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Published September 25, 2017

In Role Playing Games, gamers know that there are sidequests that are or might be crucial to the RPG that they are playing. However, some sidequests in the game are tedious and a bit of a headache for some gamers.

To me, the sidequest that is the biggest headache is the Dragovian Trial sidequest in Dragon Quest VIII and that is because the enemies there are the strongest in the entire game; Rhapthorne’s minions at his castle paled in comparison to those guys in the Dragovian Trials. I believe that a gamers’ guide to dealing with sidequests in RPGs.

The Sidequests

Amazingly, the final fantasy 7 sidequests are not complicated in any way; it takes time and patience not to mention Master Magic Materia along with a few materia combos. Ruby and Emerald Weapon are among the strongest in Final Fantasy 7. I’ve never managed to destroy either of them but I came close every time; always have patience and use your weapons wisely.

Final Fantasy VII           

Emerald Weapon, here I come!                                  Chocobo digging up treasure. Awesome!

Many of the weapons and armors in Final Fantasy 7 have Double Materia growth abilities which is the key to mastering materia quicker. The Chocobo Hot and Cold game from Final Fantasy IX is another of my favorite sidequests; one that I suggest gamers do because you’ll get a lot of powerful gear early on and as you access more of the world map.

Dragon Quest VIII

This is quite a hike!

The Dragovian Trials sidequest in Dragon Quest VIII is, in my opinion, worth it and can definitely be conquered if you use your characters’ innate skills such as the Miracle Sword ability. Learning abilities while traveling around in the game will make sidequests easier to do when it is time to do so.

Final Fantasy IX

Play this, you’ll like and you’ll get some cool cards.

The Tetra Master card game in Final Fantasy IX isn’t so much a battle of strength as it is a battle of mental strength but should be taken on by gamers to learn something new about arranging cards especially since learning this will lead to a powerful accessory in the game that’ll teach you how to learn one of the most useful support abilities in the game, Auto-Life.

Time, take yours

Many sidequests don’t put gamers first and often times leave gamers more confused than ever before especially if time is a factor on some of them like the Emerald weapon battle in Final Fantasy VII. That aside, take your time because you’ll discover more ways to make that sidequest easier to do than if you were trying to rush it trying to get to the endgame; something I’ve done.

Chrono Cross

I hate this part of the game!

My advice is to treat every sidequest or the ones that you want to do like you have the rest of your life to do them which you do, but it creates a state of mind where you won’t feel a need to rush or feel as if you’re wasting more time than you care to on doing a particular sidequest; no sidequest is time-consuming if you take your time.


There are many sidequest benefits that await the patient and the ambitious; it can be anything from a powerful weapon to a magic power that will give you access to power beyond imagination. One of the benefits is that you’re always learning about something pertaining to that sidequest that can strengthen you. For example, the hidden training ground in Elven Town in Shining Force 2; gamers can fight monsters to gain levels for their character even pushing them to promotion levels which is 20-33.

Shining Force II              Shining Force II

Another benefit is the discovery of powerful enemies that gives excellent experience points; somewhere between 10,000 and 120,000 allowing in game characters to go up several levels in almost no time at all. However, you have to work to reap those benefits which means that you have to be open to exploring realms and domains.

Furthermore, extraordinary healing items are another benefit of doing sidequests. The reason is that many healing items in RPGs can heal a character almost completely without the use of magic power expenditure from the characters; it is without question that valuable resources and their benefits await those who are willing to do the hard work. Also, the gamer benefits as well which is a big plus.

Skipping some sidequests isn’t allowed

Hardly an unwritten law in RPGs, skipping sidequests is not practical. You think gamers who play witcher 3 skipping sidequests talking about how they’re not needed to advance as a whole; I guarantee you that you won’t. Skipping a sidequest isn’t completely a bad thing if you’re playing an RPG where a specific sidequest isn’t necessary.

For example, ozma in final fantasy ix. In order to fight Ozma, you have to find and appease the nine friendly monsters in certain locations throughout Gaia. While its might be necessary to take on Ozma with the blessings of the friendly monsters nine, it is not necessary to take on Ozma if you don’t want to but appeasing the nine friendly monsters can go a long way in gaining AP (Ability Points) for your characters’ abilities.

Final Fantasy IX               Dragon Quest VIII

Finding the Argonia kingdom Chancellor and getting Jessica’s ultimate weapon from the Baccarat Casino are sidequests that you ARE NOT allowed to skip because you’ll find powerful weapons with special abilities that will stun your enemies or make it hard for them to attack you outright. Be smart, know what you can and cannot afford to lose.

Make sidequests work to your advantage

Gamers will often find that some sidequests and the aspects of it can kill them over and over again, but making the sidequest work to your advantage can be a lifesaver. Take Chocobo Ruins Depth dungeon sidequest in Final Fantasy X-2. Rounding up the chocobos in the Thunder Plains or Kilika Woods in Chapter 5 will do two things. One, your girls will be able to master some abilities for their dresspheres.

Two, they’ll be able to go up several levels while hunting and gathering the chocobos which will make them more than a match for the Via Infinito sidequest in Bevelle; oh and you’re not allowed to skip that one either. So it’s important to make sidequests work to your advantage.

Final Fantasy X2


Sidequests are an integral part of any Role Playing Game, but it is through hard work and dedication not to mention patience that gamers find themselves being more than a match for their competition. So if you’re struggling with sidequests then look no further than this post.


  1. Kenny Kenny

    Hi and thanks for the interesting post. You clearly have a big passion for gaming and you share some great points that many other gamers will find really useful. I hope you keep on creating these super posts to inspire people’s feelings and memories. Can you recommend any way to become more proficient at choosing side quests, as they can be distracting and time consuming. Thanks again, Kenny

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Kenny, yes I can. You get to choose which sidequests to do for the most part, but my advice is this; do the sidequests that you feel you can complete. That way, you’re less likely to burn out and get frustrated. The point of sidequests is to get that little extra power to move on in the game or to make aspects of the game easier. 

  2. Ingrid Ingrid

    I must admit that it has been a LONG while since I have played a video game and I actually don’t want to say what was the game because I will reveal my age range!  But I have to say that reading your article and how you described dealing with sidequests, I couldn’t help but make the parallel to life.  Isn’t true that in life we experience so many sidequests?  And depending on how we succeed in each one, determines how many points (salary increase), allies (friends), power (influence) we accumulate.  And maybe the best way to approach these life sidequests is just like you stated in your post, to take our time and study the situation but maybe every once in a while we may have to rush in with sword in hand!  

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Wow Ingrid, well said. I’ll tell you something; I just turned 38 on Monday and I still play video games and I’m working on one that’s trending right now – Dragon Quest XI; there are many sidequests on the game, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do all of them. In some games, some sidequests or side missions are worth ignoring because they take too much time and energy not to mention luck which makes doing them not worth it.

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