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Published January 14, 2019

The Valkyries in God of War come in all shapes and sizes; most gamers who have gone up against the Valkyries know exactly what to expect especially if they’ve figured out that Valkyrie’s pattern which is not hard to do if you pay attention. Incidentally, every Valkyrie have their selective weaknesses; weaknesses that are not hard to exploit if you’re consistently on the move.

However, the God of War Valkyries are not to be underestimated no matter how simple the fight starts out; many gamers, myself included, have died a few times because of this fact. You’ll find that some of the Valkyries are just predictable and very vulnerable, all it really takes is just knowing when to strike.

But, there will always be that one Valkyrie that is going to always be a bigger pain in the butt than they actually are; the Valkyrie I’m referring to is Kara. Naturally, it might seem like she is the weakest of the Valkyries but Kara is one Valkyrie who does not travel alone.

One of the biggest fights you’ll ever have to contend with in this game is when you’re trying to focus on that main enemy and other random enemies are trying to get in on the “fun”. I’ll discuss how to bring down Kara and her little draugr buddies, what to use, how to use it and what else you have that can help. Without further ado, here’s how I knocked Kara down a peg.

Use your Leviathan Axe’s runic powers!

The Leviathan Axe is a weapon without peer when it comes to cutting down enemies and its definitely no stranger to cutting down a Valkyrie; Kara was one of the last Valkyries I went after before I took on Sigrun, but she was definitely no pushover by no means.

Using the Leviathan Axe’s runic powers, I went with Fury of the Ice Troll and I went with Ivaldi’s Anvil. I chose these two because they obviously have radial attacks that can chill most enemies to the bone which it does. I always tried to get in close to Kara before unleashing Ivaldi’s Anvil.

The rationale, I froze all of her little draugr friends in place right by her and I picked them off one by one then I targeted her which was no hardship because Kara’s greatest power lies in her summoning ability with the Draugr, most of the draugr with her are not that strong so destroying them wasn’t that much of an issue.

Abuse Spartan Rage

Fighting Kara means that you’re going to have to get clever about destroying her little buddies as well as her and in so doing you’ll make the battle easier as it rages which brings me to my next point, abuse your Spartan Rage. Yeah, you’re invincible but you’re not without extra power to deal extra damage so abuse it as you can and often.

Another reason why is because Kara’s little draugr friends are not going to be able to stand between you and their mistress of the doom. If we’re being honest here, as long as you stay on the move and use yours after Kara stops to summon more draugr then you’ll be fine. Don’t forget that as you’re pummeling Kara and her cronies, there’ll be healing aids littered about the grounds.

The healing aids that are scattered about the arena can be gathered up as your Spartan Rage is active because that means that you’ll be get those healing aids without being stopped or if you’re taking damage then you can run through it or shake it off. Using your Spartan Rage in battle will give you a huge advantage whether you decide to turn it on Kara or her “little friends”.

Next up, Blades of Chaos and its moves!

Alright, so now you’re figuring that Kara and her buddies are cake using just the Leviathan Axe which could be more or less true. However, if you’re really looking to take this fight to the next level then do like I did, unsheathe the Blades of Chaos. Something dawned on me as I took out the Blades of Chaos for use and that was “I need 2 runic powers that’s radial in nature”.

Ultimately, this brought me before two of my favorite runic powers; the Cyclone of Chaos and the Fires of Ares. The Cyclone of Chaos I got in real close and used it so Kara got a piece of the damage being dealt. Overall, I abused this attack because all the draugr were just marching toward me and this kept them at bay and then some.

The Fires of Ares was my go to attack when Kara first called herself summoning her draugr friends, I always timed the attack as she was summoning her draugr friends. I managed to kill a few of them and the rest, along with Kara, took lethal damage from the attack.

Other things you can do

I had the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages with me and though it was in its incomplete form, I still managed to get off a few shots with it. Kara and her little friends were made painfully aware of how much damage this weapon did even though I did not take the time to complete it.

I’ll say this also, you never really get excited about using other methods of attack against a Valkyrie until you really see how much damage it is doing; the good thing about the Valkyries is that they don’t speed up as they’re taking damage.

I bring this up for the purpose of saying that it is a good thing because the fight with a Valkyrie is already complicated enough and who needs the added confusion. Atreus and his shock arrows as well as his animal summons helped me a lot during the battle because many of the draugr took damage from those two things.

Naturally, this gave me another edge in battle because Kara was simply focused on summoning her draugr allies and there were times when she attacked me but those were not often but Atreus was there to help me during the battle. Abuse the Shock Arrows, the Valkyries don’t seem to care for electricity very much.


The God of War Valkyries are strong and menacing monsters, but some of them are not as menacing as they are annoying; Kara for example. As long as you remember to use radial attacks with the Leviathan Axe i.e. Fury of the Ice Troll and Ivaldi’s Anvil, you should be good.

But keep in mind too, the Blades of Chaos are just as lethal as its icy counterpart; the Cyclone of Chaos and Fires of Ares are attacks that deal above decent damage especially to Kara if she’s caught up in both. If you’re coming to this fight with the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages whether its complete or incomplete then I suggest you use it along with Atreus’ summons and shock arrows.

If you have any questions about my post or just want to talk about it then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. MicheleMichele

    HI R.J. – your post provides a lot of great information and tips for gamers trying to tackle the God of War Valkyries.  You provide the knowledge and experience that others can benefit from.  Your post is specific to conquering Kara which will be very helpful.

    Thanks for the great information,


    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      You’re welcome Michele, I hope that my information will be of the greatest help and who doesn’t need it against the Valkyries; they’re the hardest thing to tackle in the game. I’ll be coming with more posts on the game so keep on the lookout.

  2. sheilandcsheilandc

    I know just just the right person who needs this information, my video game fanatic brother. He was just talking to me about it over the holidays. I’m pretty sure he would love not only this article but your website lol. Will definitely send him your website. This is great and very helpful by the way. He would b ecstatic. Thanks for sharing.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      No problem Sheila, I hope your brother sees more of what he likes on my website because in maybe a couple of days, I’m going to be posting my video game project of all of the games I’ve played and beaten and some of these games are also retro so I think its something he can benefit from if he’s into retro gaming. Also, I’ll be making another post on how to destroy Sigrun, the Valkyrie Queen so tell him to keep on the lookout.

  3. Jamiro HazelJamiro Hazel

    Being a gamer i am always excited to see post like this, its been awhile since i played God Of War but you can sure bet that after reading your post i am going to kick back a little and enjoy some me time. I myself have died a few time against the Valkyries which by the way is so annoying so i am grateful that you have shared your tips and tricks with us will definitely  be using them next time i play. Thanks so much for sharing. 

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      No problem Jamiro, I’m glad that I can help. I’ve destroyed every Valkyrie including the Valkyrie Queen, Sigrun so I definitely don’t mind sharing my knowledge with you and I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how hard the Valkyries are because they are the strongest enemies in the game.

  4. MichaelMichael

    Even though I haven’t played this game before, these tips are awesome! I have a feeling that if I did play it, that I would easily be able to defeat the monsters in it thanks to your post here.

    Quick question, what can you play this game on? Also is it a hard game to get the hang of? I really would like to try it out, and know your blog here could help me become good af it.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      To answer your questions Mike, one; the game isn’t that hard, it’s as simple as slashing the first thing that runs up on you. Second, the game is available to be played on PS4 and I believe on PC. I have other posts just like this one on my website regarding other Valkyries; go there and check it out when you get a chance.

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