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Published January 11, 2019

The Valkyries in God of War are truly incredible creatures with incredible powers, it cannot be argued that going into battle with a Valkyrie unprepared is certain death. While it is a very good idea to grind for materials for certain armors, I can tell you that it is not really necessary from my account.

I’ve gone toe to toe with the Valkyries and learned a few things along the way like you do not go into battle with the Valkyries without all of your runic powers for your weapons. Many preparatory methods have been noted throughout the internet on how to be ready for each and every Valkyrie you encounter.

However, you’ll get to a point where you’ll start seeing patterns of certain Valkyries and that you don’t exactly have to be stronger, just smarter not to mention quicker which brings me to good ol’ Olrun. Olrun hails from Alfheim so if you want an audience with her then you’ll have to work your way to her chambers.

I want to go on record as saying that Olrun was among the first of the Valkyries that I went after; I’ll discuss what I did to dethrone this winged annoyance, what I used in battle and other things. So having said that, here’s how I brought Olrun to her knees.

Open with Thamur’s Breath

Now, when the battle started I got to thinking to myself “how can I really put a hurting on Olrun?” So I was cycling through my runic powers and I decided to give Thamur’s Breath a try and it really dealt her a ton of damage. Plus, it kept her stunned for a few minutes while I prepared my next move.

The thing with Thamur’s Breath is that it is a radial attack that covers all the battlefield which made it the perfect weapon to use on Olrun because she was trying to be all over the battlefield when the battle started. My advice, if you’re going to start a battle with any Valkyrie even if it is Olrun, open with Thamur’s Breath because you’ll buy yourself some time and some breathing room.

To be honest, there is no right or wrong time to use Thamur’s Breath on Olrun during battle however there are ideal times to use this costly yet deadly runic power on Olrun. I can remember one time I used it on her right after she did her attempted stomp attack thereby leaving herself open to attack.

Red Ring Warning/Attack

Olrun, like her sisters before her, have a red ring warning that you should look out for when you’re fighting her. However, what makes Olrun different when it comes to her red ring warning that opens one up to attack, Olrun’s red ring attack comes in the form of a wing swipe after she gets done with her wing combo. A true damage dealer indeed, it is not a big deal if you don’t catch this on the first couple of runs.

Sometimes you have to learn the attack pattern of these Valkyries before you really start fighting them seriously because they are the most clever enemies in the entire game. Back to Olrun, her wing swipe via red ring warning is unblockable so you’re better off just getting out of the way when you see her do this.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Olrun is quick, very quick; her speed almost rivals that of the Eir in which case you have to keep eyes on her at all times lest you fall into an ambush or succumb to her aerial stomp attack. Be careful and above all be mindful.

Use Talisman of the Realms for breathing room

As you well know, the Talisman of the Realms is a practical cheat sheet when you’re looking to even the playing field and bring the Valkyries down; its time stopping ability is absolute and should not be used sparingly. Anytime you get a chance to use the Talisman of the Realms on Olrun, do it.

The rationale, it’ll give you a chance to get in some free hits not to mention give you time to gather some of the healing aids on the ground that Olrun drops as you’re hacking her to death. Also, the Talisman is a good item to use immediately after Thamur’s Breath because Olrun’ll be frozen but she’ll also be slowed to a crawl.

I think every gamer whose just breaking into God of War for the first time especially this game can appreciate the effects of the Talisman of the Realms; I didn’t spare the relic one bit when I fought the Valkyries and make no mistake, a Valkyrie is a fierce and fast fighter so it is best to use every advantage in the game which you’ll have when you go into battle with the Talisman relic.

Have a Berserker Resurrection Stone handy

Berserker Resurrection Stones are handy little backups that can save your life in a pinch which makes it the ideal partner in your battle with the Valkyries. My advice is to carry a Berserker Resurrection Stone with you anytime you battle a Valkyrie because it’ll help you gain the upper hand in battle and keep it most times.

Not only is having a Berserker Resurrection Stone a great idea but it can give you some insurance when you die or if you happen to take too much damage and you’re looking to put a stop to it early, Olrun can hit you for big damage right away so either you’re going to be keeping that shield up or you’re going to become a victim of her aerial stomp.

It is important that you always spend the money to get the Berserker Stone because nothing gives you the potential of a full Spartan Rage meter but the Berserker Resurrection Stone and every little bit of healing helps when you’re facing a Valkyrie. Ultimately, it may not become necessary if you keep your eyes on Olrun at all times which is not hard to do.


Alright so naturally I had to pick my two favorite runic powers within my two favorite weapons and I went with Fury of the Ice Troll, I maxed it out and it did some amazing damage to Olrun, I mean talk about putting a huge dent in her life meter; I was really taking care of business with Fury of the Ice Troll. Plus, Olrun had a bad habit of not wanting to stay away from me during the battle so she made owning her easy.

Prometheus’ Flame and Nemean Crush were my go to when I was using the Blade of Chaos, I can appreciate the fact that these weapons were dealing the damage they were because it became possible for me to end the battle without allowing it to drag on.


The God of War Valkyrie Olrun has a particular set of skills she uses in order to dominate in battle; the biggest being her red ring warning/attack, her wing swipe. Opening with Thamur’s Breath will get the balling rolling on destroying Olrun, don’t hesitate to use the Talisman of the Realms on her; it’ll give you time to catch your breath and prepare your next move.

Making sure to have a Berserker Resurrection Stone handy will really help you turn the battle in your favor, using the Leviathan Axe’s Fury of the Ice Troll move along with Prometheus’ Flame and Nemean Crush with the Blades of Chaos to really put the hurt on Olrun.

If you have any questions about my post or would like to leave me a message then don’t hesitate to do so and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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