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Published December 29, 2018

God of War is a game that has always given gamers the best gaming experience that they can ask for, it goes without saying it is the game that deserved to get Game of the Year; it has definitely earned it. God of War PS4 Walkthrough has you following the story for a good portion of the game which is good; gamers get a good sense of what’s going on.

However, there comes a time eventually where gamers are introduced to the World Serpent who, through every power he owes, drains the water to the Lake of Nine not once but twice. Also, you’ll come to possess the magic chisel which will allow you entry into the hidden chambers of the Valkyries.

Upon entry, you’ll be given the choice to fight them if you approach them but unless you do approach them then you’ll be ok. The Valkyrie hunt sidequest is the most brutal in the game and should be kept until close to the end of the game because other areas will require your attention before you give the Valkyries yours.

The Valkyries can easily be found in the walkthrough of the game, but my advice is to wait until you’ve done most of the story before going after any of them especially Geirdriful, Valkyrie of the Foothills. My post will cover the Valkyrie, the time to go after her, strategies to combat her and what I give her on the scale regarding difficulty.

Valkyries, at the end

All the Valkyries should wait until close to the end of the game because of the difficulty for one, it doesn’t need to be said that they are the hardest bosses in the entire game hence having the best armor, powered up weapons and runic attacks that you can have will give you a much better chance of achieving victory.

What I did was, I went around and 100%’d every single area in the Lake of Nine right after Atreus learned his Shock Arrow technique which was like the best thing in the world; all of those red sap doors and entryways no longer a problem. Atreus’ shock arrows will be needed to get anywhere on an island.

Another reason that I believe its not ideal to go after the Valkyries especially Geirdriful who can be very challenging without the right gear and attacks is because you won’t last long in the fight defense-wise.

Also, having the Blades of Chaos (part of the walkthrough) is a big help because it can give you weapon choice options of using more than one weapon that will help you take home the gold. Above all, don’t rush trying to go after the Valkyries because they’re all supremely powerful and it can cost you everything so be mindful of that.

The next on the chopping block, Geirdriful

One of the Valkyries that I found was pretty easy was Geirdriful; Valkyrie Maiden of the Foothills and incidentally, I saved Geirdriful for one of the last before going after Sigrun. The rationale, I just felt like she wasn’t as hard as Eir or Kara and it just felt like it was too easy just picking her out of a crowd of the Valkyries to start with.

Geirdriful was the 5th Valykrie I went after because I wanted to build up my arsenal and get my hands on more runic powers.

When I fought Geirdriful, I got off to a good damage dealing start seeing as how there was more than enough room to outmaneuver and outsmart her which was not that hard either. Geirdriful can be the easiest Valkyrie if you know how to stay on your feet and use Atreus to do some of the distraction work.

I was always under the impression that since Geirdriful doesn’t really rush you or try to Wing Swipe at you then you’re pretty much in a good position to watch and easily counter her every move which is again, really easy to do.

Best moves to use on Geirdriful

Geirdriful is a Valkyrie that pretty much is only as hard as you make her. So to keep Geirdriful on a short leash, there were a list of the attacks that I used on Geirdriful. Before I start, it would help tremendously if you have all of your light and heavy runic attacks for both the Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos.

I kept in mind first and foremost, switch out weapons so I could keep up the attacks on Geirdriful so I could drain her life quickly. I used Leviathan’s Wake. A great runic power that allowed me to keep my distance from Geirdriful so I can prepare my next move and avoid whatever followup attack or counterattack that she had.

Thiazi’s Talon was another move I used on her after blocking her moves or a move of hers because since she was slow to counteract or to attack in general, it gave me the opportunity to use the Cyclone of Chaos. This is  something you definitely want to have because she does like to get up close and personal at different points in the fight, but you can also use it to get close to her too.

The Fires of Ares, an attack I used when I wanted to pelt Geirdriful with a fireball or two at a distance and still deal her moderate damage. A great piece of advice I can give you is, switch out your weapons after you use your light and heavy runic attacks with the weapons you’re using because the switch will give your runic powers time to cooldown.


Simply put, after my fight with Geirdriful was over, I felt like I wanted to redo the fight because I felt like I could’ve taken her without getting damaged. I didn’t because I was trying to predict her attacks as she was doing them not realizing that I just made it harder on myself because I was trying to do multiple things at once.

As far as the difficulty with Geirdriful on a scale of one to five, five being easy; I give her easily a 3.9 which I think is pretty fair given the fight.


The God of War Valkyries are among the toughest opponents in the entire game and having a game plan when you fight each of them will save the day. Valkyries should be saved for near the end of the game because you’ll more than likely have more than enough runic attacks to seal their fate.

Geidriful is a Valkyrie that does not come off as being very hard but you should still exercise caution when you fight her because she is not to be trifled with; the important thing is to stay on your feet. Thiazi’s Talon and Leviathan’s Wake will help you keep some distance between you and Geirdriful especially if you need to heal.

Don’t forget to switch weapons because you can go right from using your Blades of Chaos unleashing both the Fires of Ares and Cyclone of Chaos to Leviathan’s Wake and Thiazi’s Talon with you Leviathan’s Axe.

If you have any questions about my post then please feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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