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Published February 8, 2019

Final Fantasy XV tips has been developed and distributed all across the internet and have touched on many things within the game such as how to destroy certain bosses and going after the legendary weapons. However, there are tips of a different kind that I want to personally explore; the Final Fantasy XV tips I’m referring to is using the Royal Arms against certain types of enemies.

To put a fine point on this, the Royal Arms hit hard, very hard and the damage they deal is practically immeasurable. Using the Royal Arms’ power against enemies is good but being able to use them strategically against enemies like the hunts and bigger enemies will help you to better use their power in a strategic way.

Using one of the Royal Arms for every enemy is not ideal because there are some that are just way too tough to deal with in said manner, you’ll often times be faced with trying to swing an axe at a moving tree as it were if you don’t assess the strength and weaknesses of the Royal Arms.

In this post, I’ll discuss Royal Arms strategies, Royal Arms for enemy types and even discuss that “go to” Royal Arm that you can’t start any battle without and finally discuss why using the Royal Arms over the Drain Lance and Ultima Blade is better for your gameplay overall. Without further ado, let’s get right into…..

Royal Arms Strategies

Now, the main thing about the Royal Arms is that they do have a 1% HP drain as they’re being used but strategically, there’s a way to use them so you’re not really feeling the HP Drain effect that much. For example, when you’re fighting the scorpion enemies and cactuars, use the Sword of the Wise; it’s lightweight and deal heavy damage to small enemies.

When you go up against big enemies or even enemies with tough shells, give the Blade of the Mystic a whirl and open with its arcing projectile attack before laying the smack down; this is very effective and will tear the life force from your enemies.

Pull out the Shield of the Just when you’re facing off against those annoying magitek warriors, it’s the “go to” weapon to use when you’re down in the sticks and they’re firing at you with their ray guns.

Sword of the Father is another weapon you want to use to attack your enemies because the strength boost you get at the end of the combo will give you even more strength to open with another attack.

You’ll eventually go after some long neck enemies like Arak or Cateblopas; your Axe of the Conqueror or your Trident of the Oracle will help you put the ultimate hurt on them.

Keep these in mind always because as long as you’re collecting the Royal Arms, you’ll always have……

Royal Arms for enemy types

Now most enemies are a handful to deal with but that doesn’t mean that some of them don’t have an additional weakness to exploit especially when you’re traveling the world during the day and night. For example, the Scepter of the Pious is ideal for those enemies who are allergic to light or light energy.

I was using this when I was running around on the Rock of Ravatogh at night during one of Vyv’s photo assignments, the enemies fell by the wayside. Use the Mace of the Fierce against hard shell enemies such as shieldshears; comboing with the Royal Arms or a specific Royal Arm can and will make mincemeat out of your enemies like the Sword of the Wanderer for example.

The Sword of the Tall is another weapon I would use against big, brutish enemies like those annoying Red Giants that always seem to want to stop in the middle of the road in the middle of the night. You can also try Katana of the Warrior as well, it is a weapon, I think, will help you attack and keep your distance as well.

Flying enemies or enemies that are airborne can be annoying but using the Star of the Rogue or the Bow of the Clever will make your flying targets less annoying and both weapons deal lethal damage to flyers.

Having a “go to” Royal Arm and which one it is

Personally, I have one Royal Arm that is my “go to” and it is one that I always count on in a pinch, that is Blade of the Mystic. I chose this one because of the lethality of the warp strikes and projectile attack make it an exceptionally strong weapon; Scepter of the Pious is my second favorite.

I usually only use Scepter of the Pious when I’m running around in the middle of the night because I like the damage that it does to enemies at night but I also like that it changes into an axe or a staff of sorts; its a versatile weapon to be sure.

Royal Arms for hunts vs. Ultima Blade or the Drain Lance

The final little tidbit of my Final Fantasy XV tips is using the Royal Arms for hunts from tipsters because of the awesome damage they do, but what if you wanted to use the Ultima Blade or Drain Lance; you got both but can you use both or why do you think it would be ideal to use one over the other?

As far as the Drain Lance goes, I’d give that to Ignis so he can use it to farm elemental energy for you which will go far in battle. The Ultima Blade is ultimate form of the Engine Blade as you well know, you’ll get elemental energy from the enemies you kill but that’s about it.

I always use the Royal Arms for tipster hunts because they deal the marks a lot of damage plus you never really see that much damage being done by those weapons. Plus, if you’re point warping before your HP hits 0 or Noctis ends up in Danger status I think you’ll be fine.


If you read anything on Final Fantasy XV tips then definitely make it this because if you mind the strategies that I have noted here then there’s no way you can fail or die. The biggest thing to remember is to use the Royal Arms on enemies and certain enemy types like using the Axe of the Conqueror and using the Star of the Rogue or the Bow of the Clever to shoot down flying enemies.

Using the Ultima Blade and Drain Lance are still options you can explore but its better to hit hard and fast the Royal Arms allow you to do just that. If you have any questions about my post then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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