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Published July 3, 2018

Taking place years after God of War III, Kratos is thrust into another adventure in another realm of existence; the Norse Mythology age where everything that is going on is under Odin’s watchful eye in this new God of War for the PS4. However, he is not alone here; Kratos has a son, Atreus. Overall, the goal is to spread Faye’s ashes in Jotunheim per her last wish. Incidentally, God of War has everything for everyone; pompous gods, mythology, dwarves, blacksmithing etc.

There was nothing about God of War that was disappointing; traveling to different realms (actually 6) really put the game on the map. For many gamers, God of War is all about learning different things about different realms while being in their standard realm i.e. Midgard. There was so much hype when the game came out and it was not hard to see why, it was a game that many waited a long time for.

During this review, I’ll talk about what made the game great and what I did not like about it such as the poisonous hellhole that is Niflheim. Overall, the game was a slam dunk and it is very enjoyable not to mention addictive. So having said that, here’s my God of War PS4 review.


The first thing that I’ll be discussing in this God of War PS4 review is the gameplay. The gameplay is simplistic and it does not make the game hard or complicated, it gives gamers the freedom to explore and try different things such as combining attacks of different weapons or just tactically using one weapon to down enemies aplenty.

God of War PS4 is a game that never leaves gamers to try to figure it out, but there are times when the gameplay gives you enough to go on where you’re able to put two and two together. For example, if you’re facing an enemy with a purple life bar and it kills you; you know to come back to it later on.

Another aspect about the gameplay was that Kratos’ axe was more than a killing tool, it was an excellent puzzle solving tool as well which made getting stronger easier; there was never a time when you felt that you were struggling with the gameplay or intricacies of the gameplay.

Ultimately, playing this game was an enjoyable experience and I can say that the gameplay alone will have you playing the game over and over again only because it was that awesome!

Leviathan Axe, the Norse wonder of the world

The Leviathan Axe is Kratos’ basic weapon and it is the most powerful weapon of its kind, it had some excellent Runic attacks and combos. Above all, it is the go to weapon when you needed to get somewhere or to destroy something to get to a chest; either way, it was a great weapon. There was nothing about using the Leviathan Axe that I did not like especially using it to take down the giant trolls and soul eater variants which was very enjoyable.

Also, exploring the various powers of the axe made using it a slam dunk and I can say for sure that when the next God of War game come out, I hope Kratos has his axe because it is a mighty weapon that make him a force to be reckoned with. The biggest thing about the Leviathan Axe is that you can call it back to you whenever you throw it which was very innovative on the creators’ part. Very nice!

If you’re looking for a weapon that’ll weaken even the stronger monsters in the game, the Leviathan Axe is the best weapon for the job; it sort of gives you the impression that you can beat anything. Again, A+ work that axe. This weapon alone made the God of War PS4 review worth it.

A blast from the past, Blades of Chaos

Kratos’ signature killing machines from the past make a return and what a welcome return it is; I wanted to especially mention the Blades of Chaos in my God of War PS4 review because they were awesome in their own right and in my opinion, there was not enough enemies in the game to use them on but it was great using them just the same.

The Blades of Chaos were definitely welcomed in this game because there were enemies that were easier to kill with them such as the Hel-Walkers, and the Travelers. I was quite surprised when I discovered that I was going to be reuniting with a weapon from the past, I was blown away and it made the anticipation all the more worth it.

God of War would not exist without the Blades of Chaos and it is great that they made it into yet another God of War game because they are and shall forever be a part of Kratos.

Atreus’ origins and his relationship with his father, Kratos

Atreus’ origins and his relationship with his father Kratos was another reason why I wanted to do a God of War PS4 review because of the interaction between the two men; there were times when I felt Atreus was too big for his britches and Kratos could’ve been more responsive toward Atreus.

Atreus is part giant, part god, and he’s part mortal; all in all, a very powerful ally. Kratos and Atreus had a typical father – son relationship. However, there were times when Kratos would verbally bully Atreus and not letting himself be open to Atreus teaching him but Kratos did come around.

Ultimately, Kratos and Atreus’ back and forth rhetoric will keep you amused as you play through the game especially when Kratos start telling Atreus stories that he remembers; it is so hilarious and things only get more interesting when Mimir joins them. Overall, the adventure brought Kratos and Atreus closer and in turn they got to know each other too.

Sidequests, the best time, the worse and 100%

What’s a God of War PS4 review without sidequests, bad obviously. Incidentally, the sidequests in the game were very challenging and sometimes, over the top difficult such as fighting the Valkyries. What I did not like about the sidequests was that most of them had to wait until after the World Serpent drained the water in the Lake of Nine the second time.

However, this was not all bad because it gave you an opportunity to become stronger and stand with the stronger enemies such as the Travelers on some of the realm towers. Some enemies in the Realm Tears were not as hard as they first appeared; it just takes some ingenuity, timing and the right move to beat them.

The Muspelheim trials were the biggest pain in the butt of all but even they were not as impossible as they seemed, I enjoyed doing the trials because I felt challenged. Some sidequest involved finding crafting materials to upgrade weapons and armor which was another aspect I liked, it took every bit of my gaming genius to beat the trials; they were a great physical workout.

Atreus made the trials a breeze as long as you strengthen his arrows and their special effects especially the shock arrows. The game makes it easy to get a 100% in every area in the game and that’s another plus considering that it did not seem hard to “complete” every area even in other realms. The only place that I did not bother getting a 100% was Niflheim; more headache than I needed hanging out in the worse place in the game.

What I didn’t like, Niflheim

Niflheim was, in my opinion, the worst place in the entire game and the only real reason I went or any gamer should go is to go after the Valkyrie, Hildr. Niflheim is the only thing about this game I didn’t like, I wanted to make sure I got this into my God of War PS4 review because it is important to let gamers know that there is a part of the game that should be ignored at all costs.

Generally, every part of the game should be explored especially since this is a God of War game which thrives on exploration but Niflheim is a realm that should be avoided unless you’re going after the Valkyrie; getting to the Valkyrie isn’t a hardship neither is destroying her. My advice, go to Niflheim, kill Hildr then leave; don’t bother doing, killing or exploring anything there.

The Valkyries

The Valkyries are, in themselves, a challenge and I had my hands full trying to put together effective attacks against them. However, the Valkyries being in the game made it more interesting and each one had their story to tell after you beat them which I enjoyed. The game definitely made it so reaching them did not happen until you were strong enough to be able to stand a chance against them.

Ultimately, fighting the Valkyries was fun and entertaining; they’re another reason why I wanted to do this God of War PS4 review because they made it so I got my money’s worth while I was trying to destroy them. Although I destroyed 7 out of 8, I still had fun fighting them and learning their attack patterns. The Blades of Chaos help tremendously when you battle them.


God of War PS4 was a masterpiece and it definitely did not disappoint especially with all the unique features in the game such as the Blades of Chaos, crafting materials, sidequests and a few other things such as learning about Atreus’ origins and how the adventure helped shape both him and Kratos to be better people.

Niflheim is the only part about the game that was overly ridiculous and pointless, survival there is impossible but necessary if you’re going after the Valkyrie Hildr which is the only reason to go to the Niflheim at all. The Leviathan Axe made the game a slam dunk and its combos are the most lethal in the entire game.

Despite the fact that you have to wait on doing sidequests until the World Serpent drains the water for the second time, it is worth the wait especially after getting the shock arrows. Overall, this game was excellent and I can’t wait until the next one. If you have any comments about my post or want to leave me a message then please do so and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and happy gaming.










  1. Lynne Lynne

    I always enjoy reading gaming reviews. My daughter is a hard-core gamer and although I think she already plays too much, I’m always still on the lookout for some new games to tell her about. This one sounds right up her alley. I don’t know much about Greek mythology but I find it interesting that the God of War also has a weapon that he can throw and it comes back, like the God of Thunder has his hammer. Kind of interesting. I was thinking maybe they make you wait until the World Serpent trained a second time because there’s no way you would’ve accomplished the side quests if you set about them any sooner. I mean you needed that much time to make your character was strong enough to even consider doing the side quests. Thanks for the review!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Lynne, thanks for the feedback. As far as the sidequests, yes you have to wait until the World Serpent drains the lake twice only then you can get at all of the collectibles etc. Actually, it is better to wait until then anyway because you’ll often spend time trying to get stronger when you actually don’t have to. Atreus will get an upgrade to his arrows that’ll allow him to destroy the red crystalline explosive sap opening new areas to explore.

  2. Grant Grant

    I enjoyed your post on God of War for PS4.  To be honest, as a 66 year-old man the video game genre wasn’t around when I was growing up.  It would have been great fun it it was.  I’m amazed at the imaginative creations and worlds, weapons, people, creatures and all that are there for people playing the game to interact with.  Your review lost me a few times, but that was only because I’m totally inexperienced with such games.  

    Nice post, though.  It makes me wish I was a teenager again.  Thanks.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      No problem Grant, you know I used to say that I’m going to play video games until the day I die and I stand by that because I like the idea of enjoying something from my childhood. Video games aren’t just for young people, they’re for older ones too. I did a research paper on video games and the elderly, it turns out that the elderly are encouraged to play video games so as to keep their minds active which is not easy to do.

  3. Victor Victor

    Thank you for sharing such a detailed review. I’m looking for a new game to add to my collection and this looks great. I’m really interested to be in Niflheim to see if I agree with you on that, by the way you describe I must say that I trust you! I will give it a try and hopefully it’s a game to enjoy! I will be coming back to your review to read some tips and heads-up information that you gave. Great review!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thanks Victor, that means a lot that you trust me and trust me when I say that you’re not going to want to put the controller down when you start playing. I will warn you though, Niflheim is dangerous to the regard that there’s cursed mist that litters the area and if you’re in it for too long, you die. There are forging materials there that you can get but even those number depend on how fast you open the chest. 

      The only real reason to go to Niflheim at all is to kill the Valkyrie, Hildr; the place’ll become unworthy of your attention after you’ve done that. Other than that, there’s no reason to hang out in Niflheim.

  4. Josh Josh

    I’m going to say this about your review of God of War I’m highly impressed! It honestly makes me want to buy God of War for the PS4. It’s clear that you put a lot of thought into writing your review and your general enjoyment of the game was very clear. 

    I do enjoy playing strategy games and from reading the review there is plenty of action involved to. To me these 2 genres go hand in hand.

    It’s unfortunate for me that I’m stuck with an xBox One, but if I ever get a PlayStation this will be one of the first games I buy to play! Also if you have any ideas of these types of games for xBox One I’d love to hear them.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Josh, I wish I could recommend some games for XBox One, but I’m more Playstation but God of War PS4 is an awesome game. If you’ve ever played any God of War games for the Playstation in the past then this game will multiply the action thirty-fold in this game. I encourage you to definitely get it.

  5. sherry sherry

    Well, I definitely will have to check the God of War for PS4 game out! I’ve played some of the older God of War games on our PS3 in the past, and really enjoyed playing them at the time although we had bought ours used, so I’m not sure how old it actually is. 

    Looking at your images included here it looks like the graphics are much better compared to the PS3…they look awesome! Anyways, I’m glad to hear what you thought about the game, and found it very helpful for when I do get a chance to get the PS4 God of War.

    Very cool to hear too that the Leviathan Axe can be called back to you when it’s thrown! I’ll have to reread this again once I get the game and take some notes on which weapon you recommend for which enemies…so you recommend using the Blades of Chaos for the enemies such as the Hel-Walkers and Travelers?

    I also appreciate the advice on avoiding going to the Niflheim…I’ll definitely try to avoid that if I can, lol. It sounds like it must be a frustrating part of the game, but it makes me curious as to what exactly was bad about it…nothing worthwhile there at all, and just end up getting killed over and over again?

    Again, I haven’t played it at all yet, but I know from playing other games, it sure doesn’t make a game fun when there’s not much of a point to go somewhere, only to be killed mercilessly, lol.

    Anyways, keep up the awesome reviews! I had heard of the God of War PS4 game awhile ago, and then hadn’t really seen any reviews on it afterwards. But, it sounds like one I’m going to add to my list of games to get…both my son and I love playing games, although I really wish I had more time do so.

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll be back again to check out more of your reviews here!

    Best wishes ~Sherry

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Sherry, thanks for the feedback. First, yes the Blades of Chaos are THE weapons to use on the Hel Walkers because they’re ice elementals and the Blades of Chaos are of the fire element. As far as Niflheim goes, there is a reason to go there and that is to kill the Valkyrie, Hildr. 

      There are also some forging materials that are useful as long as you can kill the enemies without dying, but ultimately, it’s not worth it. My advice would be to go there, kill Hildr (and I have a strategy post on that as well) then leave. Niflheim is a place that has cursed mist that can kill you if you’re in it too long. 

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