of the games that I want to work on, I can even follow this principle if I wanted to play a game for PS2 which I do.

Why it works and/or what if I beat that game?

This works because I did something like this a long time ago, but I just forgot about it until now. More importantly, you’ll have that entire week to get as far as possible in that game or to beat it if you’re close to the end. Nothing hurts a gamer more than knowing that they were close to the end of a game but can’t finish because life gets complicated or busy and they cannot find the time.

There isn’t enough time in a day in this gamer’s opinion

Honestly, I think time is a gamer’s worst enemy and I say because it is so easy to be consumed by time or how much of it we have and don’t have to dedicate toward playing and beating a game. Another question that might come up is, “what if I beat that game?

I would move onto this; simple, really

Well, to that I say this, you just find another game to play for that system. For example, say I beat Castlevania: Lords of Shadow for PS3 then I’ll move on to the next game that I haven’t beaten for the PS3 which would be Odin Sphere Leifthrasir. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, the bigger aspect of this solution is that your game system lasts longer as well.

Potential arguments/Counterarguments

Given the problem and the solution, one potential argument that might arise is “I only have one game system with a lot of games, it would just be easier to play all the games as I go along”. I can counter argue that if you are working on just one game for that particular system vs. working on several games at once, you’ll be in better shape to give that one game your entire focus; it’s easy to allow yourself to get too wrapped up in beating too many games for that one system and it will overwhelm you.

Do this….

So, the biggest thing is spreading out the amount of games you have so you can focus on one game for an entire week. Another potential argument that could arise is, your solution lacks substance in the aspect of someone who only plays video games everyone once in a while. My counterargument, life gets busy, I know that better than anyone. However, the last game you play is the key to solving that potential problem.

and don’t worry about this

If you were playing Final Fantasy XV on 3/28/2018 and were playing Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on 1/7/2018 then Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is the game you want to pick back up on because its not recent as opposed to Final Fantasy XV.


Gamers collect video games over a matter of time and sometimes get too caught up in which game they should play vs. a game that they haven’t played in forever thus creating the problem of wanting to play every game in their repertoire until they beat those games. However, applying the solution will give them the time they need to concentrate on beating that one game.

Video games rule so make time for yours

Among the potential arguments that can potentially arise involving wanting to beat all the games on that game system at once can be quell with the counterargument of them becoming so overwhelmed that they’ll get frustrated with the lack of organization or memory. Time or lack thereof can be potentially argued as a means of contempt against the solution because of how busy some gamers can get.

Or this could be you, gamer frustration sucks!

The counterargument of course is to reflect on the time and date of the game, it’ll come through if and when the gamer needs a place to start gaming or which game to start back on after a long absence.

If you have any questions or comments about my post then please feel free to leave me a message below and I’ll respond before the day is out. Thank you and happy gaming.



  1. AvarethAvareth

    This was a good read, I’ve run into this problem a handful of times myself. I almost have the opposite issue nowadays though! I’m obsessed with completing what I begin so often times I’ll keep going through a game even when I’m frustrated with a point that I’m stuck on within it. Something I’ve started doing lately is switching games when I get overly frustrated with a certain part of them. It’s the breather I need most of the time I’m able to come back and clear whatever it was. Anyway, great article, and the “sticking to a game per week” tactic for solving this definitely seems like a good solution.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Thanks Avareth, I came up with that on a whim because I was fighting with that same thing. I mean, it was torture wanting to work on God of War PS4 then play rock, paper, scissors to see whether I play Super Star Wars or DMC Devil May Cry PS3. This is working out for me very well too because I got a whole week’s vacation and I play to use it playing God of War until that week is up which I think it is on Sunday. 

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