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Published January 21, 2019

In the history of God of War, there has always been eyes on Kratos and eyes that Kratos had to collect such as the Gorgon Eyes which lengthened Kratos’ life meter if he collected a set of them whether they were 5 or 6. However, there are eyes of a different kind on Kratos these days and those are the eyes of Odin’s Ravens or the Eyes of Odin as they’re called.

Searching for God of War Odin’s Ravens will require a lot of trial and error; some of them have been known to hide out in plain sight which might mean you could still miss them. In my experience, I’ve walked right by some that were just off to my right or left and some I’ve missed completely.

The Lake of Nine is practically a popular hangout spot for these little winged pests because they’re everywhere but they keep their locales a secret, I’ve had such a hard time trying to find them in the Lake of Nine area; not on the different shores so much.

In this post, I’ll provide ideas and tips on where to practically start trying to find these ravens and how to pick up their trail not to mention where to look so you can get an idea of their hiding places. So having said that, let’s get started with learning about…..

Eyes of Odin, what they are

The Eyes of Odin are, as I previously mentioned, are ravens that are also known as Odin’s Ravens because they are his eyes all over the Norse Mythological world in which he reigns. The thing about these ravens are that they are not black in nature, they’re a teal color which means that bright light allows them to hide in plain sight.

However, that is not the same with all of them. Many of the God of War Odin’s Ravens are very swift in nature and bringing a down one that’s not so stationary is a chore let me tell you. You can spend minutes even hours trying to hit one that’s flying around in a circular motion and still not hit it.

It is times like those that you should be studying their flight pattern which will make it easier for you to bring them down. You’ll find some that are perched on different monuments and different stone architecture which makes killing them easier because once one is perched, it’s not going to move so it’ll be an easy kill.

Hiding places

One particular feature that the God of War Odin’s Ravens have is that they like to hang out in specific hiding places which can be anywhere from a tree to a bridge on the other side of a cavern or it could be right behind something or on top of something. Whatever the case, search everywhere because you never know where you’ll stumble onto one.

There are approximately 51 ravens in the game and while it might not seem practical to try to find them all, you are definitely encouraged to because even letting one of them live tanks your bottom line. I mean there’s no pressure to find them all but what if Odin really is watching the boys through his ravens; think about it.

I want to take this time to make it known that many of the hiding places in which the ravens hide are not that inconspicuous, I mean if you really look, you’ll be able to find them easily. Here’s a hint, look upward when you’re entering a Valkyrie’s chamber because you’ll more than likely find there; I know I did and so shall you.

Your map, a “confirmable” resource

Alright, you come down to trying figure out just how many are in an area or the specific area that you are in, this is where your map comes in handy. You map is a resource that you should definitely look to if you’re feeling like you’re missing one or if you are then your map will tell you where.

For example, if you happen to arrive at Stone Falls and there are ravens on the shore or within that area; trust me, your map will tell you so. Now, this is not to get confused with the map telling you EXACTLY where the ravens are because it won’t. However, it’ll point out that there are ravens in the area.

I remember long ago when I was searching around in Helheim for the God of War Odin’s Ravens and found them incredibly tough to find but since the map didn’t pinpoint their exact location, I had to use it just to confirm that they were there. I didn’t mind because I simply love the thrill of the hunt when it comes down to them but finding them was just as rewarding.

Lake of Nine

The Lake of Nine, the hardest place in the entire game to look for the Eyes of Odin because you have nothing but wide open area. For example, take Tyr’s Temple. I’ve found quite a few of them there especially hanging around on different sides of the temple. Ultimately, it depends on where you row your boat and on what side of the temple.

I’ve found one on top of the statue of Thor which isn’t really abnormal because as I said, they’re everywhere around the Lake of Nine. A particular trick I used to try to track these winged bandits is constantly stopping in an area, look up and around to see you see a raven hanging around. If so, destroy it!

It goes saying that you’re going to have to be as clever and smart as the ravens in order to find them; you could very well end up on a shore where they’re simply hanging out on the gate in an underground waterway or even hiding out on a rock formation.

When you get out to the Lake of Nine, you might feel overwhelmed as you’re looking for these guys but don’t because they’re no harder to find than they would be if you weren’t trying to find them.


God of War Odin’s Ravens are among the toughest things to find in the entire game but if you can be as thorough as finding the ravens as the ravens are hiding, it is a piece of cake. Just remember that they are teal colored in nature and their hiding place could be anywhere, again be thorough.

Your map is a great resource in telling you how many there are in an area so as to help you refine your search, if you’re a raven or two short then they’re probably and most likely within the Valkyrie chambers. Remember to always keep on the lookout in the Lake of Nine, all you really have to do is keep looking upward within each area you enter which might make finding them easier.

If you have any questions or any comments about my post then please feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. Salim Salim


    thanks for this great and helpful tips and information on God of War game and most especially about the God of War Raven. I have a great love for video games right when i was a kid especially adventure games like this, I remember first trying to play God of War at a friend’s place long time ago, I go so engrossed and had to go purchase my own console.

    thanks the tips were helpful

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thanks Salim, I got more tips for the game on my website, and if we’re being honest here, it’ll be good for you to have because the game isn’t so much tough as it is just good at hiding things from you like Odin’s Ravens for exist.

  2. Gracen Gracen

    Hi Rodney, when it comes to searching for God of war odin’s Ravens, it is always full of challenge. Like you rightly said, it is more of trial and error. They are very intelligent and can easily hide out of sight. Wow, I have learnt a new thing from this your wonderful piece, I never knew that the Odin’s eyes are teal colour and not black. It is interesting to know that map can help one in knowing the locations of these ravens are. Thanks for your great article.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thank you Gracen, happy hunting because those little bastards can be standing right behind you and you wouldn’t know it, but they’re not that hard to find if you beat them at their game; they’re good at hiding so you have to get good at looking in all 8 directions even behind you but you can do it.

  3. Paul Paul

    Hi Rodney, Being a non-gamer, I am not familiar with the God of War Odin’s Ravens game. However, this sounds like it would be a great game to play. Is this a new game that PS4 have bought out?I so, I might treat myself for my birthday this year. Spectacular and descriptive insight into this game, Sir!Best Regards

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Odin’s Ravens are within God of War, they’re the teal colored birds that you have to find in order to paralyze Odin’s nosy gaze. 

  4. Kenechi Kenechi

    God of war Odin Ravens is a very interesting video games which I have watched but couldn’t watch it completely due to some circumstances. I may find it difficult to tell my own part of little I understand about the video game because am not really too good at telling such stories but it’s just sweet.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Okay Ken, thanks for reaching out.

  5. arnaiemhasan arnaiemhasan

    Hey ,

    This is really an interesting article . I am so close to a god of war platinum . I have gone to every area and killed every raven yet it says I am still missing two in midgard . I have watched videos and retraced my steps and there are no more ravens . I think it may be a bug I also need 2 more one in helheim  and one in landsuther mines . I will share it with my friends and thanks for sharing in this article .

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      If you’re missing two in Midgard then yeah check the landsuther mines and check Valkyrie chamber(s); they’re known to hide there too.

  6. Autofreak Autofreak

    That was really a fantastic game review from you, you have given enough insight that will make the game so easy for anyone that has read this article. I’m not a game player, but you’ve made me have interest in playing this game. it is all about paying necessary attention.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      That’s exactly right Autofreak, kudos on deciphering my hidden meaning in my article; Odin’s Ravens are not hard to find as long as you’re paying attention especially in places where you would not think to look or looking in places where you know a bird is likely to hang out. If we’re being honest here, if you have wings, why would you not be caught sitting on a broken plank of wood in somebody’s cavern, it’s elementary really. To really find these birds, you just have to think like a bird, I mean without pooping on everything but that aside, thinking like a bird is key.

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