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Published October 14, 2019

As everyone who is a Dragonball Z fan knows about GT Goku and his unfathomable powers especially that of Super Saiyan 4, an impressive form to be sure. Recently, I’ve been catching a lot of chatter in the video game realm talking about Goku from Dragonball GT joining Dragonball FighterZ. Now, I’m all for a little crossover action in like television shows but never in video games.

Gaming creators have a sacred duty, or so I once thought, to keep all characters in their respective universe which means no bringing in anyone who doesn’t have any business in said universe. I’ve sat with this for sometime thinking about whether or not to voice my opinion on this but I am silent no longer, the video game guru must say his piece.

Now, this might seem like a good idea putting GT Goku into Dragonball FighterZ so as to enhance the amount of fighters and fill out the roster somewhat which, okay, I admire that, but this is a line that shouldn’t have been crossed. You don’t take fighters from other universes and add them to the roster. Jiren is okay because he was in Dragonball Super; FighterZ focuses on the Dragonball Super anime and the creators just cheapened it which I’ll discuss and more in this post.

GT Goku’s timeline

If I’m being completely honest here, GT Goku has no business on Dragonball FighterZ because his timeline exists outside of Dragonball Super. Dragonball GT didn’t come along until after the conclusion of the Majin Buu Saga which, as many can expect, is expected after said saga. However, filling out the roster with fighters from Dragonball Super in Dragonball FighterZ is the overall expectation or was anyway.

To put a finer point on this, Goku from GT is too overpowered; his power is not meant to exist on the current time axis because he exists outside of both Majin Buu and Super. Ultimately, this was a very poor choice of characters because as I said, GT Goku is too overpowered. I mean, yeah if he goes up against Goku Black, how much trouble do you really think he’ll have against Black.

This goes for Janemba as well who also doesn’t have any business in Dragonball FighterZ and neither does Cooler. If the game creators were really on their game, they should’ve put in fighters who fought in the Tournament of Power like a few other God(s) of Destruction. I’m just saying.

A Good Alternative

To put a fine point on my previous one about other Gods of Destruction, I wouldn’t have put GT Goku in the game, I would’ve put in 1-2 fighters from each universe. For example, I would’ve put in the Universe 6 Saiyans Cabba and the rest, I would’ve put in Ribrianne from Universe 2 despite the fact that they were not my favorite or my favorite fighters. I mean look, Jiren is already in the game so they may as well have put in Top and Dysopo.

A much better alternative than GT Goku

The point is that anyone, any fighter would’ve been a good alternative to GT Goku; he’s out of his element and, not to be this guy, but I find it hard to focus on staying true to a show I’ve loved forever as well as a game that I do love. I mean there’s no question that GT Goku is a great asset to the Dragonball Z-verse, but not in Dragonball Super, he doesn’t below there. Plus, he’s the only fighter besides Janemba that stick out like a sore thumb.

Ultimately, taking a few of the fighters from the Dragonball Super-verse would’ve been a great alternative, it would’ve been awesome to see Full Power Mystic Gohan take on the God of Destruction of Universe 8, Liquiir.

The God, and Bad and the GT Goku

Now, there’s no doubt that GT Goku’s abilities and moveset wouldn’t be a major asset to the game. Clearly, we all know how strong he is but as I previously mentioned, he’s overpowered and can stand with anyone in the Super-verse except for maybe Super Saiyan God Form Goku and Vegeta even Vegeta’s God Form level up and Lord Beerus. I’m going to take this time and point a few comparisons that emphasizes my point perfectly.

For example, GT Goku vs. Golden Frieza. Now, this is almost an embarrassment of a match because Frieza’s Golden form gives him the advantage, but GT Goku got Super Saiyan 4 granted its part of his finishing move but he’s got it and that trumps Golden Frieza every time.

Super Saiyan God Blue Goku vs. GT Goku, you would think it would be even but you’re wrong, GT Goku could possibly beat Goku in his Super Saiyan God Blue form if not for Goku having mastered Ultra Instinct which should also be in the game.

Finally, GT Goku vs. Android 16. Naturally, GT Goku would win hands down. You see where I’m going with this, Jiren, Goku and Vegeta in their God forms is more than sufficient for the game, GT Goku, Janemba and Cooler don’t need to exist.


Now, I know this seems a little late but since GT Goku, Janemba and Cooler are in the game then the creators should center them around their own story arc or the story arc they are in. My advice, if you feel like GT Goku, Janemba and Cooler are out of their element, which they are, don’t purchase them because once you purchase them you won’t be able to un-purchase them like a tattoo, they’re on you forever so to speak.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like characters to stay in their respective universe which is the reason I haven’t bought GT Goku or Janemba but I tell you what I am going to buy Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta, now that’s power that’s hot to trot and if we’re being honest here, Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta IS a part of the Dragonball Super-verse. Granted, he was in a movie along with Broly who also BELONGS in the Super-verse, but both of the aforementioned characters need to be purchased if you haven’t already.

Again, don’t cross a line that’s not meant to be crossed, and buying Cooler, Janemba and GT Goku would be crossing that line but its up to you but I’d stay in my own universe until there was an expansion for the other characters like their own story arc which would then justify their existence in the game because right now, there’s nothing in the game that does. I’m just saying.


GT Goku has been a long time favorite for a lot of gamers myself included but there’s no denying the fact that he’s in a universe he doesn’t belong in. GT Goku is more than a match for many of the fighters in Dragonball FighterZ but would be evenly matched against Super Saiyan God Goku and Vegeta. Janemba, Cooler and GT Goku should not be in the Super-verse, they do not belong there, the focus should’ve been on Super-verse characters only.

So what do you think of my post, do you think I’m right or wrong, what are your thoughts on this post? Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thanks and Happy gaming


  1. jessetoikkanenjessetoikkanen

    Nice, funny and well-written article I would say! Actually I pretty much agree GT Goku should be banned or hugely nerfed to be on a reasonable level compared to everything else. Have you been trying Hongkong versions of RPG games? They are great as games but also awesome collectibles, some of those are sold only as 5-10k pieces or something like that.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      I have not and thanks for agreeing with me about the GT Goku thing, he’s way overpowered in a universe he does not belong in. I can’t understand why they would put him in the game. It’s ridiculous really. Thanks for the feedback.

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