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Published December 31, 2018

The God of War monster generation has grown substantially over the years and Kratos has fought more than his fair share of monsters in his universe; Ares being at the top of the list. There were other monsters that has crossed swords with Kratos wishing they hadn’t like the Gorgons and their queen, Medusa.

More than a few Gods have stepped forth in the name of stopping Kratos and failed miserably, his half-brother Hercules for example not to mention his father, Zeus. Monster after monster have come after Kratos and got put down, hard; Baldur was Kratos’ first in the new God of War game on PS4.

However, there are monsters of a much higher “calling” that will challenge Kratos in the game and those monsters are called Valkyries. The Valkyries are strong, real strong; it goes without saying that a lot of preparatory work is required before you face any Valkyrie in battle.

You’ll definitely need to be a little over prepared when you face one Valkyrie in particular, Rota, Valkyrie champion of Helheim. Rota is not so much difficult as she is tricky. If you thought that keeping your eyes on the common enemies was a chore, Rota will definitely see to it that you don’t turn your back on her and you shouldn’t.

My post will discuss everything Rota and how you can deal with her with minimal effort; strategies, tips, Atreus, even the runics. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Rota, Valkyrie

I would say that of all the Valkyries outside of Sigrun, Rota is the most clever of the Valkyries. I say that because when I fought her, she always kept on the move for one. Second, she didn’t waste time switching up her attacks which made it difficult to keep up with her. I held my own but it wasn’t enough when I fought Rota; she knew how to deal with distracted beginners.

Rota was actually the 4th Valkyrie I fought, it’s kind of funny too because I was just getting into the ring with her to measure her strength and to see how hard she was going to be; if she was going to be. I ended up starting and finishing the fight with her because I was able to memorize after watching them as well as when she performed them.

Don’t expect Rota to be easy or fall easily if you’re not paying attention to her attacks which is why I have…..


Rota is definitely a Valkyrie that’s big on movement and standing still isn’t in her vocabulary so you have to make sure that its not in yours either, I always struck Rota after she landed and after she finished an attack. The reason, that was when she was the most vulnerable.

For one, I always used the River of Knives attack because I liked how it hit multiple times which took her life down a great deal. Two, I used the Fury of the Ice Troll because that meant that I didn’t have to work that hard to get near Rota to deal any kind of serious damage.

I could always hit Rota from faraway which brought me to use the Rampage of the Furies with my Blades of Chaos, I liked being able to hit Rota multiple times so I can try to end the fight before she got serious with her other attacks. Nemean Crush was another attack I used that got me out of hot water with Rota.

Overall, I didn’t have to do much when it came to Rota; I did use the Talisman of the Realms because I felt she was all over the place and I needed to get my bearings.

What to look out for

The one thing that always caught me off guard when it came to fighting Rota was her red ring warning which meant that she was going to fly at you so she could stomp you into the ground, so dodging this was a definite must. She always has a tendency to launch heat-seeking feathers that deal moderate damage to you which she does from the air as well.

Rota also like to zip up into the air out of sight to try to land on you via red ring warning so you just have to dodge while staying on the move so you can keep from succumbing to her lethally damaging attack. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been a victim of her air stomp attack; I felt like I wanted to really just blow fire and say she’s cheating lol.

Anyway, none of Rota’s attacks are particularly hard to dodge or counter, you just have watch out for her attacks and be ready with your own; that way you can stop her from dealing damage of any kind to you.

Atreus’ Shock Treatment

Since I was still breaking in Atreus’ shock arrows, I thought Rota would be the ideal guinea pig to use them on and what I also found was that the moment that Rota rises into the air or if she does her red ring warning attacks, you can use the Talisman of the Realms to slow her down just long enough to use Atreus to ground her.

This way, Rota will be easier to inflict damage to along with the fact that she’ll be stunned long enough for you to do an animal summon with Atreus; I always found that the Wolf summon works wonders. Atreus was always on point when I was using him to shoot Rota out of the air.

The bigger goal when fighting Rota is to keep her grounded, she loves being airborne and if you can keep her out of the air especially using a combo of the talisman and Atreus, you’ll be able to inflict a lethal amount of damage to her in the shortest amount of time which you want to because Rota can get very difficult if you let the fight drag on.


God of War Monsters are many but not as vicious, strong or even tricky as a Valkyrie especially Rota who has everything at her disposal to make your life hell. But, you can easily counter that by paying attention to Rota when she does her attacks. Fury of the Ice Troll and Rampage of the Furies are signature attacks to keep in mind when fighting her, it’ll help you damage and keep your distance from her.

Rota’s homeland!

Rota’s two most damaging attacks can be signified by her red ring warning, dodge until she stops then you can counter with your own attacks. Abusing Atreus’ shock arrows will definitely help make short work of Rota but be careful that you don’t take your eyes off Rota during the fight so you can counter her attacks, don’t forget to use the Talisman of the Realms.

So what do you think about my post, is it good, bad, accurate or need a little work; I’d love to know what you think so send me a message and I’ll respond to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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