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Published January 3, 2019

When you play God of War PS4, you’ll be sent to every corner of the globe within the Norse Mythology realm and it is here where you’ll meet a lot of odd as well as dangerous creatures; that includes the Valkyries. You’ll cross paths with the Valkyries when you use the magic chisel to gain entry into the hidden chambers of Odin.

In case you needed an idea of what you’re looking for

At first glance, these will not appear to be important or even important enough to give any kind of attention at the present time but you’ll change your mind once you get strong enough to take on the Valkyries.

You’ll eventually travel to other realms within the game as well such as Alfheim, realm of eternal life and Helheim, realm of the dead. However, there’s one realm you’ll travel to if you want to take on the Valkyrie of the fire realm of Muspelheim, Gondul.

Gondul was the second Valkyrie I fought and surprisingly, she didn’t give me as much trouble as I thought she would have; in fact, I got her on my first try. Gondul was strong but she lacked strategy, everything she did was counter-able; I barely broke a sweat when I fought here.

So having said that, I’ll tell you how I did it in my post along with the weapons I used and the runic powers; it was one of the easiest fights I ever fought.

Strategic use of the Talisman of the Realms

Using the Talisman of the Realms on Gondul was one of the ways that I kept her grounded, I didn’t have to work hard to keep her on the ground especially since she spent most of the battle fighting me and trying to shish kebab me. However, she had a tendency fly up in the air quickly which I used the Talisman of the Realms to slow her down just before she got in the air.

Upon doing so, I immediately shot her down using Atreus’ arrows; I used his shock arrows because I felt like they did more damage to Gondul than his light arrows which I also used on her during the battle but I stuck with the shock arrows. Another way I used the Talisman of the Realms is when she got up close and personal, I slowed down time and got in a lot of free hits.

Also, I used the Talisman to get away from her if I needed to get my bearings or just needed room to breathe; Gondul did not make this battle hard since I always used the Talisman to slow counteract every move she made.

Leviathan Axe attacks, Fury of the Ice Troll or Leviathan’s Wake

I loved using the Leviathan Axe for the battle because I was using the Fury of the Ice Troll on Gondul which made her vulnerable to attacks and I always did it when I felt she was trying to rush me because then I was ready for her. Another thing I noticed about Gondul during the battle is that she was too eager to rush me, I always felt like I had to stay on the move which I did.

However, when I did get some breathing room, I used Leviathan’s Wake on her and she took moderate damage from that. I used Leviathan’s Wake to hit her at a distance then recalled the axe when I got a moment to stop running trying to stay away from her.

The Leviathan Axe carried me a lot in this battle and it goes without saying that I stuck to the elemental side of this fight which was to use my ice weapon against the Valkyrie goddess of the fire realm, but the…..

Blade of Chaos, Fires of Ares, Cyclone of Chaos, Nemean Crush and Rampage of the Furies

I wanted to experiment with using the Blades of Chaos on Gondul during the fight and they were surprisingly effective, I learned that the fires of the Blades of Chaos knows no discrimination; I guess even the fires of Muspelheim wasn’t enough to protect Gondul. Now, I went with a few attacks in this battle when I used the Blades of Chaos. First, the Fires of Ares.

The Fires of Ares did not only deal Gondul damage but it caused her to stagger which I used to my advantage though I had to be quick because she recovered very quickly. The Cyclone of Chaos and the Nemean Crush were my go to attacks when I wanted to bridge the distance gap between me and Gondul.

Second, I used the Rampage of the Furies as well and I managed to put a big hurt on Gondul; I felt like with everything that I was doing to Gondul, the Blades of Chaos’ strength rivaled my Leviathan Axe which made it easy to deal the same amount of damage with both weapons.

The biggest thing is that keeping Gondul off guard is going to be your biggest save in this fight, do that with the above methods and fight is yours.

Your shield is your savior

Despite all the damage that you’ll be inflicting on Gondul during the fight, you’ll still need to keep in mind one key factor; your shield. Gondul is not that hard nor that strong but that doesn’t mean that her attacks won’t do some kind of damage. Your shield is your savior in this fight because it’ll keep you from taking unnecessary damage.

Also, I caught myself using my shield counter bash when I parried one of Gondul’s attacks; I encourage to use this move because it’ll help you deal her damage and you’ll be able to stagger her as well which you want because again, free hits per stagger.

Above all, keep your shield up because you want to avoid damage as well but if you feel like you’re taking too much then don’t forget to use your Spartan Rage but you shouldn’t need it in this fight. I found that my shield kept me safe a lot during the battle. Don’t underestimate the use of your shield during this battle because it’ll come in handy.


God of War pits you against monster after monster, but you’re also sent to every corner of the globe to meet and eventually monsters from other realms such as the Valkyries who reside in their hidden chambers. Gondul in particular isn’t hard at all as long as you use your Leviathan Axe moves to deal damage to Gondul both up close and at a distance.

4 words and half words here, Talisman of the Realms and Shock Arrows

The Blades of Chaos can also be used in the battle as well as long as you were able to dodge and keep the attacks on like using the Nemean Crush to slap Gondul at a distance. Don’t forget to use your shield to guard against all of Gondul’s attacks; it’s a lifesaver and so is your shield counter bash attack.

So what is your opinion about my strategy regarding Gondul, do think it’s foolproof or no; what are your thoughts? Send me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.



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