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Published April 24, 2018

God of War 3 introduced something that has not been seen in video games in a long time, cheats or the ability to cheat. Incidentally, there are godly possessions that a god or goddess has that can be used to benefit Kratos in some way. Generally speaking, the powerful objects give Kratos unfathomable power even allow him to overpower even Cronos with ease.

However, the bad news about the godly possessions is that you must find all 10 in order to be able to take advantage of the items’ power and you have to beat the game as well which is no issue if you’ve done it already. I want to go on record as saying that, enabling all the powers of the godly possessions is pointless nor should you do it.

Simply, it’s not necessary and the challenge factor will disappear instantly. There are strategic ways to harness the power of the godly possessions without being consumed by the potential to allow yourself to be corrupted by the absolute power of the item. Every godly possession comes with an On and Off switch in the pause menu in which they are found. I urge you to turn these On and Off when you’re done using their power to get past said enemies.

True that there are 10 godly possessions but you’ll be only drawing power from 8 of them. The other two, Hera’s Chalice and Aphrodite’s Garter, are practically useless unless you’re feeling nostalgic and want to invoke the power of Aphrodite’s Garter but that would be up to you. Having said that, here are strategic ways to use 8 of the godly possessions.

Zeus’ Eagle

The item that grants Infinite Rage of Sparta, I would use this when I was fighting all the Cerberus beasts in Hades along with the Harpies who cannot seem to stay out of Kratos’ way especially as he’s making his way to Hades’ chambers. Another place that I feel is ideal is The Caverns, where you have to keep the Minotaurs from breaking the chain that Kratos rides to different places within the area.

Actually, the Minotaur are ideal enemies to use this power on as well because they can overwhelm you quickly and the Rage of Sparta weakens them up enough to where you can use the circle button mini-game to finish them off.

Hades’ Helm

This godly possession is ideal if and when you need to give your meters a quick boost or refill if you will, Hercules and Cronos are two bosses to use this on because enemies tend to surround Kratos from all sides not to mention that Cronos is the atmosphere upon which your fight with him takes place. So, using the Hades Helm, you can refill all of your meters instantly and you can keep giving both bosses what for.

The power of this item can also make you practically invincible against the Legionnaires especially the ones you meet in the City of Olympia, many were the days when my energy level was drained by them; you can fight them now then give yourself an instant life refill after you kill them.

Helios’ Shield

Ultimately, this item is ideal when you’re using your Cyclone of Chaos which L1 & Square, it’ll grant you extra red orbs every time the combo finishes. The Nemean Cestus is a weapon that would help you take full advantage of this especially if you’re using it on the Satyrs in Hera’s Garden and the Onyx statues in Poseidon’s Chamber.

This possession is perfect for that weapon that you’re trying to max out or you’re a little short on red orbs and you want to be able to max out the Bow of Apollo so you can utilize its full powers; this is ideal if you wanted to do the same with the Boots of Hermes, if you used them that is.

Hermes’ Coin

Ever just open a chest and think, “I wish I was getting more than this”. Well, turning on this godly possession will grant you that very wish. Every weapon and magic in the game will benefit from this because you’ll be able to max out everything quickly and that becomes double after when you completely find all Gorgon Eyes, Phoenix Feathers and Minotaur Horns.

Cashing in on this is the very definition of cheating especially if you do this in Daedalus’ Workshop, but doing it will put you ahead when you have to face off against the Cyclops foursome in The Caverns shortly after meeting Daedalus and listening to his wail of lament about his son, Icarus.

The thing about using this cheat is that you have to decide whether to use it before you find all the collectibles i.e. Gorgon Eyes, Phoenix Feathers and Minotaur Horn or after; I would use it after, personally because you don’t want to destroy any chance of not maxing out your meters.

Hercules’ Shoulder Guard

Using this cheat against the Cyclops enemies and Cerberi would be very advantageous especially since both inflict so much damage in a short amount of time. This is also ideal to use in your battle with Zeus especially in round two when you have to deal with him inside of Gaia at the endgame.

The protection will definitely come in handy and if you find that you’re having trouble out of the Hades’ Fiends in the Realm of Hades along with the Wraiths that you’ll encounter in the hallway past the Flame of Olympus room on your way to fighting Hercules.

Poseidon’s Conch Shell

The Medusa enemies in the Realm of Hades and on the Music Room elevator are ideal in using the Infinite Magic cheat which this godly possession has, the Rabid Hounds in Hades are enemies who I would use this one on. You could abuse The Claws of Hades and the Nemesis Whip’s special ability if and when you needed to be rid of other enemies like the Chimera enemies in the City of Olympia.

Hephaestus’ Ring

The power of this godly possession would allow you to use the circle button headbutt against the Satyrs in Hera’s Garden and in the Realm of Hades as you stand within the Trial of Erebus’ arena. I would definitely abuse this one because the Satyrs are a headache and this will make them less of one especially if you wanted to switch up your attacks on them without any retribution.

Having trouble with the Cyclopes and pulling their eye out, use this and that trouble goes away once and for all; the Cyclops eye is still valuable so getting it is a definite must.

Daedalus’ Schematics

The cheat that embody this godly possession is all about dealing with the Sirens especially since you have to use the Head of Helios on them to reveal their physical forms, the hallway down from the Flame of Olympus and the Labyrinth is where you’ll be putting this cheat into action. Using the Bow of Apollo on the Sirens after using the Head of Helios’ Solar Flash to reveal them is ideal in weakening them so they could be killed with ease.

Regarding Aphrodite’s Garter and Hera’s Chalice, I would not implement the cheats on them unless I was either looking to be challenged and/or feeling nostalgic which Athena’s Blade via Aphrodite’s Garter. Hera’s Chalice’s cheat is no good unless you want to completely challenge yourself by playing the game on hard or chaos mode which I don’t recommend.


The godly possessions are indeed valuables with special powers but turning on all of them would not be ideal lest you destroy any chance of being challenged by the game. However, using the godly possessions in certain areas and against certain enemies will make the going easier which I recommend.

If you have any questions or comments regarding my post then please feel free to send me a message or leave a message below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. AaronAaron

    Hey Rodney, I really enjoyed reading your article about the God of War 3. I remember playing the first one. I loved it. Can I get the third part straight away or would I miss out on anything when I don’t have the second one? Also, another question I have is the game nicely balanced? Because it seems like when I have all the godly possessions I’m a bit overpowered. Am I right with that?

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Aaron, thanks for reaching out buddy. First, don’t skip the second one. God of War II is the best out of all 5 God of War games, play the second one; it’ll lead you to the third and what have you have to do. Secondly, the game is balanced to the point where you don’t need to technically use any of the godly possession cheats, but it is there if you decide to do so like if you’re playing the game on the hardest difficulty so they were more put into the game for that purpose. 

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