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Published January 19, 2019

Sigrun, second in command of the illustrious Valkyries and right hand of the leader of the Valkyries, Freya. Sigrun is the last Valkyrie that you’ll face on your Valkyrie destroying crusade, I don’t think I need to tell you that she’s tougher than all the other Valkyries combined. Sigrun knows how to handle her opponents and can switch up her attacks on a whim.

One of the biggest problems that you’ll face fighting Sigrun is that her recovery time is very short which leaves a lot of dodging and practical hair pulling should you get trapped under her two feet. There were times when I felt like I would never beat her because she was all over the place.

You’ll be happy when you see this, I was!

There are ways you can go about making Sigrun easier to kill and no I’m not talking about New Game+, I mean what I did when fighting the rest of the Valkyries, that’s good preparation and having a few trump cards in your back pocket. Sigrun can make the fight easy and hard depending on how prepared you are for the fight.

In this post, I’ll be covering exactly what to do and how to handle the good ol’ Valkyrie second in command along with using which weapon and if it makes a difference, the handle on the “chosen weapon” and much more. Having said that, let’s get right to destroying Sigrun.

Hrezla Farmadr Grip

Now, one thing will become painfully evident as you’re fighting Sigrun, you’re losing health and sometimes can lose it at an alarming rate; much faster than the health you’re taking from her. So my plan was simple, keep getting health no matter what the cost and do all the sidequest leading up to this; I brought this up for a reason and I’ll tell you why.

For one, doing the sidequest, Family Business will award you with this grip because its special ability will definitely come in handy when you fight Sigrun. Yes, the grip is a little on the weak side but there’s no love lost when you’re using its power to keep some health in your meter so you can continue your onslaught.

Also, I want to point out that the key in this fight is health so you definitely want to equip this grip because Sigrun will not last long in the fight with you if you have it. I did and I managed to just get her; every little bit of health helps, remember that!

Leviathan Axe runic powers to use

Normally, I would tell you that switching between the Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos during the fight with a Valkyrie is advised. However, in this fight, you’re going to want to stick solely to your Leviathan Axe because the Blades of Chaos is a bit of a hindrance in this battle (broke my heart to say that).

On that note, the two runic powers I was using when I fought Sigrun is Njord Tempest and River of Knives; Njord Tempest was a surefire thing because of its overall raw attack power and River of Knives is an added runic power that I went with because I love how it hits multiple times which is definitely an added plus.

I wanted to make sure that I took as much health away from Sigrun as possible so using these two runic powers, I was able to do just that; it didn’t take long before it was made clear that Sigrun was taking lethal damage which was good for me. The best time to tag Sigrun’s tail is immediately right after she finishes an attack which technically leaves her vulnerable.

Abuse Talisman of the Realms, create opening

Bringing the Talisman of the Realms into the fight is a very worthwhile option to explore because given Sigrun’s hasty nature, you’ll no doubt find a use for it during the battle. For example, you can use it to create an opening in her attack or defense. An example would be if she was about to zip line up in the air to do her air stomp on you.

I would use the Talisman, slow her to a crawl then use the Leviathan Axe to chop her up until my runic powers were done cooling down. Basically, you just have to create an opening as a means of distracting Sigrun because only then will you truly know victory.

Another direction you can take with this is using the Talisman of Realms to slow her down then using Atreus to shoot her down out of the air but I’d wait until she was getting ready to do her air stomp; this way she will not only fall but possibly take stun damage from the shock arrow assault. I’ve always used the shock arrows with Atreus, I just think they hit harder for some reason.

Guard Break, L1 twice

Sigrun has a bad habit of hiding behind her “wing shield” and ten times out of ten, you’re not going to be able to penetrate it if she hides; that is unless you break her guard which you can do by pressing L1 twice. The problem with Sigrun doing this is that it can lure you into a false sense of security like you’ll have time to heal or to get a breather but quite the opposite is true.

Anytime you see Sigrun with her wing shield up then use the guard break and you’ll break her guard, get through and deal damage to her. Another way of going about this is that if you’re using your chosen runic powers on her when she does, it’ll break her guard anyway.

Another thing to keep in mind when fighting Sigrun is to keep a small distance from her during the fight, it makes dodging and countering her moves easier. Sigrun’s attack pattern will betray her, so watching her all throughout the fight is a definite must. In my opinion, doing this will help you catch her off guard easier.

Bringing a Berserker Resurrection stone into this battle is a must because it is the only ideal way for you to get a second chance at reducing Sigrun’s lifer points.


Fighting Sigrun in God of War is not as hard as it seems if you remember that you’ll definitely need a Berserker Resurrection Stone, the Hrezla Farmdr grip doesn’t hurt either; you’ll want to preserve as much health as possible as you fight. The Leviathan Axe should be your go to weapon and it alone not to mention Njord’s Tempest and River of Knives.

Remember to break Sigrun’s guard with your Guard Break (L1 twice) when you see her hiding behind her wings, and don’t be afraid to abuse the Talisman of the Realms and Atreus’ shock arrows; both will come in handy.

If you have any questions about my post then leave me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you and Happy gaming.



  1. Gomer MagtibayGomer Magtibay

    Some good tips you provide, and thank you for them. I am venturing into other games other than Warcraft and DOTA 2 and this God of War interests me. There are similarities between these games, like for example Talisman. In DOTA, there’s also Talisman like Null Talisman or the Talisman of Evasion needed to evade the direct attacks of the opponents. I think I won’t have a hard time learning this new game of God of War.

    I checked on your Amazon link, quite disappointed that it is actually a game played through PlayStation 4 and not a computer game like DOTA. I’d like to ask, is there a version of this for desktop computers? Or, I may be forced to use PlayStation to enjoy God of War.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      You actually can play the game on PC now as well; you didn’t used to be able to at first. However, you’ll have to get PS4 emulators to be able to play it on PC but mostly you’ll have to get a PS4 to really enjoy the game.

  2. CliffCliff

    This is a very well put together article. Great tips for anyone looking to get paid in the world of technology. I loved how you gave 5 options people can do, so they can decide what works best for them. I also shared this one on Google+. Hope you have a blessed day!

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Thanks Cliff, I appreciate that. I’m glad that you can benefit from my article; I have more on my website if you’re interested about the other Valkyries as well.

  3. KenechiKenechi

    I am still yet to know and understand all you explained in the article despite the fact that I have already read it before. Is the article about games? Don’t be offended. I really want to understand the motives for which this article was written. Could it be that I didn’t read it the way I should. Please i mean no disrespect. If it’s for games, what could be the lessons to be derived from the games. Thanks

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      No offense taken, the lesson of the post is how to bring down the Valkyrie Sigrun and I provide tips and strategies on how to do just that. The motive behind putting the article together is to help those learn how to defeat Sigrun.

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