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Published January 20, 2019

The God of War games are amazing in their own right and some of the games might not seem like they’re in need of strategies in order to make it to the end and beyond, but there are some God of War games that still require strategies contrary to what most gamers believe.

The current God of War is one that does warrant God of War PS4 tips and then some especially since you’ll be dealing with everything from travelers to hel-walkers, it goes without saying that you’ll no doubt find yourself figuring out how to destroy these menaces.

Well, the strategies to dealing with these enemies and more are not as complicated as it seems like if you’re dealing with a traveler, you’ll want to wait and start dodging after he attempts to strike or cut you down with his sword. The draugr with the purple life meters are a different story; you’ll have to be smart and strong in order to destroy them.

However, the tips that’ll be provided in this post will definitely get you from point A to B but it’ll also help you deal with certain enemies better not to mention make you think outside the box especially when you’re traveling down what “appears” to be a regular path. So having said that, let’s start with….

How to easily destroy the Hel Walkers Realm Tear that lie south of Alfheim Tower

As in the title, there’s a Realm Tear filled with Hel-Walkers of the strongest kind to the south of Alfheim Tower and I’m going to tell you now that they are not your regular run-of-the-mill hel-walkers. I have to admit that when I first fought these guys, I was barely able to hold my own.

So, I did a little factoring and came up with a plan on how to destroy them all without too much health being forfeited during the encounter so here’s the simple 3 step plan I developed to get rid of these frozen pests.

Step 1: I made sure my Spartan Rage meter was full. This ensured that my ace in the hole was ready when the fight started.

Step 2: When the fight started, I opened with Spartan Rage and use my Spartan Stomp and knocked both Hel Walkers off the tower the moment they materialized thereby leaving me alone with their leader.

Step 3: I used a combo of Atreus’ summons along with using Leviathan’s Wake on the leader so as to get his life meter down and ultimately finishing him off.

*Also, if you have Atreus’ Shock Arrows then go and free Fafnir since you’re in the area; the payoff is huge.

Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path, it has rewards – Tyr’s gauntlets

Oddly enough, going off the beaten path can lead to some very good rewards. For example, keep an eye on the different paths that exist within an area because ten times out of ten, you’re going to run smack dab into some treasure of some kind. I remember when I was exploring the Lake of Nine.

I came across a spirit and after talking with it, I discovered that I agreed to a favor that it asked me to do for it; I did it and I ended up with Tyr’s Gauntlets. I have a habit of exploring every inch of an area no matter how inaccessible at the time it seems because more than likely you’re going to remember something about that area in particular after you get your next superpower.

Ultimately, if you discover an area off the path you’re on; explore it because you’re going to more than likely stumble onto riches untold or a draugr attack; depending on where you are.

Abuse Atreus’ runic summons

When I was first learning how to use Atreus strategically in battle, I thought he was useless because I couldn’t control him directly. However, after he learned his light arrows and a summon or two, I was using him to run over and stun everything that had legs. Atreus really shows his true colors when you’re doing the trials of Muspelheim.

I can’t even begin to tell you how often I got saved from a Valkyrie or draugr attack because of Atreus’ summon powers. Abuse this, abuse Atreus’ summon powers because they exist for a reason and one very important reason why is so that you don’t have to work so hard to get the enemy population under control.

Another reason why is, and this is what I think, Atreus’ runic summons are a great distraction to many enemies because I’ve gotten a leg up on many an enemy, draugr and hel walkers alike because of Atreus’ summons. Ultimately, don’t hesitate to abuse this valuable resource, I mean if Faye foresaw Atreus as a valuable resource so should you.

Buy the deflect ability for your shield – useful even on Helheim enemies

Sooner or later, as you’re purchasing moves for your guardian shield, you’ll get to a particular ability that I’ve deemed the deflect ability but the correct name for it is called Countering Blast. Get your hands on this ability ASAP because it is going to make dealing with the draugr from the Foothills on a piece of cake.

When I got my hands on this, I felt unstoppable and I pretty was because projectile attacks didn’t even come near me nor did I let them. I can’t tell you how many times this saved me, this and countering strike. Any counter move you buy for the guardian shield, it is imperative that you fall back on it when you’re being assaulted with projectiles.

Above all, purchase and strengthen these moves ASAP because they’re good to have on hand when you’re trying to save yourself the trouble of throwing your axe up to a draugr pelting you with its fireballs or whatever is being launched at you. Helheim enemies are great examples of enemies that don’t learn lessons hence your Countering Blast will come in handy.

Not only will the move keep you safe and protect you from the projectiles of the hel walkers but it’ll ensure you’ll have health to deal with the worst of Helheim’s elite.

Go for Stun Attacks

So I didn’t think too much of this starting out because I didn’t think it was a big deal, but this move is very potent; go for stun attacks. I say that because the draugr are primarily easier to kill if you can stun them and the same goes for the hel walkers as well.

I won’t get into the math of why stun attacks are so effective but trust me, you’ll want to strive to stun your enemies especially if you’re up against a tough draugr enemy whose life bar is far longer and its skin far tougher; it’s a saving grace honestly.


These God of War PS4 tips are among the best there is when it comes to dealing with the enemy masses not to mention dealing with enemies like the hel walkers but a few things to remember is to go for stun attacks especially against stronger draugr.

Purchase the Countering Blast and Strike for your shield, it’ll come in handy for dealing with enemies stupid enough to launch anything and everything at you. Abusing Atreus’ summons will only benefit you in the long run so don’t get it in your head that you’re too skilled to use it, its meant to be abused for a reason.

Remember to go off the beaten path as you’re exploring an area because you’ll more than likely find more than you bargained for and what you didn’t doing so like a piece of Tyr’s armor set like his gauntlets.

If you have any question about my post or something about it stands out to you then please send me a message and I’ll respond to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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  1. GVporrasGVporras

    Thank you for sharing this great tips about god of war 4.

    I personally love all the god of war series I already played all of them but this one and after I read this article you had share great tips and just need to find a little time to play. I going to book mark your site so I can come back to it and apply this tips. do you have tips for Monster hunters?

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      I do not have tips on Monster hunter but I’ll get to doing research on it and see what I can dig up. Thank you for your feedback bro.

  2. ShaneShane

    Excellent website and excellent choice of game. Especially due to the fact that you have chosen one of the best PS4 exclusive game titles on the market.

    Lets get straight into it. What i really like other than your very helpful walk-through is that you are giving advice on the crucial and most highlighting stages of the game which most gamers may either struggle in or want to be guided in to make sure that they get the most effective results out from.

    I also like that you are reviewing a game that is a highly relevant franchise in today’s world. A lot of gaming reviews re written on not great game titles all for the sake of it, whereas your review has a lot of high relevance. You also take a logical and strategical approach in guiding the gamer in your walk through which helps to show a strong credibility in your way to write content.

    This is what i look for when i get stuck or need guidance on games!

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Thank you Shane, I’m humbled by your feedback and I’m happy that I’m able to help you and other gamers out. I hope you’re enjoying the game because I have other tips on the game as well and I’ll be putting out another tip section on another complicated aspect of the game so stay tuned.

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