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Published January 5, 2019

In God of War, there exists many “black spots” that, when you stick your hand in them, will unveil the hidden enemy within; these black spots are called Realm Tears and there is one or two in just about every area in the entire game. The Lake of Nine has more than its fair share and it goes without saying that toppling these realm tears are among the most challenging in the game.

Make no mistake, there are Realm Tears that are challenging but how many do you know that doesn’t have a “boss” emerge from it; strong enemies are just as likely to emerge from the realm tears just as any boss. In God of War Wildwoods, you’re going to face a realm tear that might seem a little unorthodox as it were.

There are many surprises to be had and held with your two eyes in the game including the statue of Thor (impressive piece of art). Regarding the Wildwoods realm tear, you’re in for a big surprise and will find that the enemies that you face will really give you a run for your money.

My post will prepare you for dealing with the realm tear in this particular area and how you can keep from getting killed not to mention implement attacks that’ll help you deal damage and stay a safe distance from the overpowered cretins you have to face. Without further ado, here are my strategies.

Kratos, Lv. 6+

Kratos has taken down common enemies and Gods alike at whatever level of power he had at that present time, but he’ll need to be on a whole another level of power before he can even touch these guys in the Wildwoods Realm Tear.

Ergo, it is immensely advised that you have Kratos at least to Lv. 6 before you take on this realm tear; this is exactly what I did and I managed to utterly destroy the overpowered annoyances that emerged from the realm tear. I want it to go on the record that Kratos himself will always be plenty strong to deal with these enemies but a push further will not hurt.

You don’t have to grind; in fact, I don’t think you should. My advice is to make the Wildwoods Realm Tear among the last things you do because then you’ll really be able to go toe to toe with the enemies without taking too much damage or at least enough damage to the point of being close to death.

Blades of Chaos at Lv. 4

Once you get the Blades of Chaos to Level 4, you’ll be in good shape to really use the blades to putting a lethal hurting on the enemies; whatever runic powers you have for the Blades of Chaos at the time you do the Wildwoods Realm Tear will more than get the job done.

Personally, I suggest using attacks that slams everyone for significant damage; attacks like the Nemean Crush comes to mind. You can also get away with using more than a few runic attacks that’ll level the playing field. For example, Prometheus Flame for one.

Second, Fires of Ares and you can even get away with using Blast of Hephaestus but you probably want to save that for when one of the enemies get up close and personal. By waiting until your blades are at the aforementioned level, you’ll stand a better chance of surviving the encounter and making sure that you’re alive.

The enemies that emerge from the realm tear are strong and we’re talking Lv.99 strong if said level existed in the game, but be warned that you will be taking on enemies on both land and air.

Leviathan Axe at Lv. 5

The Leviathan Axe is a lethal weapon and it gets even more so as you strengthen it and it goes without saying that you’ll need it to be at least Lv. 5 before you take on any of the realm tear enemies. Now, it is pretty clear that if you’re still feeling like you’re not completely ready to take these guys on up close then might I suggest a game of “keep away” so you can deal your damage and not die.

For example, Fury of the Ice Troll is an excellent runic attack for when you’re trying to keep your enemies at a distance while you heal or are gathering the various healing aids that these guys will no doubt drop, if they do. Having the Leviathan Axe at Lv. 5 guarantees you the victory; there are not that many enemies that can stand up to the brutal power of the Leviathan Axe at Lv. 5+.

This won’t do if you plan on taking on this realm tear!

Another axe attack I used in keeping enemies at bay and still dealt damage is River of Knives; the attack did enough damage to cover a wide area so every enemy standing in the way of the shards of ice were hit and took damage. Keep in mind too that Atreus is there for your enemy killing pleasure, spray those shock arrows because they’re going to come in handy plenty during the battle.

Berserker Support Stone

After doing all of that you find out that it wasn’t enough, got a back up plan; you should and it should be in the form of the Berserker Resurrection Support Stone. Every great hero should have a plan B and the Berserker Support Stone is that plan B. I want to go on record as saying that you’re completely shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t at least enter the Wildwoods area with this on you.

The reason, getting a second chance at life and being able to finish what you started is the true essence of human existence and the same goes in a video game such as this one. The Berserker Resurrection Stone will give you a full Spartan Rage meter which can be used to return life to you as you’re pounding your enemies into the dirt.

If you’re going to be the last one standing, I advise you to invest in a Berserker Resurrection Stone; don’t come into this battle without one or it’ll be the last mistake you’ll ever make. Consider yourself warned!


God of War Wildwoods contain some of the most powerful enemies to ever exist inside of a realm tear and it is in your best interest to prepare well for this fight. For one, making sure that Kratos is at Lv. 6 or higher thereby increasing his chances of surviving. The Blades of Chaos should be Lv. 4 and you should have a majority of your runic powers which will help you seal the deal.

Abusing Atreus’ Shock Arrows will not only save your skin but you’ll also deal more damage along with possibly getting a stun effect the stronger you make Atreus. Don’t forget about your Leviathan Axe; the runic powers will serve you well including the Fury of the Ice Troll.

So what do you think of my post, how far are you in the game; will this post help you and if so feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

R.J’s Last Minute Tips

Journeying to Muspelheim will put you right in the center of some trials and challenges where you’re going to be pushed to your limit. One trial in particular, the 5th trial, “don’t get touched”, is among one of the toughest there is but it can be beat by doing the following:

I. Abuse Atreus’ Shock Arrows, make him do most of the work as far as attacking; that way, you can stay out of clear and present danger.

II. Mimir will signal and alert you to approaching enemies, pay attention to him and the direction whence they’re coming; it’ll pay off when you get that trophy from not getting touched.

III. Dodge like crazy but keep your shield up, it is indestructible so you shouldn’t have any problem blocking whatever is being thrown at you.

IV. Leviathan Axe and its abilities will keep you out of the hot seat, but using Fury of the Ice Troll and Mists of Helheim will seal your enemys’ doom.

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