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Published September 8, 2018

As many gamers well know, the Valkyries are among the most powerful beings in the entire game and getting to most of them isn’t particular a hardship; a little ingenuity and a keen eye is mostly all that’s needed. Incidentally, Niflheim is a place that I swore I’d never go because of the poisonous atmosphere and overall headache of traveling through the cursed mist to find my second quarry; Hildr.

I did not want to be bothered with this

Now, if you’re looking to go after Hildr then you should also know that you have a bit of a maze to go through before you actually find her but even the path to her is not a tough one to navigate. Hildr is among of the weakest of the Valkyries but if you’re not reading her attacks then you could be wasting precious time that you need to survive while you’re trying to destroy her.

Hildr’s attacks are lethal and damaging; you could be fighting to stay alive if you let your guard down, it is not hard to beat Hildr. In fact, all you really need is a little distance, full runic meters on both your axe and blades. Having said that, here’s my strategy for beating Hildr, The Valkyrie of Niflheim, birthplace of the Cursed Mist.

Attack pattern

Many of Hildr’s attacks can be identified off the bat including her Scythe dash which she abused a lot when I was fighting her and Scythe freezing wind i.e. when she shoots a huge gust of wind toward you using her scythe. Hildr also comes equipped with her own ranged attacks which are of an ice-cold variety. Although her ranged attacks are deadly, you don’t exactly have anything to fear from them as long as you stayed blocked.

Dodge that!

Hildr’s uses her wings to deal damage to you and that can also be blocked as well; Hildr, like her sisters before her, has a red ring flash that you can easily identify which comes at the end of her ice blower ranged attack. Dodge that.

My strategy for dealing with Hildr’s scythe dash and her ranged cold attack/ice blower is to block them; it helps if you have either the Inlaid Crest of Defiance or Inscribed Crest of Cunning. The latter will help you use your runic attacks quicker via hasty cooldown; it’s like you won’t have to wait long before coming at Hildr with your runic attack which is good.

Leviathan Axe Attacks

Now, I chose two attacks that I felt really laid into Hildr and dealt the most damage to her in the shortest amount of time seeing as how mine was almost up. When I am using my Leviathan Axe, I would use the Fury of the Ice Troll which I always used to stop her scythe dash and keep her at a distance; it was sort of my go to when I was trying to knock Hildr off balance which worked most of the time.

Would’ve been nice if I could’ve opened with Thamur’s Breath; if I had it.

The more and more that I fought Hildr, the more convinced I became that she didn’t seem very coordinated especially when she went up into the air and I had Atreus bring her down via arrow shot; I felt using my axe to knock her out of the air seemed like a bad idea because I was concentrating more on ground attacks.

I wanted to go for the most lethally damaging attack I could that would compound hits so I went with The River of Knives which dealt her so much damage; even though she had a purple life bar, it didn’t seem like she was all that tough to damage with your axe.

Blades of Chaos Attacks

A particular strategy that I also used during the battle was switching to my Blades of Chaos while I was waiting on my axe runic skills to cooldown and I hit some serious pay dirt when I was using my blades on Hildr. The Fires of Ares was one of the attacks I used to deal damage to Hildr and it was very effective; I never had trouble getting the attack off because I would always wait until she was done with whatever attack she was using.

I was so HAPPY when I got these

The Cyclone of Chaos was another such attack I used on Hildr and it was a great runic skill to use; sometimes she wouldn’t even let me finish the attack before trying to counter with her own but I still got it off anyway. So be prepared for that, Hildr will try to counterattack everything that you throw at her; you’ll be able to get your attacks off but she’ll also try to counter with her own to interrupt you.

Overall, I tried using just my Leviathan Axe to deal Hildr damage but it got to a point where I learned firsthand that waiting on your runic attacks with one weapon was pointless; you have to keep the attack momentum going and that’s when I first came up with the idea of using my Blades of Chaos and using those attacks as well. So be mindful of that.

Berserker Resurrection Stone, mandatory

This hardly needs to be said but having a Berserker Resurrection Stone is mandatory because any chance you can get to strike back at a Valkyrie is one worth taking especially when its Hildr; you should be able to regain a lot of health while you’re wailing on Hildr as she stumbles and that’s if you happen to die while you’re fighting her. I started to come into this battle with the Superior Resurrection Stone that refills your life but it didn’t help as much as I thought it would; plus, I wanted a chance to strike back which the Berserker Resurrection Stone gives you the ability to do.

Yeah, do it right!

No matter what you have to do, if you have to revisit areas or even do the Muspelheim trials; don’t come into the battle with Hildr without a Berserker Resurrection Stone because you’re going to seriously regret it if you do and Hildr will see to it that you’re down for the count and you stay there; game over screens are not worth that.

Talisman of the Realms – optional

The Talisman of the Realms was optional in this fight because I didn’t really see a reason to really use it and Hildr was so easy that I didn’t even really have to use it. Ultimately, I just used it in battle against her when I felt when she was trying to get the upper hand such as when she was using her red ring attack and I wasn’t quite paying attention. My advice, you can take the Talisman of the Realms into battle with you as a safeguard, but you won’t need it; Hildr is easy enough that just having the Talisman is overkill.

I didn’t really need this, but I took it anyway just in case


To wrap up, Hildr is one of the Valkyries in the game and she hails from the land of the cursed mist and even though the cursed mist makes fighting Hildr a challenge; Hildr herself is far from being a challenge especially when you use your Leviathan Axe skills Fury of the Ice Troll and The River of Knives along with using your Blades of Chaos’ Fires of Ares and Cyclone of Chaos while watching and studying Hildr’s attack pattern.

Hildr is a creature of habit so having a Berserker Resurrection Stone is a must for the battle, but the Talisman of the Realms is more or less needed; while it is a good item to have as a protective countermeasure, its ability is just unneeded for this battle. So do you have any question regarding my post, I’d love to know what they are and don’t hesitate to send me a message if anything in my post appeals to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.

R.J’s Last Minute Tip

If you’re going to take on Hildr, I would suggest getting a 100% in all the areas because in doing so, you’ll be able to try different enchantment combos that will make battling Hildr a breeze and don’t think for a second that enchantments aren’t going to help in the battle with Hildr or any Valkyrie because they definitely will. Also, after you parry Hildr’s scythe dash attack, use your shield bash counter to knock her off balance.

I got in a lot of free hits on Hildr using the Countering Strike!


  1. Jag Randa Jag Randa

    Even though you mention Hildr is the weakest of her sisters, she definitely seems strong. My son loves video games, he has played this game before and he shares a lot of information with me. So I feel like I learn about video games as well.

    I am wondering by doing this write, aren’t you kind of creating a cheat sheet for others who may read here, is that your intention or are you one of those just likes to help others finish their game? Will have to show this to my son today and see what he says about it. 

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Well Jag Randa, you’re half right about the cheat sheet of sorts but I specialize in helping gamers out of rough spots in games and sometimes yes it does come down to helping gamers finishing their games; rough spots are everywhere in games. I created this Valkyrie guide to help those who might also have trouble keeping together while fighting Hildr as well.

  2. Alexander Alexander

    Hildr from the land of the cursed mist seems fairly easy to kill so long as you carry in the Berserker Resurrection Stone and switch back and forth between Leviathan Axe skills Fury of the Ice Troll and The River of Knives along with using your Blades of Chaos’ Fires of Ares and Cyclone of Chaos for maximum damage of continuous counter attacks to Hildr’s attack profile. Thanks for a cool pump up for this game.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Yep Al, you got it. Personally, she’s second Valkyrie to kill with Gunnr being on first.

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