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Published March 6, 2019

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome are the first words out of my mouth when it comes to Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition; the game had everything and it did not disappoint. At first, when I played the game, I didn’t think that much of it and I got to a place that I didn’t think I was gong to like it. However, after playing it for a few hours, I fell in love and I didn’t want to stop playing the game; I practically didn’t.

Incidentally, I learned a lot about Noctis, his crew, their separate paths, their journey with Noct and what each of them took from it. The game was a masterpiece, I almost teared up at the end because it was over. I know that there are post game content along with other sidequests that are now open but I am going to come back to them later.

I don’t know why the first version of Final Fantasy XV got bad reviews but the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition was awesome, I’ll discuss my insight on Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition along with the weapons, the armiger, sidequests, the Ascension Grid along with overall gameplay. So without further ado, here’s my Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Review.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay for the game was awesome! I never felt so lost in a game before in my entire gaming life but I can tell you that playing the game was a great experience and really kept me going for hours on end, I never once felt like the gameplay was getting out of control or that I was losing control.

The gameplay of the game really spoke to me, I could control just about all of my characters, I had my pick of any weapon that I wanted to use and I never felt limited by anything within the game. Plus, all the little circle prompted mini-games were not too fast on my fingers so as to agitate them as I was trying to continuously press the button to get Noct free from whatever creature had him.

The “Fierce” did not make getting past him easy.

I was always grateful that Noct’s friends were there beside him to keep him safe and out of trouble; it was a thing of beauty those rescues, but overall the gameplay was A+ and there was no complication in the gameplay. There were times when I felt the gameplay really tested me but it was a great way of having and keeping that control.

Weapons 10/10

The best part of my Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Review – the weapons. The weapons were awesome especially the 13 Royal Arms. I used the Royal Arms the entire adventure, I didn’t once use the Engine Blade and I gave the Drain Lance to Ignis so as to complement his spear weaponry.

Gladio and Prompto had their own weapons, but they used them with such mastery especially Prompto with the various heavy machinery he uses to slay his enemies, his Gravisphere saved lives; it’s great how there was so many of them and they weren’t that expensive. I bought my crew more than a few weapons until I started to see how many of the weapons’ attack power were hitting for the same amount of damage.

The only thing I didn’t like was finding special items for Cid so he can improve other weapons like the Auto Crossbow and Engine Blade; sometimes finding the missing “link” took hours even days and I felt it was a lost cause. However, I kept using the Royal Arms and didn’t bother with equipping Noctis with any other weapon because seeing as how he’s king; it was great using the Royal Arms too because I felt there they were able to turn the tide of any battle; most times, they did.

Ascension Grid 10/10

The Ascension Grid was very well done and was a true work of art, I haven’t seen a video game chart that clean since Final Fantasy X’s Sphere Grid. The Ascension Grid was more about the AP (Ability Points) you got instead of experience points that went into getting the experience necessary to grow. I have to say that the Ascension Grid was a very great idea and there were more than a few things I loved about it.

For one, you didn’t spend a million years searching for something or an ability that you had just the right amount of AP for. Everything was right where you could see it and you always had a choice regarding the Ascension Grid as far as what abilities you could afford along with which ones could wait. I always started with the lowest abilities first like the ones that were 8, 12, 16 then work my way up to the others.

The Ascension Grid helped the game run smoothly because you got to learn abilities for your guys on there which was important because it was the only way to keep making them strong. Ultimately, the Ascension Grid was a big help and the concept to understanding it was easy.

Armiger 10/10

The Armiger was new to me but I’m happy that it was something that I got to use and often especially the Armiger Unleashed because it made many battles so much easier, it is almost like saying that no Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Review is complete without discussing the Armiger and its full power.

Ultimately, accessing the Armiger early is great because you got a chance to get acquainted with a fraction of Noctis’ full power via Royal Arms. I’ve seen many gamers shy away from the Royal Arms because of their damage penalty, but its worth it especially since the Armiger is tied to the strength and the number of Royal Arms you’ve collected.

The Armiger is an awesome weapon to use in its own right because it didn’t take much to fill the Armiger tech bar to max and when you did, you felt an invincibility never before observed since Terra’s Esper form from FF6 or Noctis’ fight with Leviathan.

All in all, when it was time to use the Armiger, I did and the game always seemed to welcome you using it because the game even acknowledged how powerful the Armiger was; it was a great addition to the game, it made the slaughter of tough baddies a cakewalk.

Sidequests 9/10

The final part of my Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Review is the Sidequests. When I first started working on the sidequests within the game, I always felt that they took a lot longer than the story mode of the game which it pretty much did and that was okay because the sidequests were part of the reason why the game took so long to beat.

The sidequests in the game were not easy but were not hard either, it was more like a happy medium and one that you didn’t mind existed because some of the enemies in some of the sidequests were seemingly more difficult than your average run-of-the-mill enemies.

But, if you pay real close attention, you’ll see that the sidequests are the biggest reasons why you’re 10-25 levels ahead of the actual enemies that are within your level of strength.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the sidequests and bulldozed over tons of enemies and was able use the Royal Arms infinitely, I still paid the price for using them but I wasn’t dying right away or I didn’t have to be rescued right away.


My Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Review covered so many things about the game that made it great including the sidequests which strengthened you and increased your levels five fold, the awesome gameplay that made playing the game a practical cinch, the awesome weapons in the game but finding parts for Cid to strengthen said weapons was the only annoying part about the weapons aspect.

The Ascension Grid was a work of art that made learning abilities easy and it was always something to look forward to when you had the AP to buy new abilities. Finally, the Armiger is what made the game and made it awesome. All of these aspects made Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition the most awesome Final Fantasy game to date.

If you have not had a chance to play this awesome game then please, stop waiting, go out and buy it and play it; trust me, you’re missing out if you don’t. What do you think of my post, what do you think of Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition; if you have any questions about my post then please send me a message and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. Louis Louis

    Hello Rodney,

    I totally agree with your views on this subject. Sometimes, we begin a video game and think we wouldn’t like the game, but after a few hours, the game grows on us and we just see how magnificent it is.

    I have not played the final fantasy XV royal edition, but I believe it would be a fantastic game, because I’ve played a coupled of other final fantasy and I loved them.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, warm regards

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thanks for reach out Louis, I’m telling you to get this game ASAP; great game this, you don’t know who you are until you play this game Louis. I spent weeks working on and I played it until its conclusion and I loved it. 

  2. Yormith96 Yormith96

    Hi there, thanks for dropping this positive reviews about Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, let me say you have just changed my mindset about the game developed my interest more to buy and and play the game. I have actually watched some video on YouTube channel about the game but not really spicing up my interest like hearing from someone who has played the game like you personally, am getting mine ASAP 

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Yormith, I’m telling you, great game this one. I personally spent weeks playing until its conclusion and I enjoyed every little bit of it. Here’s some advice, get all 13 Royal Arms, you’ll be able to unleash a power with Noctis that practically makes him invincible; well, once you return to Keycatrich Trench and examine the statue there then you’ll really be granted power unimaginable. Get this game ASAP!

  3. Adamu2 Adamu2

    This is a great article about Final Fantasy XV royal edition. Gaming has been a good way of refreshing the brain. According to this article, Final Fantasy XV must be a game to be played. It must be one of the best game am planning to play, Thanks for the review

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Adamu, you will not who you are until you’ve played this game; if you were a lover of Final Fantasy games then you’re going to love this. I’m telling you, get this game ASAP.

  4. ajibola40 ajibola40

    Nice article on Final Fantasy XV royal edition ,thanks for posting this review. Am sure many will find it useful. 

    From my own point of view aside from these quality-of-life improvements, the Royal Pack increases the size of the Insomnia City Ruins area and adds new side quests. You’ll also encounter more enemies such as Cerberus and Omega. Unfortunately, these seem to be the only new missions in the upgrade and it a sign of improvement and it worth in all ways

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Yes indeed and very well said Ajibola, I got the Royal Edition by mistake actually but I’m happy it was a mistake worth making because I got all of the extra stuff including what you just mentioned and more; I fought and destroyed Cerberus but Omega was left alone, I didn’t know a chance against him in Final Fantasy VIII, there’s no way I’d stand a chance against him now. But that aside, I’m quite happy with the game and will replay it from scratch in the future.

  5. Vapz Vapz

    Great review of the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition. I haven’t played it but with your review, it seems like a must have, what with the ease of filling the tech bar of the Aimiger which in turn gives a great invincibility. This alone can make the greatest difference between the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and the other ones. I also like that the sidequests served the good purpose of increasing the levels. I guess the downside of finding weapons to strengthen Cid can be overlooked with all these other great features. Will come back to give my own thoughts on the game when I’ve played it.  

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Oh yes, please Vapz, get this game and tell me what you think of it when you do play it; I have sections on the game where you can find all of the Royal Arms which goes toward strengthening the power of the Armiger. Get this game ASAP; you won’t regret it!

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